It has been one of those weeks.

The shortened condensed version is:
hurt back, pulled over by police for speeding, tantrums, hospitals, grandma died, scouts, took dinner to 2 different families, procrastinated church lesson, viewing, pulled over by police and late fee at the library.
Yes, all those things really happened. No- I didn't accidentally put the police thing twice- it happened twice- by the same officer- 5 days apart from each other.

Now then, I share all of this not to complain or ask for sympathy- but to help you understand why my house is a complete absolute horrific disaster. Not only did all of the above happen, but I also chose to "take Mother's Day off," which in and of itself could cause at-home-chaos.

On the way to church, I questioned if I had remembered to unplug my hot curlers. Now, obviously, to those who have been with this blog from the beginning, it is not often that I actually curl my hair. When I do, I usually forget to unplug the electronic hair miracle.....ok, moving on....
So, I am driving down the highway thinking, "I wonder if I unplugged the curlers." As I repeat my mental checklist of things I did while getting ready, I also thought, "My house is such a disaster. If anyone stops by I will be mortified." Please note, this thought was especially scary because of extended family, (fancy aunts and schmancy cousins from the big city and all), being in town for the funeral.
Then, looking at my children safely buckled in their car seats behind me, I also think, "My children are safely with me. We have good insurance. I would be completely fine if my house burned down while we are at church. Precious pictures of my children are somewhere in cyberspace. I have my credit card. No need to go back and double check the curlers."
Really, truly, I thought all of that.
Do I have a problem? Naaa.... just a really overwhelmingly messy house. And, in order to help myself out, you are all going to help motivate me by participating in this week's challenge full heartedly......... RIGHT???

Here goes:

We each have somewhere/something in our homes that is equal to an enemy.

Maybe it is your kitchen that has counter tops.....somewhere;
your french fry/crumb/wrapper infested vehicle;
the closet that can only be opened while wearing a safety helmet;
the flower bed that is a safe haven for all weeds known to mankind;
a laundry room that doubles as a walk-in clothes hamper;
grout in the tile that's original color is unknown;
between the couch cushions- no explanation necessary;
a junk drawer/cupboard that was organized.......once;
and many many more.

Pick and choose your battles, right?

Presenting the:
Showdown Challenge

Find that one chore that just needs to be done, the one chore that has been staring you down, the one chore that thinks it is winning and take back control!

For me, it will be the Showdown at the Kitchen Corral...I mean kitchen sink. (Sometimes I get a little carried away w/the cutesy writing- I'm assuming you are now thinking, "Ya think?") The dishes, pans from dinners not even enjoyed by me, and the grime.... yowsers.

Some of you are obviously better housekeepers than I. Hey, we all have our faults....but we can't talk about those, because we just finished up with last week's positive thinking challenge.

Anyhow- even though it may be small, I am sure you each have something- somewhere in your home that has been "attacking" you. Well, to this, I say CHARGE!!!!! Battle back, accept the challenge and I hope you conquer the enemy.


  1. I'm on board with this one! (btw--did the other challenge FINALLY and put it on my blog...)

    Hope this week goes better...really better....and happy mother's day!

  2. Sorry about your crazy week! My showdown will be with the vacuum I've refused to have anything to do with for waaaay too long.

  3. oh my. Last week when I was sick a few areas went down hill.

    1. Kitchen (especially our fridge)
    2. The boys room
    3. My office

    My goal will be to accomplish at least getting one of those rooms in order.

    Your week was insane, do you remember when you got pulled over in your dad's mustang at the end of our Sr. year? I've never seen a cop scream at someone before and you were in tears.

    You have a lengthy history with speeding, don't get in an accident.

  4. Does it count if I did this challenge on Saturday?? I took back control of my kitchen! I scrubbed and polished and it looks amazingly white again. Not to mention that I also reorganized 2 closets. And I dusted (I hate dusting) and I finally finished folding the laundry. Yay for me. Thanks for all your challenges. I don't usually post, but I've been having fun with them all.

