There isn't much to explain on this one......
Confess a little something- maybe your guilty pleasure TV show. How about how many hours of TV a day your kids really watch? Do you floss- not counting the week before a dentist appt.?

My confessions:

I think my entire family has a serious nose picking syndrome. Really. Is it genetics? I need to find out the nutritional content of a booger because that is the staple of my daughter's diet.

Oh, and I LOVE the show Charmed. I used to watch it everyday for 2 hours on TNT- I would plan nap times, appointments and shopping around it. I have seen every episode and even searched the "fan sites" on-line...... I know, weird.

I washed a dirty pan today that had been staring me down for a week today...... I know, gross.

Ok, that was my turn- now fess up! You can even make your comment anonymous... the freedom on anonymity! I plan on this post being forever- meaning that you can come back in a year and confess something else, or laugh at other comments.
I can't have everything on this blog sappy and uplifting, (because, you know it has been so sappy and uplifting thus far).

Keepin' it real folks, keepin' it real!

Please keep your confession G rated! My mother reads this blog.
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(If you haven't already seen this week's challenge, it is posted below.)


  1. Hmmmm....where to start?

    If my daughter has an accident in the night, I usually just throw a blanket over the wet bed and wash it later...do I even OWN a second set of twin sheets? Probably SOMEWHERE...but I wouldn't know where to look. So, we'll save the washing for morning :)

    My oven only gets cleaned once a year when I hire someone to clean it as a birthday present to myself. :) Sad, but true.

    For a list of other confessions that are sure to make anyone feel better, you can see my blog post from yesterday.

    Don't we all have one of those days every few days??

  2. I have ants in one of my closets and haven't taken the time to get rid of them.

    Rachel, I've NEVER cleaned my oven! That's really sad.

    I only deep clean my shower when I'm going to have overnight company.

  3. I drink Sunkist soda, like a 10 year old at her first overnight sleep over.

    the only way I can get the little guy to nap is to have him lay by Isaac in our bed and watch read between the lions--

  4. I NEVER iron clothes. My family is lucky if they are folded.
    It is a rough week a my house. I have now used the same left over Sunday roast to come up with every meal so far this week.
    I have never washed the windows of my house since I moved here- 2 years ago.
    I LOVE watching Ellen. That show is my comedy release every day. My guilty pleasure show? Days of Our Lives.
    And, yes, I pick my nose.

  5. I take a nap everyday without fail. Unless we have to go somewhere but I usually schedule around it. If fact everyone of my friends knows I won't awnser the phone if they call between 1 and 3 because the ringers are off.

    My oven never gets cleaned either. I love the idea of hiring someone to do it.

    Rachel I do the same thing when it came to wetting the bed. It's the middle of the night I'm dead to the world, and I have to change the sheets on the bed, NO THANKS!!

    If Cris needs a shirt ironed he does it. And I don't fold the clothes unless it's so bad you can't see the bedroom floor.(I'm really trying to break this habbit)

    I'm a avid in the closet MTV reality show watcher.(bad, I know but they are so funny! I usually end up changing the chanel cause they do get a little naughty.)

    I buy me a candy bar or treat everytime I go the the store. Hmm maybe that's why I can't get rid of the last 5 pounds and have out of control love handles.

    That's all for now. I know I have more but can't think of them.

  6. Let's see, what have I been keeping in the closet lately. Well, when I get stressed, I peel/break my toenails off. I don't even realize I am doing it sometimes but I'm scared to ever get a professional pedicure because they will think I have been tortured or something.

    Oh, and I think I have nerve damage in my face or something because every once in a while, my cheek will feel like it is wet and I will wipe it only to find that it is perfectly dry and I am crazy. Wow, it really is good to get these things off my chest.

    And, um, today I painted a mural and my girls watched 6, yes 6 movies in a row. Well, I had to get their stinkin' room painted. I watched them really well, too. Winnie took off her pants and diaper and peed on the floor. What a good mother I was today!!!

  7. I've wiped my child's snot with my sleeve and not just once.

    On a number of nights, I've fed my family cereal for dinner.

    The things we say we would never do, and then we have kids.

  8. Hi Camille,
    Not sure if you remember me, I graduated the year before you, but anyway, Suzie (Miller) was talking about this blog on her blog, and I just couldn't resist; I had to check it out. Anyway, how fun is this? So awesome. You crack me up, coming up with all these ideas.

    So, my confession: I don't let the kids watch tv/movies other than one movie per morning, but once they're in bed at night, I plop myself down. The Biggest Loser, Survivor, Apprentice, Jeopardy... yikes. Now where did I put my books...?

    I really like your challenge ideas. I shall try to stop putting my newly-short hair in a headband thing and wearing my exercise clothes all day long (not that I exercise all day long, I'm just lazy!).

    Not sure if I'll find 7 accessories though. I don't think I OWN any accessories. :)

    Awesome blog, keep it up!

