a vision of helping

Remember all of the rush, the hustle & bustle to help out "NieNie?" The NieNie auctions became a very "in" thing to be involved with. Even the Today Show was "in" on the action. There are so many tragic stories out there. You only have to look for a few moments and you will find someone who could use your help- even a simple smile, a heartfelt prayer.
There is another mom in need of our help. I don't want this blog to become the voice of doom and gloom, but I think it is so important, so very very important to use the internet to find entertainment and joy, but to also be used as a tool for sharing in one another's burdens.
Carol is a mom a little more on the blog level of you and me. She has her little blog, posts about her beautiful little family and just had a new baby. This is where the commonalities take a major detour.
From her husband: "Carol Decker, my wife, had an emergency cesarean section on June 10, 2008. After the surgery she developed life-threatening hypotension from a septic pneumonia infection. After fighting for several weeks, the medicine she was on to save her life had the unfortunate side effect of blocking blood flow to her legs, left arm and eyes.
Since then, Carol has had both legs below the knee amputated, her left arm amputated and she is blind."

When you look at your family today, look with new eyes. I am looking around my house right now, looking at the disasters my kids have created, looking at the banana peels in the family room and the juice spilled across the table. I am looking....... and I am tearful......and I am ecstatic that I have the ability to be right in the middle of all of the mess.

There are a few auctions being held for the benefit of the Decker family here.

Thank you, Rachel, for bringing this story to our attention.


  1. I just helped at a funeral today of a mom of six that was diagnosed with cancer one short month ago. I am just so grateful for my health, anbd the health of my children. Bless the those that suffer.

  2. Oh my gosh! I didn't even know that was possible! wow.

    I second the schmidt family comment - I am so grateful for the blessings in my life - especially my family and their/my health and saftey!

  3. I just spent the better part of the day reading their blog and feeling so grateful for the blessings in my life. I pray that the Lord will continue to watch over them and that Carol's recovery will continue to go well.

  4. I read their blog yesterday and my heart broke. We probably have no idea how many bloggers out there are going through tradgic times. My heart breaks for this little family. We just never know when things are going to happen.

  5. as a woman who has had 2 c-sections, in situations where I had NO OTHER option... I'm even more grateful that everything went fine for me both times, after reading about this mom's situation.

    best thoughts to this little family!

  6. I really needed this reminder. Especially today. I am so grateful for my ability to see and move around. My prayers are with them as well.