measuring up

flab to fab

Yes, yes, today is the day to post my green shirt picture.....well, it just isn't going to happen. You will all get the opportunity to shamelessly point and laugh next week.
It is one of those weeks, days where know matter what you do get done, you still somehow feel like it just isn't quite enough. Even there isn't really anyone following me around with a ruler, I still feel like I don't measure up. Can I get a "uh, huh?"
In the madness of this week, I started to clean out my pantry. Well, what do you know? I discovered an 8 pack of Hershey's chocolate bars, forgotten on an summer outing that was supposed to include campfire s'mores. I don't even like Hershey chocolate bars, but there are only 3 left.
Are you getting why no picture will go up today? I think I have made a little progress. In fact, I know I have made some progress, but today, I'm just not feelin' it.
So give it to me. Give us all your best pep talk. If you haven't commented before, please give us all your wisdom, (or plea for wisdom), now. Today's flab to fab is much more about you and much less about me. What keeps you motivated? What gets you down? What are we all going to do to get back on board that flabilicious bus?


  1. This always helps motivate me!!

    Sign up for a race, one with a cause is even better.And the key is to tell everyone your doing it.

    put race number on your fridge

    Get a friend to sign up too. Easier to not skip workouts.

    Buy really cute workout clothes so you feel fab when you're out there running/walking

    And easiest way to look thinner fast is to tan it. ( A nice healthy glow, not the leather brown look )

  2. I have a note in my office that reads: "Do your best. Be Happy. Don't beat yourself up too much." It's easy to get down on oneself. Afterall, we each know our own failures and shortcomings all too well. But what about that person in the neighborhood, in the check out line or the one you just wave to as you pass by? They seem to have it all together! But do they really? Someone wise person once said to treat everyone like they were dealing with some obstacle in life ... because they are. Remembering that each person has problems can provide great opportunities to forget oneself and reach out to help someone else. It's funny how forgetting our woes and doing even some small random act of kindness helps lift our own soul as well. Sometimes it is letting other help you (like the handsome college guy whom I asked to help me carry boxes today...I needed the help and told him his timing was a "tender mercy" for me, but I think it help him feel good too and we both ended up with a smile or two!) Counting the smiles you bring to others is sure to bring joy to you. Think of the smiles you left behind today. Are you smiling yet? Camille,you bring us all so many smiles that you should be grinning ear to ear.
    Love ya,
    Sara Dawn

  3. When I am tempted by all the things I know I shouldn't eat I remember how horrible and yucky I feel after I have eaten them. It's not worth it to me anymore. It feels great!!

  4. Watching The Biggest Loser is very motivating to me. Hang in there!

  5. What motivates me? A brother-in-law who tells me I eat too much! :)

  6. I had a huge eye-opener a few weeks ago when I was organizing our recent family photos. I noticed I'm not in any of them! Because I don't feel good about how I look, I avoid the camera at all costs. But I want to be a part of these wonderful moments I'm capturing with my children. I want to hand the camera over to my husband and ask him to get some pics of me and the kids playing and having fun.

    So I printed off a picture that I like of myself. It's several years back, after my first baby was born and my body was by no means perfect but I was healthy and content. That is my goal and my motivation.

    I found this awesome photographer recently (she's sponsoring a giveaway at SuperMom Central this week!) and have already booked her for a family shoot in the springtime. The clock is ticking on my flab-to-fab transformation!

  7. A good motivator for me is to look at pictures of myself. There are days that I get dressed and think I look good, then when I see pictures of whatever was going on that day, I'm like, "darn, I really need to work on those batwings" or whatever my problem is. But in that same breath, I will say that I am harder on myself than I should be. (Now, can I have those other 3 chocolate bars?)