Flabilicious....if i dare.

The thought of this little idea is making me sick with nervousness. Seriously sick. I need some motivation. I need to feel accountable to someone other than me to do something about it.

It isn't necessarily my weight.
It isn't necessarily how it looks to anyone other than me.
It is how it feels.....to me.

Muffin Top
Spare Tire
Love Handles
Mommy Pooch
and the "kind way" I like to call it:

What do you all think about the Ponytail Challenge including my struggle to become the "Master of the Muffin Top?" (Or some other wonderfully creative name....Muffin Top Mondays? Spare Tire Challenge?)

If enough of you are on board, I might just -this is where the sick to my stomach part comes in- attempt to journal this effort with pictures- of my own midsection- not just words.....hold on...Little voice inside my head that talks me out of craziness: breathe, Camille, breathe....you can do it, you can put yourself that out there to show photos of your "problem area-" on the internet- photos that anyone in the world could literally see...including old boyfriends, past crushes, my father/brother-in-laws, not to mention those who want to look at funny pictures of someone else's not-so-fabulous flab. Yikes.

Are you still with me here? I need input. Go for it? Run and hide and never turn on the computer again? This may not seem BIG to you- but it is to me. If you read this blog & don't usually comment, please comment now- I need encouragement..... I need to know that posting my own flabiliciousness -or lack thereof- might at least entertain some of you- if not also encourage you.

I have to stop typing now and convince myself to hit the Publish Post button now.

Maybe I will just keep typing. I have been staring at this screen for many minutes trying to get up my nerve. What will it be like when/if I actually put my belly out there for all of you?


  1. Camille GO FOR IT!! To be honest in my quest to regain control of my body, I found my trainer/diet coach and was accountable to him every week. Which meant reporting my weight and then him pinching me with his calipers to check my body fat%. My tricep, my stomache, and my quad. At first to show another man my ugly stretch marked stomache was embarrassing, but after weeks of eating right and exercising 6 days a week, it was those appointments that kept me motivated! I trained with him for a year (mostly preparing my body for what I hope to be a fantastic pregnancy) In that year I lost 20 lbs and went down 13% body fat. So do it we will help you. Like I said it's hard at first, but when you see your results you will be so grateful you did! Good luck and Im rooting for ya!!

  2. do it do it do it!! i KNOW it will help up...and of COURSE we'll help you. we may not be personal trainers or coaches or whatever, but we'll do what we can. PLEASE do it! :)

  3. I know that I myself wouldn't go so far as to post pics of my belly, but I am a contributor to a weight loss blog, and every day I post a report of how I did that day, including calories consumed, and exercise. Every once in a while I put my measurements. Putting this online for others to read has really helped me to be accountable. Although I'm still working on the exercise part, knowing that I have to post how I did each day helps me to control my eating and try to be more active throughout the day. Accountability really does help!

    So even though I would not choose to post belly pics, I think that if that is what it would take to get you motivated and hold you accountable, you should go for it! We'll all be here for you!

  4. The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem! :) I admit it! (I am not posting any pictures!) But I am working on it! (Pilates really help the tummy area!) Slowly but surely I will get there, and so can you! :)

  5. I say go for it... that being said, I can't say that I would probably post pics of my belly (Well, when I'm not pg that is) online for all to see. However, I think it'd be a great motivation for others. I know when this baby finally makes her way out that I'll definitely need all the help I can get with trying to lose the weight.

  6. I am also trying to re-make my body, and I would love some company! I say go for it!


  7. Go, Go, Go!! I have a weight loss blog that is a "motivational" blog..whatever..I think if you put it out there and become responsible for yourself, it helps. My husband and I are having a "friendly" competition amongst ourselves..maybe, just maybe i'll post a tummy picture.

  8. Wow! Flabilicious and brave! :) I have a simular "problem area" that I have been struggling with. There is something I've learned... if I may. Do your best, work hard, eat smart. DO NOT let this take over what is really important in your life. You have three beautiful children and the battle scars (stretch marks) to prove it! We earned those baby! The most important thing is that learning to be happy with what we have. Even if it will never look like it did. Good luck!!!

  9. You are AMAZING!!!! I am behind you 100%! You are much braver than I am.. You're my hero! Thanks for the phone call the other day, I needed it! You must have been inspired!

  10. GO FOR IT -- If you do this...you will go down as the bravest person I know!

  11. I think that is so brave and would really be an inspiring way to encourage yourself, as well as help others (I know it would motivate me and heavens-knows I need some inspiration!).

    PS - have you ever visited Mrs. Fussypants blog on a Friday? She does this "Friday Fight the Frump" and had an article a few weeks back about the muffin-top! It was hilarious and embarassing at the same time - I'm sure I've been caught with this problem many times. Made me realize just how awful it is!

  12. Please don't feel like you are alone in this endeavor! All of us track our own "fup" - as we call it - progress in the mirror every day! You are so brave to share your progress with everyone!

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