  5. I was just thinking, as I clean my house, I really need to get my plants in order. Meaning, clean re-pot etc. Maybe I will really do it now!

  6. So funny how for some reason this blog usually is right where I am. So I am sitting down taking a um... break (don't tell anyone). I am ORGANZING my house! Yep, the entire house. We started with the Garage on Saturday which brought many boxes of lost decor into my house (and lots of boxes to DI). So now I am cleaning, decluttering and ORGANIZING everything. Wish me luck. I have a funny feeling I won't be able to go to any playgroups this week. Pray for good weather so my four year old will want to play on the patio while I go full force ahead.

  7. Okay, my junk drawer has been driving me nuts lately. It's bad...even for being a 'junk drawer.' I am going to clean it out this week! yay!!

  8. I have too many to choose from... This is a scary challenge. I'd say the "PAPER TIGER" is the biggest challenge. Paper, paper... everywhere.

  9. Okay...me and the entryway closet it is. I seriously bet it'll take me a full day to tackle it. It's bad. Really bad.

  10. So sorry about your week! I have had many weeks like that.. I really am sorry! You deserved a day off!
    I have a date with our unfinished basement...I'm going to do it this week! Thanks for the motivation!

  11. Well, this one started yesterday. My husband and sons made me waffles for lunch (our power was out so we slept in and didn't get it as breakfast) after church, and uh... that batter has been soaking under a moist cloth all night and all morning today and it's still not budging. I was gonna leave it in hopes that my husband would get to it eventually, but after this challenge, I guess I shall go do it. In a minute. (Or ten). :)
    Other than that, I had been meaning to convert my younger son's bedroom into a Guest Room/Solitary Confinement for those nasty tantrums (you probably read about one lately on my blog) and have him share a room with my older son, and I did finally get that done this morning. Way to motivate me! I love this blog.

  12. Interesting that you would post this just now. Earlier today I opened my pantry to add a few items I just purchased. Alas, the mess that it was there was no place to add anything. So I organized. It's amazing how much more space there is in an organized pantry. I not only fit all my new items, I can also see what else I have!! Now I just need to try this in the rest of the house. :)

  13. What a bummer week! I've thought it wouldn't be so bad if my house burnt to the ground either. What a great way to start fresh! : ) Good luck cleaning it the "old fashioned" way!

    I believe that I fit somewhere under the "closet that can only be opened while wearing a saftey helmet" category. Only I have two. I tried to get modiviated by buying some cute baskets as the dollar store, but I guess it wasn't enought of an investment to do the job. Wish me luck, I'm goin' in!!!

  14. I am game, I will be cleaning out my fridge for sure!!!!!!!

  15. I am new to the blog, but I am up for the challenge. My big monster job is mopping my kitchen floor. I try to get to it everyday, but it keeps getting pushed back. I WILL DO IT!! Thanks for the motivation and the ideas to help kick my rear in gear!

  16. holy cow, as you were saying examples of our problem areas I fit like ever one! mt first challenge will be picking just ONE battle to conquer.

    I'm thinking probably one of our 'clothes closets'. Either our bed, which we have not slept in for 3 months due to it's doubling role as a closet (we have a guest room we've been sleeping) or the closet that once was a laundry room. I think I'm going to have to do both in order for them to stay functional for a while. If I do only one I know the clothes in the neglected 'closet' will slowly creep back and reoccupy it's old territory. Here goes challenge of the clothes!

  17. I'm in on this challenge. I have two areas of the house that I have put off for to long. The dresser in my bedroom and the closet in my girls room. Let's see if I can get them in line and kept under control.
    Hope you have a better week!

  18. Alright, I'm tackling the office this week! Time to organize all those important papers....

  19. I just put my list up on the refrigerator yesterday! I've got to swab up all of my closets, finish decorating my girl's room, and paint the laundry room, just to name a few! Baby steps, ladies, baby steps!

  20. Alright the office for me too. I can't even see the top of the desk and I am scared at what bills I have mysteriously lost and haven't paid. Hopefully none! But I hate organizing all my papers, hence the dirty desk!

