Challenge........the little things

Economically speaking, the past week has been somewhat un-thankful for me. Our real estate ventures (or lack of ventures) have had some major hiccups. Watching the news this past week makes me want to start collecting spare change, stashing it in my freezer and hoarding every last cent that can be found.
Highest jump in oil prices in a single day ever- ugh. Wallstreet plummeting. A good way to see the bright side of not having any money invested- no money to lose.
Apparently our home is considered "un-loanable" right now, therefore, un-sell-able too. Didn't see that one coming.
It is so easy for me to think, "I'll do this when I have this." IE: I'll be able to keep the house more organized when I have a bigger house with more storage. When I have more money to decorate how I want, then I will really spend the time to make things look good.

This week's challenge is in combination with what should have been yesterday's Thankful Monday.

CHALLENGE......the little things

Whatever your current wish list is right now, forget about it. If you wish for a new house, find the things in your current home that you love, that you would miss. If you wish the kids would pick up their messes, acknowledge the creativity it takes to create them. Maybe your car leaks oil and clankety clanks down the road, but that perfectly sized trunk makes it OK.

I was quite sure that this week I would be packing up boxes, beginning the process of moving up in the real estate world. Reality is that it probably won't happen for a while- and you know what? That's alright. I didn't think it was. But it is.

If I moved, I might not have the perfectly portioned wall for this:

My great-grandmother's dishes. They are the prominent feature in my dining room and quite possibly the best 48 inches in my house.

I haven't spent a lot of money decorating my home. These were inherited as a slight joke. I have lost my love of most things knick-knacky, but these farmers.....there is just something about them. A life of hard work, love and legacy. Just what I want to be in 50 years, minus the large noses, of course. If I packed them in a box and hauled them away, who knows what I would find when I opened it back up.

And the black kitchen walls? What was I thinking? I love them too. I don't think I could ever convince my husband to agree to black walls again. I would really miss them.

This corner. Ohhhhh myyyy.....I just can't lose this corner. These little chubby legs look so ridiculously cute standing in this corner. "Nose in" of course. If I had to move tomorrow, I would really miss this corner. I would really miss biting my lip so that I don't laugh while I am giving stern reprimands to a mischievous little girl.

If I moved to the quintessential bigger & better house, I could lose all of those things that I love. So, good thing I get to love them for a while longer.

Get it?

Got it?


What is the little thing that you are happy about this week? What WAS your "if only I had...." What perfect little detail are you going to concentrate on?

Are you in?


  1. Whoah Camille... did you write this one for me? I have spent the last 9 year (yes 9 years) of Dale's medical education hating one thing or another. Mostly where I live. I tell you what, I'm really going to have to dig deep to find something I like about this house. Here goes....

    I can shut a door closing of the hallway/bedroom portions of our house, to the rest of the house. Then I can just ignore the mess. Dillusional... I know.

    I hate everything about this place SO MUCH, that I don't worry too much about my little terror of a son dinging the walls, and coloring the carpet with markers.

    I painted a big wall with chalkboard and magnetic paint. It's a great place for reminders, phone messages, notes to the kids, a fun place for them to color, and a place to hang things instead of the fridge. I painted another smaller wall in my kitchen with dry erase paint (coolest stuff ever) so I always have a convenient running grocery list.

    That's it... that's all I got.

  2. What a great challenge! If I only had my pre-pregnancy/child body back I would feel so much better about myself and be much happier. I just want all the fat to melt away, but I have such a sweet tooth. I guess that I am thankful that it has given me three beautiful children and I can pack on an extra few pounds for them!

  3. Mine is going to have to be..... I really love that my back is hurt (yeah right but I will continue) so that my husband is around alot and gets to spend alot of time with me and the girls. ;) It really has taught us that family IS THE MOST IMPORTANT!

    I learned 3 years ago NOT to ever wish for tomorrow, when I broke my back. I used to always wish for tomorrow but that really stopped me in my tracks. I learned a wonderful lesson. Now I treasure each day with my baby girls and Scott.

  4. If I only could move to Florida, I would be happier.

    I don't like it now. It's already starting to snow!! It's SEPTEMBER!!

    If we could move to Florida this month, we could walk on the beach. We could have a clean house. We could be happy, fun, wonderful! :) You know all the great will happen there! :)

  5. I loved this challenge. I had such a miserable day last Friday & now that I only have 9 weeks left in my pregnancy things are starting to get more uncomfortable. This reminded me to stop & take a look around at all the wonderful things that I have taken for granted. Thanks for the great idea.

  6. I love this post & this whole concept! We are moving right now to a bigger, better house and it is MY dream house, however it would not fit that bill for most people! I just have simple tastes.

  7. I am embarassingly late to this party, but I still want in! I'm gonna do this all week as I pack up our home and get us ready to move. I've spent so much time wishing and praying and hoping that we could find our "home" so we could get out of this place. And now that we've found it I just can't get there soon enough. But there will be "little things" about this house that I will miss.

    - The garden my little boy helped me plant flowers in each spring.

    - the front window my kids wave from everytime I leave the house without them.

    - the back deck where we eat dinner on warm summer evenings.

    - The big kitchen counter my kids sit on when they help me back cookies.

    OK. Now I'm crying. In a good way. I have so much to be grateful for.