RESULTS..... #1 Ponytail Challenge

Some of you should be finishing up with your week of no ponytails. How did it go? Hard? Easy? Comment with your results. Remember, you have to give some sort of feedback to get a chance for the prize.


  1. I want you all to know that my hair was in a ponytail yesterday. I couldn't help it. I served my time! And it was only in the ponytail for a couple hours- I felt too guilty!

    I did last the full week. However, there were a few near meltdowns. It was hard! My husband didn't agree with me that a "half-up" do didn't count and threatened to tattle on me with a comment. So, I pulled out the hot rollers- which haven't been used since the birth of child #2. And wowsers- I think my hair actually looked good. By day 5 I even felt a little...dare I say cute?

    My hubby even said, "What are you all dressed up for?" Dressed up?
    Only if you count wearing decade old pants with the fat shirt I bought to make it through the first frumpy months of pregnancy, (I am not still pregnant, just frumpy), dressing up! It was all the hair my friends!

    A little effort did make a difference in how I felt overall. Yea! Now, if only that somersault from this week's challenge could make me feel so good.

  2. I'm sorry to say that even though I have short hair and can only pull it up half way (which I counted as a ponytail for myself), I was hit and miss with this challenge.

    I started off with a good start, and then I got sick. I don't even think I showered that day let alone fix my hair. I was back on track the next day, and then yesterday, my final day, my little girl had a high fever all day and wouldn't let me do anything but hold her. Not perfect, but neither is life, right?

    I so have to say that the days that I fixed my hair, it motivated me to actually put on jeans-even if I was going to stay home all day. That is an accomplishment in itself. Thanks Camille! I'll be starting challenge #2 today. Wish me luck finding 7 things to put on with an outfit.

  3. Well, I was a huge success at the ponytail challenge because I never tossed my inch-length hair into an up-do all week! But come on, Camille, seven pieces of wardrobe? I don't know where to begin. Maybe I'll have to layer my socks! But you will be proud of me. I ran for 27 minutes on my eliptical this morning and I decided not to eat seven cookies for lunch today! By the way, I'd love to check out your family blog if you don't mind. My e-mail is jeccalee3@yahoo.com - I'm sure you are a lot cuter than you are leading me to believe! I'll keep up the challenges!

  4. I did it--7 whole days without a ponytail. Though, today I must say--there was just no time and my hair is in a clippy...guess what? My body can tell--

    For the past 7 days I have felt AWESOME. I really had no idea how MUCH my hair affected my attitude until I participated in the ponytail challenge.

    What did I find? First day I really just did my hair to do it--more of a check this off the list kind of thing. But the next day I did it as more of a WANT than a HAVE to. But somehow, with the hair-do, came makeup...Do you KNOW how great it feels to wear lipstick around the house?! And you can't have your hair and makeup done and not use a little perfume! And then came, geesh--I feel all dressed up--maybe I actually SHOULD get dressed up.

    My closet is not full...not even close. I have an extensive collection of hangers with not much to put on them. I finally decided that even though I was pregnant for the past 2 years, it really IS time to put away the maternity clothes and wear clothes in my unfortunate size. It is time to just be okay with ME--

    However, once you take away all those fatty maternity shirts, there really isn't much left. It isn't that I thought I looked AMAZING in old maternity shirts, but there was a definite comfort zone in wearing stuff you KNEW would hide all the right places.

    I was frumpy--totally frumpy.

    But in doing my hair and makeup, spritzing on the perfume that I am sure I got for Christmas 3 years ago that is really only half gone, and putting on my frumpy clothes, I FELT AMAZING! It isn't that I thought I was all that, a bag of chips, a cookie and a glass of milk--but I sure felt like all that and at least a bag of chips! :)

    And I found myself wondering why on earth I had felt that all the clothes I had were so frumpy! Now, don't get me wrong--I am CERTAIN I won't be gracing the cover of any fashion magazine ANYTIME soon. It really was more about a feeling than a look.

    It is a great feeling to walk tall--to feel GOOD about YOU--instead of shamefully brushing back the wisps of hair from your disheveled ponytail before they fall across your pale face as you reach down to scrape remnants of last night's dinner off your maternity yoga pants (that were never really used for yoga anyway) and seeing a collection of snot, spit-up, and spewed squash all across your nasty old t-shirt.