  21. Since this weekend will be in the 90's, I am headed outside to get my flower bed's in order...I have been putting that off, thinking someohow, it will just fix itself, but now it will be a weed showdown!

  22. O.K. I'm in!! Mud room here I come!! This is the room that we walk into when we first walk in the house. This is the room where everything gets dumped, coats, shoes, bags. And maybe I will even attack that counter in my kitchen that is a catch all for papers, bills, magazines....you name it...it's probably sitting there!!!

    I would love to view your family blog. Maybe you could e-mail me your blog address so that I can take a look!!

  23. How sad is my housekeeping - I promise to finally sweep and mop the kitchen and dining room! And maybe even the entry and bathroom. And maybe even vacuum the living room and bedrooms...shoot, maybe this challenge will take a while longer than I thought...

  24. Bedroom, that looks like some hurricane hit and threw everything everywher, here I come. Relief is finally on the way.

  25. I have been trying this out and the kitchen almost won over me but i am getting back at it. It only takes one meal to make me not want to be in there. Cooking for 5 is no clean freaks domain-unless you are like totally OCD more than me. I am so ready for this challenge.

  26. Ok I am loving this one! I am a self proclaimed clean freak bordering OCD, but there is one room in my house that does NOT reflect my inner clean freak and that is under our air hockey table in the boys play room. Josh (the pack rat) has stored all his cassettes yes cassettes, and VHS movies and electronic JUNK and its so unorganized looking and I can't stand it. So yesterday I litterally had a "moment" (and by moment, I went crazy and was cursing my husband's name for even keeping this crap!!!)then I attacked!! I boxed everything up and I mean everything and put it in storage. Now my play room looks organized and my psycho brain can finally rest!! My house is complete and Camille I have you to thank for it!! YAY!!!!!!

  27. I was introduced to the blog yesterday by my cousin and have decided to jump on board. Yesterday after reading your blog I took the challenge. I tackled the kitchen junk drawer. It is nice and organized now. We moved in about 2 years ago and hadn't done a thing with it until yesterday. Thank you for the challenge and the fun forum. Also, I went back and read the first challenge and I will take that on too. I am off to do my hair.

  28. Alright, when we lived in corporate housing for 2 months, we didn't have a filing cabinet. All of our bills and mail and miscellaneous papers went into a box. WHOA! It is a massive, massive project, but I have taken on the challenge and am proud to say that I am 3/4's of the way through and mostly everything is stored, thrown away or in the shred pile. THANKS FOR THE CHALLENGE!

  29. Ok, remember that waffle iron I mentioned earlier? It has taken me until TODAY (yes, it happened SUNDAY) but I finally conquered it! My land, who knew waffle batter could be so stubborn? Anyway, thanks for the challenge 'cause it's finally gone and put back in the cupboard until next Mother's Day! ;)

  30. Seriously, I have a closet that is horrible. I decided not to venture near it, but yesterday I told Matt we needed to store some of his nursing books in it but there is no room. The next thing I know, he cleaned the whole thing out. He organized, dejunked, and cleaned. Yeah for me. However, I will find a different problem area to tackle. Heaven knows we have plenty. Maybe Matt will clean it for me too!

  31. My daughter recently had surgery and I'm just now getting back into the swing of things - specially with keeping the house in order. My first 'showdown' was the kitchen counters - declutter them. Then, she was being so good today I actually organized our dining room closet AND cleaned off the top of the fridge! I feel so much better when my house is clean. Now, if I can get dh to finish cleaning his office (which I asked for for Mother's day).

  32. My showdown will be the lawndry. I'm horrible at getting it folded. So I guess I better get started and fold the three loads I did today.

  33. Well, I did it! My plants look great plus I spent all weekend in my yard and cleaned up a ton of junk. Great challenge!

  34. I don't know if I leave it here or not but I DID IT!! Organized EVERYTHING!!! Now Im wanting to decorate more!!