flab to fab

Thanks for all of the great advice. Today is a good day. My motivation is back, it wasn't gone far- just stuffed waayyyy back behind those chocolate bars.

To make it brief, there is nothing like a ripped out pair of jeans, road trip to a much larger city and a new pair of jeans that *gasp* don't look half bad. A couple more weeks of flab to fab, and they might even look good.

It has been a looonnnnggg time since i last bought a pair ofjeans. I wasn't planning on a new pair until I reached "my goal." (don't we all say that?) But, alas, my options for pants officially reached drastic lows last week. Every pair I own either has paint stains or holes. And, I am not talking the cute trendy/vintage type of holes. I am talking about the holes-where-they-shouldn't-be type of holes.

I headed straight to the clearance at the back of the store. First I grabbed a size larger than my past, then, my old size, then, the size I want to be.

A play by play:

First, the bigger ones. Not bad, not bad. Besides my major suffering of flat-butt syndrome, or "Thutt" (thigh-butt combo), things came together quite well. No tugging, squeezing or sucking in.

May as well try the next pair. Again, on they go. Definitely my correct size. No problems, but what if......

The small pair. The itty bitty pair. The pair that should never have entered the dressing room with me anyway.
After a little twisting, hopping and creativity, they were on....... and buttoned.....and didn't look terrible.....not wonderful, but potential, definite potential.

Of course, being the smart shopper that you all know I am, I bought the small pair. It isn't too bad, really. I just can't wear a snug shirt with them or it is very eerily similar to the popular green shirt look.
I love them. Really, truly. It was great retail therapy. Seeing how we are on a tight budget right now (aren't we all?), I can't justify actually buying another pair anytime soon, so I have no choice than to keep up with my flab to fab work.

This week I am planning on doing crunches.... a lot of them. They will be 10 at a time, many times throughout the day. I never do crunches. My activity level has increased in the past few months, but I have yet to actually "target" an area.

Raise your glasses with me (of water, of course), here's to sore muscles that I never knew I had.


  1. You go girl! Do those crunches!!

    PS I totally sucked at last weeks challenge! I'm ready for a new one!!

  2. What is it about successful jeans shopping that is so magically uplifting? Glad you had a good trip.

  3. I just wanted to let you know that I still haven't received addresses for the Pretty in Pink tutu and the Jane Claire tutu. I already sent the other 2. Thanks for letting me participate in that auction! Lindsey Jeppsen

  4. You are truly amazing!! You look great! If I could only look like that! Was that larger city down by me and you didn't even call? Hmmm!