deep thoughts.....makeover mojo

Something funny happened when this blog glammed up this week.......I started liking it more, wanting to put more effort into it, wanting to show it off.

I've been in a rut lately- not simply just behind on the dishes and not quite to the point of needing medication. Have you ever looked around your home/life and just thought, "Where do I even begin?" It isn't even that life is necessarily dealing a rough hand at the time, but just that you know you are at a fork in the road. Like so many things, it is just the beginning that is the hardest part.

What do I pick up first? Would my time be better spent mowing the long grass or watering the dry flowers? If the baby only sleeps for 30 minutes, should I tackle the kitchen & chance clanging things that will wake her up or start the laundry that won't be ready to fold/switch until she is up and needs changed, fed, held? Where do you start?
I made great strides in my homemaking efforts before this beautiful 3rd baby was born. I changed habits to be more organized. I kept it up too. Until lately.
Daddy-long leg spiders have some how taken over every corner of my house. My house is a DISASTER! I wore the same shirt for 36 hours straight this week, (I kept telling myself I couldn't change/shower until I actually exercised- which I finally did). My baby wore her own same shirt for this time period too.... The lawn needs mowed, garden weeded, car needs cleaned out, laundry folded, and on and on. I realize none of this is unique only to me, (Well, maybe the wear-the-shirt-for-a-day-and-a-half part- don't worry, I have really good deodorant.), and life could be a lot worse- but I could make it so much better. I could.
I started thinking about what some of you commented on with the original Ponytail Challenge- about how once the hair was done, the make-up, and then you felt good, and then you felt up to accomplishing more.
SO, I finally exercised, so I could finally shower & finally put on nice, clean clothes. This little bit alone made me feel so much better. I started cleaning- it didn't matter what I started with- just that I started. I am not a get it all done and move to the next job type of gal- which could be part of the problem. I tend to do a little work here and there and never quite finish the job I began with- but at least I made progress.
I also realized that while I may not feel like I am accomplishing much- stirring Ramen noodles with one hand, while holding a baby with the other hand, while calming down an injured 2-year-old, while laughing with a 4-year-old, while wiping spit up off the floor with a napkin & my foot is doing something that I CAN feel proud of- it may not win me an award, but I know it should. And that, for today is enough.

Anyhow, this post is more for myself than for all of you, but I needed to add in a little extra challenge for me this week. -to get going- on something- anything- and as Nike says best, "Just do it."
We all do so much- even when we might not think we are. Often, we feel under appreciated and underachieving. It is funny how a little "makeover" can change so much- whether that makeover is a new blog header, lipstick or an attitude change.

So, if you need a little extra umph today too- just do it- and I will be thinking of you.


  1. OH how I can TOTALLY relate to this post! As I read it I thought of my own house and procrastination. It's been so blasted HOT here this week that the thought of having to exert any extra energy is just beyond me. I have laundry that has taken over my couch, a floor is desperate need of being mopped and blah, blah, blah...the list goes on! But this morning I got up and found the "dead fish" smell my husband was complaining about...that might I add was not a fish but some meat HE accidently left behind! So maybe now that it's somewhat bearable in temperature I will get the laundry folded. Thanks for sharing your feelings and getting me motivated also. It's so true what they say about sometimes we need to know we aren't alone in our feelings.
    Have a great weekend and enjoy the moments with your children...the housework will always be there but the children won't be young forever! So with that, I'm going to the beach for a field trip today and whatever isn't done at home will still be there when I get back.

  2. Ok - the button code is fixed my dear! And - yes - the makeover is fabulous. I am so glad it could bring something more to your life! :)

  3. Yeah, about that shirt thing...you're not the only one...
    And I'm going to get up right now and do the dishes. And clear the junk off the living room floor. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction!

  4. I can't even remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but I've been reading it for a little bit now, so I'm finally making myself known :) My name is Jen, and I totally agree with this post! It is so hard to get things done sometimes! It's so nice to know that there are other people that feel the same way I do. (I have 3 young kids too). So thank you for your blog. Thanks for your fun posts and challenges. I usually do them and feel better after doing them. Thanks and have a great day!

  5. That was very needed, and very appreciated by me! I really thought I was the only one whose laundry was in a huge pile, dishes were in a huge pile, and car that is a huge pile, and three little kiddies wanting me to play right now! Glad to know I'm not the only one!