Flab to Fab..... Reese's resistance

Since there are a lot of new readers this week, a quick catch-up: Flab to Fab is my little project to master the muffin top, lose the spare tire, find my waist line..... I want to know how it feels to be in good shape. Some fellow bloggers have joined in.

Thursday Check-In

Flabilicious or delicious?

The first problem was going to Costco with my husband. Rarely do I have assistance or babysitters while shopping. I have yet to master 3 children and a cart load of perishable, smashable food- but not for lack of trying. Since the husband had his own cart, he stocked up as he wished..... this is always a "gains outweigh the risks" decision in my marriage.......

We made it out of the store without too many extras- save it be the cases of Irish Spring soap and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

So- now not only will I smell like the same manly soap for the next 10 years, I get to open my fridge each day and debate on my choice of snack: grapes, carrot stick or large quantities of cold, smooth, creamy chocolate. I may have given in to the last option once or twice..............a day for the last 4 days.

The chocolate binge wasn't too bad until I also found a stash of Pepperidge Farm cookies......I think my husband is trying to sabotage me.

That was all yesterday's news though. Today, I have been good. I have strictly adhered to my new "Reese's Resistance Diet" and only ate a few cookies. I even put some candy in my mouth during a moment of weakness, but remembered the shirt and spit the candy in the trash. I have been drinking a lot of water- a ridiculously large H2O consumption- I have my irrational self convinced that it will wash all of the sugar out of me before it sticks to my hips.

In preparation for this post, I went on an extra last-ditch walk tonight- because, you know, that irrational part of me just knows that one walk will make the picture look so much better.....Rrriiight.
Anyhow- the walk- I added in some crazy lunge/jogging moves to the routine as I pushed the double stroller along & had the littlest one in a back pack. Of course, not wanting to shake the baby on m back, I was quite creative.
Imagine a combo of lunge/speed walking. I imagine it looked like the stealth moves of action movies when the stars are dashing from bullets......just a shorter, chubbier version. Of course, I changed to a regular walk as soon as the neighbor's house came in to view. I bet they were trying to figure out why I was breathing so hard from going on a "nice, pleasant little walk with the kids."

Even though my crazy ninja walking moves didn't magically melt the flab, I do feel better, and I did get the courage to once again post this beautiful picture of myself. If you were all originally lying and don't really find this at least a little inspiring/motivating.....so help me, I will make you learn my new walking routine.

My photographer (husband) doesn't get why I am doing this- and quite frankly, neither do I......

The original flab.....from exactly 1 month ago.

Today's flab.....

I know it isn't much, but even if you can't see the difference,
I can feel it. The bulge is obviously still there- the muffin top is still flowing over.....but there is slight -ever so slight- shrinkage. The pants button a little easier, and the stretch denim is stretching a little less.

This green shirt is going to look fab on me.....maybe not tomorrow, next week, or even next month.....but it will.

It has been asked.......For those of you that are in this Flabilicious project with me, (or would like to be), where/when to "check-in?" Every Thursday I post my progress (or lack thereof). You can leave your progress in a comment here too. If I have your blog or email address, I will randomly check up on you.


  1. I definitely see a difference - good on you, girl! Mine shall be the "anti-cookie crusade" and while I'm not quite ready to put out the hard numbers, let's just say that there's been a tiny decrease and I'm feeling the momentum build. Keep inspiring us, Camille!

  2. You definitely can tell a difference! Go you!!

  3. K, so first, great job! And second, 6 pounds for me!! YEAH! When you started this challenge I decided that was the little extra push that I needed. So away I went, trying to eat better, walking, riding my bike and doing pretty well. Then, I had a friend tell me the other night, while we were out walking, that her husband and some of the guys he works with have been trying to lose some weight. She said they take their weight X 11 and - 500 and that is how many calories you are supposed to be eating a day. I wasn't sure that I could do it, the whole counting calories, but decided to give it a shot. And 2 weeks later, I am minus 6 pounds and lovin it!! So needless to say, I am going to keep it up! (It is actually a lot easier than I thought)

  4. You are looking great camille and I am proud of you! Jealous of your determination but proud of you! :) The inches are going to disappear! I am glad you checked up on me the other day but I must admit I am struggling this week. I spent 1/2 an hour today looking at before and after photos of people alot more motivated than me and surprisingly it made me want to jump up and go jogging! However the little one in my lap disagreed. Today my goal is to find a jogging stroller moderately priced online so that I can just take off and go when I want to instead of waiting for hubby to come home and babysit. This week is "put the pudding down!" Yes, I thought that eating an entire thing of chocolate pudding was somehow better than eating a package of cookies. Oh boy, this is going to be tough..

  5. Way to go! You have given me the extra boost i need-Since I have been slacking the last couple days.

  6. I've decided within the last couple of days that I'm done losing weight. I'm right about where I want to be, weight-wise. So I'm shifting focus. I'm going to work on exercise and toning. Basically, I'm the right size, now I want to work on the right shape. So my goal - maintain the weight, lose the sag!

  7. Well, I haven't had ANY Guittard milk chocolate chips today, and yesterday I only had about ten (individual chips), so that is a HUGE improvement for me. I think I might be down a pound, but I'll find out officially on Sunday, my "weigh-in day". Until then, I'm like you, and go with how my clothes feel. I haven't exercised at all though, aside from liiiiittle walks with the Boys here and there, so I definitely need to improve there. My neighbors already think I'm crazy, I'm sure, so I should probably try some of your Ninja Moves when I do go walking. :)

  8. I totally see the shrinkage.

  9. I'm a little late jumping on your wagon...but I'm going to join you in your reshaping crusade. More walking, less junk food and I'm to a calorie counting job too, because I know it works. I've got 4 weeks to lose 10 lbs....wish. me. luck.

  10. Do ya ever feel like Thomas the Tank Engine? I think I can, I think I can... I say this to myself all the time, people probably think that I am nuts!!! LOL
    Well, I know you can!

  11. Boy, pushing three kids around for a workout? Yikes!

    Have you tried aerobics videos at home? There are some fun ones and the kids love it. Someday I'll be a jogger again but it doesn't work for now! But everyone has different preferences.

    Good luck! You ARE making progress.

  12. I can see the difference!! Which is always rewarding!! I understand the whole hubby sabotage thing, My hubby was doing a dairy queen run and i thought tonight i can have one and I said "I WANT A SMALL" and he brings me back a medium. I said why did you not get me a small?? and he said i thought a medium would be better. Thanks honey but a small just adds less dimples than a medium!!

  13. camille my email is lacey@kitchenperfections.com. I will love to link you and Sue's blogs. Thanks!!

  14. You are looking great! I'm 8 months preggo so the only pics I've been posting is of my belly! LOL

  15. You look incredible! You truly are an inspiration! Ok, I'm in! This is pure motivation for me!!