Front Stage in the Ugly Stage

For quite some time now I have had a theory about growing up. You should be familiar with the "ugly stage." Most of us endured this stage somewhere between ages 9-14. In some cases (mine), the stage lasted for that entire 5 year period.

Now, this is where the theorizing begins. You see, I think the current "let ourselves go" part of life is not our own fault. We are simply enduring another ugly stage. Mother Nature developed this long, long ago.

For example: When you pick up an elastic and find yourself reaching up to the top of your head in a hair slicking motion, it is not your fault! It is instinct.
When you pull those pajama pants on at night before bed and they stay on until the afternoon of the next day, it is instinct!

The point of this blog is to speed up the recovery process of this "stage". Since laughter is the best medicine, today's recovery will be in the form of cheap entertainment. Laugh my friends, laugh.
I am not asking for sympathy. I am quite proud of my ugly stage. In fact, I think I would happily win a contest for the best, (or would it be worst?), ugly stage.

Seriously though, what was I thinking?

.....like when I had permed bangs and the elastic belt stretching in the tummy (or is it stretching out the chub?).

.....or how about a year later, still with permed bangs, but with the addition of kinky hair and plaid.

....lets jump ahead to when I thought it was cool for a girl about to be in high school to walk llamas in the 4th of July parade with yes, once again plaid. (I remember planning this outfit for weeks. Yep, plaid- planned weeks in advance- as a teenager.)

Let us not forget how I forgot (at 10-years-old) to count the correct number of candles for this cake, so I drew the missing one on all of the pictures. There are those bangs again- without the perm- a mini mullet if you will.

Now, to solidify my standing in the ugly stage finals....the "rat tail." I know it is hard to see in the picture, so let me describe.
6th grade, one piece pants/shirt combo outfit with shoulder pads and a new shorter haircut- oh wait, they missed a spot. Nope, I, the 11-year-old beauty queen, requested that. It was braided each day and I also strung beads onto the end of the braid to match my wardrobe, especially the one piece wonder.

Now, I eagerly encourage you all to email in your own ugly stage photo (from childhood- time heals you know... I don't think my ego could handle laughing at today's ugly stage- check back in 5 years). If you do, it will be posted on the blog and we will have another fantastic prize drawing for the participants. If you don't- thats ok, I will just put more of mine up to entertain you all.

By the way...
I am sitting on my couch in plaid....pajama pants that is.....and they are green.... and they have a lot of holes.... where people shouldn't have holes..... and I have on a neon pink shirt.... that doesn't exactly fit the leftover just-had-a-baby love handles....at least I have on a bra.

Time to dream up the next challenge.


  1. Camille--you are hillarious and very comfortable with yourself. Love it. And I remember every one of the stages. Now, we don't need to talk about my own--but we both know they existed.

  2. Thanks for the great entertainment. I never would have guessed you strung beads onto your hair to match your outfits. Oh the days when we thought we were so cool! I have many of those memories of myself. I'd email you pictures, but currently I don't know where they are. If I can find them, I'll email them for everyone to get a good kick out of. Thanks for brightening my day!

  3. Dito, I don't have my fabulous poodle hair pictures with me. I'll have to see if my mom can scan and email them to me. Love the pics and I totally remember doing the same things. Aahh, shoulder pads, perms and beads in my hair. :)

  4. Um...I am STILL in that stage! :) Will search out the ugliest of uglies and email you....ahhh....what am I getting myself into>

  5. Oh how I remember those days! But of course that was the "in" thing to do.:)

  6. I remember that stage. In fact, when I was scrolling through your pictures, I nearly died. You and I looked very much alike at that age! I had to show my sister! Too, too funny!

    Unfortunately, my awkward stage lasted until I was about 19.

  7. Camille! I'm so glad you came to visit my blog! Stop in any time! I love this website! I do have so many ugly pictures, it's hard to pick just one! In grade school, I sadly carried the nickname of "salad-top" because my mom cut my hair short and then permed it! What a combination! I'll try to find the glamour shot! You're right, this stay-at-home mom thing can be a challenge to appearance! Although I don't have the option of a ponytail with such short hair these days, my challenge is wearing pants other than sweats every day! Well, talk to you later!

  8. Camille-
    I will accept the challenge but it will be hard. You see i grew up on a farm where i pretended to be a pony during my ugly stage and i think i am having a relapse.

  9. Hah! I LOVE these photos! I don't know if I could even recognize you =). But look at the beauty you turned into. And might I add, you were very in style! If I would have known you in elementary school I would have coveted the rats tail =). I will fish out my ugly of the ugliest and email it on over!

  10. Aahahahahahaha!! This is the funniest post! I totally remember taking those centennial pics- and may even have one floating around somewhere. But of course my hair would look fabulous. I don't recall any ugly stages. *Snort*.

  11. I am loving this!!! Sorry I missed the ponytail challenge... but my hair it to short now anyway. There are days I WISH I could just slick it back -- my hands still do it all on their own when I'm tired and not paying attention. Can't wait for the next challenge! As for ugly stages, does anybody remember my HUGE pink glasses and the bangs you curl half up and half down??? I remember a lot of plaid too...

  12. That was too funny! I remember the Centenial picutes too. I will try do dig up some ugly pictures of myself. I have some good ones with us from girls camp I found the other day. Oh, the memories!!!

  13. Camille,
    this is why I love you! You are so dang funny! I have LOTS of fun pictures of my ugly stage, but it might take me a few days to get them from my mom. You seriously brighten my day! Why don't you move down here?