    The ponytail challenge became my "fairy godmother"--it helped turn my ho-hum frumpy clothes into something that actually made me feel wonderful. I am so excited about the new steps I am commiting to take to look and feel better.

    I hope nobody thinks that this is just about a silly ponytail. It is more about being GOOD to yourself--about allowing yourself to take TIME for YOU.

    And if nothing else, maybe you will feel a little like I have...that little bit better that helps you make it through life--a better mom, a better wife...a better me.

    So, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  5. And yes that was a novel--it was actually my whole blog entry and I didn't think it would fit--but figured I would try anyway!

    Sorry ladies for taking a ton of space!

  6. I treated myself to a hair cut last week--so I have cute hair and haven't pulled it back since.

  7. I made it too! I got out the straighting iron, the curling iron, and even round brushed my hair a couple of times. Friday night my husband and I even went out on a date so I decided to do my hair "extra" cute and he actually commented on it! That means a lot to a 9 month pregnant lady!

    What a great challenge!

  8. I didn't make it. It was not even a temptation not too. I decided I am pregnant and don't have to fix up daily when it is morning sickness. I feel very entitled and feel entitled to feel that way. :) I will say I did fix up more than usual. I hope that counts for something.

  9. I did good, in fact alot better than I thought I would. But then we went camping, and then there was gerneral conference. I had to pull up my hair out in the woods, it was just too windy. I didn't do anything with my hair Sunday just washed it and blew it dry. But at least it wasn't a pony tail. So I failed. I almost had it though. Maybe next week.

  10. I started out strong. I did hair and makeup (because one really doesn't go without the other!) every morning. But when I would go for a run at naptime, the hair went into a pony-tail and there it stayed for the rest of the day. At least I was cute for the first half of my day. And I have to admit, once the hair and make-up is on, I feel foolish putting sweats on, so I dressed and looked cute. You might be the road to reforming this frumpy mommy!

    And....*gasp* I got a haircut and highlights today at the salon and was gone for 3 hours with NO children with me! Our salon was having a big sale and all services were 1/2 off today, so I didn't feel quite so guilty about spending the money!

  11. I did it!! The whole week I kept thinking, what has happened to me when all I really care about is keeping myself and my children alive?... oh, and brushing my teeth! I used to ALWAYS get ready, but after this week, I realized it's not so hard to actually get ready! Maybe I'll make it a habit

    ok, maybe not! We'll see!

  12. camille!! hello!! I am so glad you left a comment on my blog!! I would love to see your family blog! my email is cortniebigelow@hotmail.com. and I will be making my blog private the end of this week so I will for sure send you an invite!!
    p.s. your "ponytail" blog is awesome!! I would never do good..i go to the gym every day and my hair is pulled up!!

  13. opps, I posted my results in the accept the challenge part, so go there to read it! :)

  14. So I am just barely reading all about the pony tail challenge...I don't know that I can do it. My hair is in a ponytail even as I type this. I will try. I even get up to go to work everyday and I still wear ponytails!

  15. I did goo the first few days but then I gave in to temptation!!! I did feel better the days that I did do my hair though!!!

  16. So I made it, yes, I made it. How? Do not ask me!! this was the worst possible week to even attempt such a thing. With a baby with a double ear infection and about 4 hours of sleep every night, lets just say I was rushing to get my hair done by noon and cussing at you every second I wanted to put that blasted ponytail in =). Life would have been much easier, but Jay never guessed I was so grumpy since I looked cute instead of half dead....except for the time I told him to "stop talking to me", I was cute but a grouch =). Yay, for me and sticking to it! And yes my hair was in a ponytail the first day I could.....awe... it felt good =)

  17. I just finished today... I had lots of fun with my hair. I did some pretty aweseome stuff. Thanks for the challenge!

  18. I finished today! 7 days straight of doing my hair, no ponytails except when working out. It was awesome. Thanks for the challenge!

  19. Well, I did it every day! I even did my make-up which must have looked pretty silly because I worked outside in my yard every day in my grubby clothes, but hey, my hair looked good!

  20. I did it and boy, what a self-esteem boost! It's amazing how taking the time to do my hair led to actually doing my make-up. Not only that, but it left me wanting to be more diciplined in other areas of my life. I want all areas to match the way I look.