12 Steps

Hi. My name is Camille and I am a blogaholic.

Being a blogaholic, my actions have affected those around me.

My official diagnosis came after great contemplation of the recent re-occurring back & wrist pains I have been experiencing. While balancing my nursing baby in my usual twisted position, while typing on my lap top, I noticed once again the wrist and back pain I have been experiencing. At that moment, the Dr. in me realized that blogging is the reason for the pain.
Hunching over while nursing, in order to contort your fingers to the typing position makes your wrist. Huh. Who knew?
This same hunching position can also give you chronic back pain. Go figure.

Here is my 12-Step Recovery Program:

1- Admit the problem ....done

2- Blog stalking must be limited to day light hours

3- My children must be dressed and fed before checking blogs

4- My children must be fed something other than dry cereal

5- The dishes must be done before blogging.... ok, maybe not....but at least the table cleared.

6- Ask forgiveness to all of you that I have "blog stalked." Will you forgive me? Thanks. I will assume that you said, "Yes,Camille, I forgive you, please continue to surf the Internet until wee hours of the night"... or would it be morning?

7- Stretch out before and after blogging. Who knew being online could count as a back work out? SWEEEEET! Forget the elliptical.

8- Do not become a crazy hermit that sits in the dark on line all day...... if you happen to be a crazy hermit that sits in the dark on -line all day, I highly recommend not doing this while nursing a baby or you will also have chronic back pain. AND, I personally think that it is perfectly fine to by a crazy hermit that sits in the dark all day on line......sorta.

9- Do not nurse a baby and type at the same time.

10- Admit to my children that I am not, in fact, "working on the computer," but that I am, in fact, "playing."........this one probably won't happen- a mom needs a few secrets here and there.

11- Admit to my husband that the house is not clean because I check this blog 100 times a day to see if any of you have commented- not that it is not clean because of "the children." He thinks that our baby, (who is the perfect calm baby in all reality), cries all day and that the 2-year-old just wouldn't let me do anything all day....... I don't know where he ever got that idea.

12- Invite all other blogaholics to also begin their own 12-step recovery program...... but, you still have to read this blog because this program is my idea, and that is part of the rules, so you can recover from all other on-line obsessions except for this one....... Because I said so, that's why.


  1. Ok, I am a blogaholic too.(or as some would say blog stalker.) I even have gone as far as going to blogsearch.google.com to find family and friends. That is sad to say. But hey I did find Cris cousin's Scott and Mark. I also check all my friends blogs a couple of times a day to see if they have updated. Their lives just seem so much funner than mine! I guess I need to start the 12 step program too.

  2. WOW, I am so glad I am not the only one!

  3. You know it's bad when you start stalking the wife's of guys you went to High School with!

  4. Laughing, Laughing, Laughing. Really all you have to do is hold nursing baby with one hand while typing with the other hand. Maybe use some pillows to help lift. ha Not that Ive done it just something I um.... heard.

    Are you really suppose to turn on lights during the day? I have put rules up for myself also. If not I would never get off. Its a process not expected to be perfected right away.... right??

  5. Sign me up for the BA meetings! The only thing that saves me is that my husband takes the computer to school all day, but when he gets home, I sneak into the office, close the door and let the house crumble around me! I'm worried though, because he finishes school today. I guess it's a good day to admit I have a problem!

  6. So glad to know I'm not the only one who neglects housework because of the "kids..."

    And I use a Boppy on my lap when I nurse and blog at the same time. It works pretty well.

  7. You make me laugh. I am totally a blog addict too. Good thing I'm not the only one!

  8. This is SO me!! I find that a good boppy helps hold the baby while typing and relieves back strain. :D I love the new rules, I would do well to live by them, too. I love the kids being fed and dressed one! I could be better at that one. ;) I, for one, am glad you're a blogaholic because that means you update yours often and I can come and smile while I read!

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  10. Jill- I erased your comment so that your email wouldn't be out there for the world.

  11. There are worse things, ladies, than being a blogaholic.
    I guess I'm still in the denial stage...