I am. I am not.

Lots of blogs out there have amazing tributes to Father's and husbands right now. Lots of couples have cutesy romantic stories. Lots of wives are good at showing their appreciation.

I am not.

I am not a lot of things.
I am not a sappy person- (except when it comes to my kids).
I am not a good dishwasher.
I am not a great laundry folder/picker-upper.

I am some other things.
I am a procrastinator.
I am unorganized.
I am apparently- although not purposely- using our car as a storage unit.

I do not do a lot of things I should.
I do not fold the laundry as soon as it is done or even that day.
I do not make wonderful home cooked meals every night.
I do not "glam up" every day.

I do some things.
I do make excuses.
I do love gardening much more than house work.
I do love my husband.

My husband:

He used to be an avid golfer.
He is now an occasional golfer.
He used to be an avid hunter.
He now has children with birthdays during hunting season.
He used to watch action packed, bad word filled, man movies.
He now watches things that are "mommy approved."
He used to get lots of attention from his wife.
He now watches his kids get lots of attention from his wife.
He used to go to school while his wife "brought home the bacon" and kept up the house.
He now works 6 days a week and his stay-at-home wife doesn't keep up the house.

He used to love me.
He still does- despite all of the reasons above.

We are not a couple that walks around all lovey dovey. We have had many many ups and downs. We have come a very long way in our marriage. We have been to counseling. We have needed medications. We have wept ......and worked together. I rarely show my appreciation for my husband. I think Father's Day was invented for a person like me to get a little kick-in-the-you-know-where to be a little- make that a lot- more grateful for what I have.

My husband gives me a hard time that this blog is used to make fun of him a little- all good fun, mind you. I don't know why- but it is hard for me to be nicest to those I love the mostest. (When you write something nice about someone else, you don't have to use proper English.)

My dear husband: Happy Father's Day. And, most of all, thanks for putting up with me. Oh yeah- and I might have forgotten to buy you a present.

So, Bloggies: What wonderful things are you doing, (did you do), for the father's in your life? I need some good ideas so that by next year maybe I will actually do one of them.


  1. I totally don't think you give yourself enough CREDIT!! :)

    As for father's day--I don't know that it's really all about the gifts. I kow we focus so much on that--and I DID get my hubby some things, but I really think it's just about taking time our to really think about HIM and all he does and to CELEBRATE that. :)

    Hope you guys have a great day! )gifts, or not)

  2. Well, I'm letting him take a nap as I write this right now. And I got him a little charcoal grill. We've only been married a few years, and this is our first grill, except our little George Foreman. He's pretty excited - as am I!

  3. Uuuuggggg. I'm in a holiday slump. I didn't get Dale anything- which led to an after church, sabbath breaking, much needed trip to Outback Steakhouse. I know, I know. Better planning required next year. :)

  4. we don't do gifts for mother's day or father's day. today, I made him a real breakfast; pancakes, bacon, the whole thing. He NEVER gets that. Brought him home a surprise milkshake while I was out (his favorite snack) and didn't ask him to change a single diaper. Nothing over the top, but enough to show him I care. It works well for us.

  5. Jay gets me flowers so I made him a little candy bar bouquet. It turned out pretty cute. And he says he gets a Fathers Day massage. Hmmmm, don't remember offering that one =). But I love him and he's worth it!

  6. I didn't do much -- a day spent together - Julio put all the effort into devoting the entire day to the boys (yes, I took advantage of the day off!)
    His birthday in two days later and I am planning a more meaningful day for him.
    That was such a sweet posting -- seriously Camille, I didn't know you had all the "smoochy" stuff in you -- 3 kids have softened you up...or was it Jason?!?

  7. I appreciated that post a ton! You were very honest, and not two-faced at all, and I really enjoyed that. I bet your husband loves you more than you can imagine.

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