    Kirsten (Wall) Slama

  9. PS. Do you mind if I link this blog on mine? I think there is a wealth of untapped ponytail-wearers out there.

  10. When you come to visit me, promise you won't look under any of the beds... that's how I "clean up" for company.

    I HATE earwax! I chase my children down with Q-tips even though all the experts tell me I'm going to make them deaf. If I do? We can all learn a new skill, sign language!

    I snich my children's holiday candy. I sneak it out of their buckets as if I was a kid myself!

    We eat more cereal in this house than any other food group. (Cereal IS a food group, right?) I don't even feel bad because we put milk on it and it's FORTIFIED!

  11. I don't know where to start, I loved all the polls on the sidebar they were fun. I do laundry once a week so YES we have clothes to last us 2 or 3 with out doing laundry. I don't like to mop and haven't done it in over a month we got a new dog last month and she has worked wonders for my floors!!!!! I don't dust, my tv is so thick it is sick, and my ceiling fans are horrible..... I know there is more but I can't think!!!

  12. Please do link! Link, Link, Link! The more people that read this, the more likely I am to get more prizes.... my personal budget is not too great!
    Besides, it is SO fun to hear from different women and be able to find humor in our day-to-day lives!

  13. Okay - here goes -

    When we have company, I turn the ceiling fans on so no one can focus on the blades long enough to see the 2 inches of dust.

    I feed my kids breakfast for dinner at least 3 nights a week.

    I wear the same pair of shoes every day.

    I use little white lies all the time, "oh no, honey we can't go to the park, it's closed today" or "that is chocolate milk - it's just really light colored". I'm trying to break this habit, but I just can't take the whining!

    I q-tip my kids ears and pick the little one's nose all the time. I just can't stand to see a crusy booger hanging out of his nose, and he's happy as can be to just leave it there.

  14. Connfessions...... Where to start.

    I procrastinate WAY too much, I almost always do my homework the MORNING its due.

    I am addicted to Little house on the Prarie (odd I know) some days I'll watch three or for episodes in a row.

    And last but not least. I have the horrible habbit of biting my nails. Anyone know any good ways to stop that one?

    I could keep going but everyon would be bored to death so I'll stop here.

  15. I could confess way too much, but will only list a few =)....I hate to fold laundry and usually leave it piled high on the dryer or on in a basket until it is all gone and I need to do laundry again....i have a HUGE tv watching problem I love all these new reality shows (Bachelor, America's Next Top Model, The Biggest Loser, Survivor, American Idol, The Hills (that one is embarrassing I know), shall I name more?... I totally am a nose picker =, but if I see a little kid do it it grosses me out...and I don't floss EVER until 2 weeks before my cleaning and they almost never notice =)

  16. Confessions:
    -I never clean my oven except when I sold my house (4 years)
    -I bake maybe once a month if that- so my oven isn't too bad:)
    - I don't like to cook, I love mac n cheese and one pan dishes. Less cooking and cleaning.
    - If I have no plans for the day we're in our pjs until. . .we do have a plan.
    - I had to disconnect the TV so I would stop putting movies on for my kids when I needed occupy them. (I hate whining too)
    - I wash the dishes when my sink is full, or someone is coming over. I hate dishes.
    - I hardly exercise, though I vow to do it daily (I'm starting tomorrow :) Ha!

  17. Jason and I are equal to blame on my first one--when the kids wake up in the morning, they watch tv for at least an hour before either of us finally gets up to pour them a bowl of cereal, just to climb back in bed. I do have to say since I now go to the gym early in the morning, it's only me doing this 3 days a week, and him 4.

    My kids watch way too much tv--probably 3 to 4 hours a day in the winter. However in the summer, it's maybe 1 hour (while we're still asleep) so that has to equal out, right?

    I leave my kids in the bath tub while I fold clothes in the room next door. I know it's a total safety issue, but I make them both talk to me (or sing) while I am out of the room just so I know their heads are above water. That is probably the most productive 10 minutes of my day.

    If I don't have plans to go anywhere (except drop off Payden at pre-school) I don't get ready. I just shower, put on flannel pants & one of Jason's tee shirts. No make-up or hair fixing on those days--like today. The whole 7 days of fixing my hair really was work for me.

  18. I got the link to this site from my friend Diana. I have loved reading all the challenges and decided that since I can't really do the ponytail one because living in the Caribbean on a little island there is NO other way to style your hair then UP! But I can participate in the confessions thing.
    So here it goes:
    I spend WAY to much time on the computer. I love to read blogs about people all over the world. I hope no one minds that some stranger is looking at the fun things their family does.
    I don't clean my oven either...my husband does and it's only when we move.
    I hate to fold laundry and so there is always a chair full of clothes. Why fold it? Then you just have to put it away...I hate that just as equally!
    I've been really bad about letting my appearance go since living here. There are days I go get dressed just minutes before my husband gets home, just so he doesn't have to come home and see me still in my pj's.
    I think I'm becoming more and more like the islanders and learning to PROCRASTINATE!
    I look forward to seeing what the next challenge will be.