Table for 1, please.

Alone. All by myself. Free to peruse the aisles of a clothing store at my leisure. It has been well over 3 months since I have done anything alone. (And no, going to the bathroom while chubby little hands are pounding on the other side of the door does not define being alone.)
I did a little shopping for myself, but only ended up buying kids' clothes off the clearance racks.

Oh! How could I forget, I also bought myself a "goal shirt." Every woman trying to lose a little weight or get in shape should have a goal shirt to depress her every day into at least thinking about exercising. Ok, back on track now....

What on Earth would cause any mother to leave her family behind? Well, in reality, not much in my world. It was all in the name of charity. No- not me being charitable. Me, being the charity case.
I'll take what I can get.

I left my children at home with 4 babysitters. I only have 3 children. But, I may as well play it safe, right? We are talking about teenage girls after all. I was one once upon a time and I would definitely want 4 of teenage-babysitter-me if I had to have hired teenage-babysitter-me back in the day.
What if the kids each got sick, the baby wanted picked up and the dog needed fed all at the same time? Yep, definitely good to cover all of my bases.
Besides- I didn't have to pay them......it was a "service project." If I had to pay, heaven knows that I would have just stayed home like I usually do.
Babysitters are expensive nowadays. Are you kidding me?! I got the shaft when I was a babysitting pro in my day. (Maybe it had something to do with the "look" I had). Babysitting fees have soared higher and faster than gas at the local Chevron.
Don't they make a hybrid model of babysitter?
Wait- yes, yes they do. It is called "Grandma."

I lucked out too. If I got to pick- (which I didn't), from the local crop of youth at my church, the 4 lovely girls who came to my home would have been my choices. Only 2 were supposed to come, but lucky me, another family chickened out of entrusting their own innocent children to a "service project."

Anyhow, about 2 hours in to the evening, the euphoria settled down and my own irrational version of reality set in: I had that nagging feeling that my children are not safe with anyone besides me. I am the only possible person who can take care of my children properly, I must go home now!

These thoughts alone caused my chest size to grown exponentially and my "cups runneth over." Now, it was a scientific fact, I needed my baby!

At this point, I shoveled my remaining 3/4 plate of food into my mouth in a new TGIFriday's record, (portion control- whatever- I paid good money for each and every calorie and I'll be da.... sorry, family rated blog.... I mean, I didn't want my tasty salad to go to waste). Then, I hefted my huge diaper bag from under my chair.....eeerrrch.... realization that I didn't actually need the 4 diapers, wipes, extra underwear, change of toddler clothing, burp rag, crayons, paper, toys, pacifiers, fruit snacks, and extra ketchup for 4-year-old ketchup emergencies. I could have actually used the cute little purse I have at home buried in the bottom of my closet. Oh-well. I guess lugging the diaper bag around helped me burn a few extra calories.

After the ridiculously longest 20 minute drive-of-my-life, I arrived home. My kids who cannot survive 3 hours without me, (according to me), were in their beds. The 4 babysitters were taking turns making the baby laugh & coo and I was a twinge disappointed that no one seemed to have missed me too much... ok, maybe a little more than a twinge. I will have to spoil them all really good before the next excursion and hire a really mean sitter so that they will be sure to miss me.

How did the evening go for the kids? Baby, happy as can be. 2-year-old, happy as can be. 4-year-old, happy and in love. He has a new girlfriend- or 4. His 11-year-old girlfriend is going to be crushed when she finds out he is dumping her for a more mature 16-year-old. Liking the older women....greattttt. Apparently he even tried this line on her, "Don't you dare kiss me." It worked.

Time will only tell if I venture in to society alone again in another 3 months.


  1. Do you remember when we team babysat like 5 kids when we were what 13, for what seemed like a week? Those parents were bonafide insane.

    I'm sure the baby missed you, she was probably getting hungry.

  2. My oldest is nearly seven and I still haven't left my kids with anyone but Grandma. Wait...once with their Aunt Cindy. But that is all. Thank goodness for Grandma, though! I'd go nuts if I didn't get a break sometimes!

  3. Thanks to a friend's blog, I've ran across yours... I totally know what you mean about the irrational fear that something has happened or they're screaming at the top of their lungs and the babysitters are ready to lock them in the closet.... I still haven't been able to completely conquer this feeling even when leaving them with my MIL!

  4. Being away from family we are always getting a sitter. I think I cried the first time i left my kids and called every hour. But now I'm so thankful for all the girls that we have babysit. I was so sad when our first sitter got "too old" (you know to interested in boys, or talking on the phone, etc.) It's even harder when we live a hour away from a decent theater, restrant, or any other activity to do. I have to pay for 2 hours of babysitting when I'm sitting in a car traveling.And yes, we got ripped off when we were younger. Getting paid $2 a hour, for babysaitting, and I would even clean. Do I ever come hoem to a clean house? Nope!! And there goes $7 a hour down the drain.(the going rate here is $2 a hour per kis, so tecnically I should pay $8 but most times I don't and if by chance I do come home to a clean house, I give them a bonus!!! And if we are only gone for a hour or two, I make it worth their while and pay $10 a hour. I do want them to come back.)

  5. Oh, and I'm counting down the days till Kennedy can babysit. Only three more!! Yippee

  6. Years I mean. :) I'd be crazy to leave my kids with a 8 year old.

  7. I love to leave my kids. But it doesn't happen often. I am too cheap to pay a sitter, and don't necessarily trust a young teen...

    The best thing we used to do was a date night babysitting swap with 2 other families. Twice per month. 3.5 hours including dinner and a G-rated movie. So within 6 weeks, we hosted kid party at our house ONCE, and went on dates TWICE.

    The key is finding kids you like to babysit!

    We've also had some success with occasionally, once every 2-3 months, dumping our kids on a young childless couple. And hope our kids don't scare them.

  8. I'm pretty sure it was my family you team babysat for. Yes, my parents were insane. It must run in the family! I leave my 5 month old with someone else for two hours almost every morning while I go to class.

    For the record, we never had any serious injuries or problems when we were left with a sitter. (Even when it was for several days.)

  9. I've just barely taken the leap to leave my girls with their aunt and uncle and although I completely trust them, I worry that it will be the one time my kid decides to eat the hand sanitizer or climb the entertainment center, or fall face-first into the toilet. How do you squash your crazy imagination long enough to enjoy any time out? I think I need help.

  10. 2 years ago we went out of town for anniversary. We wern't comfortable being 6 hours away from our daughter so she came to and stayed with my sister who only lived 45 min away (much better) Th eplan was two have 2 days 2 nights alone and then get her and go to to the zoo and to granmas. Well...after one day and one night both of missed her so much that my sisters family met us and we all spent the second day together. Then she slept in the bed with us in our FANCY hotel for the second night. She loved it though...and so did we. This yera we have 2 kids instead of one and my husband seems to think we can leave them with grandma and grandpa while we go to mexco for a week!! yes...I do believe he's dilusional, but we'll see.

  11. I am completely terrified of leaving my baby with anyone other than my mom and dad. In almost a whole year Jay and I have only gone out twice by ourselves and that happened to be when my parents were visiting and offered to babysit. People keep offering and I keep conveniently forgetting to call them =). We are going on a cruise in a 2 weeks and I have already started crying every once in a while knowing I have to leave for a week, even though I know she'll be in great hands. Why is it so tough? I babysat ALL the time!

  12. I remember those service projects in young womens. I always got the kids that the parents were way loaded which meant for brat/spoiled kids.

    loved those days, sounds like you had a nice few hours, well deserved!!