a love-hate relationship

At first sight it was love.

As second sight it was fun.

Then exciting.

32 minutes later it was agonizing.

Excruciating & humiliating.

And all for a measly 122.3 calories.

I have ate that many calories of candy since I started this post.
That stinks.
I stunk too after my 32 minutes of exercise. It was the most I have "officially" exercised in nearly a year. (Even though I know you can exercise during pregnancy and you can exercise a few weeks after giving birth...... I simply chose not to!)

I did a few sit-ups the other night too. I pulled out some pre-baby pants. They don't fit. BUT, they are on AND it only took a girdle, laying flat on my bed and some major contortionist moves to get them on and buttoned. Really, they don't look good and I have worn a jacket all day to hide the "overflow," but........

........I feel good and it is a start.

My muscles ache and there is a long ways to go- with lots more 32 minutes of only 100 and some calories.

I am happy that I have finally taken the biggest step to feeling a little healthier: the first step of getting started.

So, how did all of this crazy exercise really get going? My husband bought us an elliptical machine..... for a ridiculously cheap price at the pawn shop.

We made a ridiculous bet to go with our ridiculously cheap equipment.
We made ridiculously unrealistic weight loss goals with some likely unrealistic rewards.

Three cheers for aiming high! Who knows though- maybe our new found treasure of bolted plastic and metal will work miracles.

By the way, in case of any confusion- the woman in the picture is not me. It is very hard to tell the difference between the two of us- cuz our body shape is so similar. It can't be me though, because she has a ponytail. And I never wear ponytails..... and that is the only difference.......I think. Oh- yes and maybe I weigh about 20 pounds more....and I am probably about 8 inches shorter.

Aim high.


  1. I have a love hate relationship with the treadmill. I love to run, but hate that stupid machine!!! I'm rooting for you to win your bets! I promise it gets easier when you get into the routine. Good Luck!!

  2. How awesome to get an eliptical! And how much MORE awesome that you actually USED it!!!

    I want to hear what unrealistic bets you've got going~~ :)

  3. Here's to aiming high.

  4. And we thought Jason was the funny one. I love reading this blog bc you are so funny. You say what Im thinking. ha. Okay so I don't know if this is were I put the results. (Ive been trying hard except for the binge last night).

    Lost 2 lbs this week! Yay me. No workout though. Just can't do it when Im exhausted from being up all night. Ive decided to face that fact and try once the baby is sleeping through the night.

  5. I hate the first time I try to put on normal jeans after a baby. I think it's been the most depressing two days of my life. But I love my eliptical and you will, too! I have bad knees so the eliptical is very low impact but I still end up sweating! I just watch t.v. and can run forever! Well, run until one of my kids wakes up and then reality sets in for the day! It really will tone you, just go for it! I lost three pounds this week but really it shouldn't count because I just got really freaking sick and didn't do a darn thing!

  6. Yes, Eli can borrow the bolo necktie when you guys come up.You better not be joking about that because we think Eli would look sweet in it. Also Luke and I have started a more serious work out routine as well...he goes to the gym almost everyday, I try to go three times a week. We are trying to get our cholesterol down before we go in to the doctor for our insurance physicals.:) So question, who pushes who to work out more?

  7. I love our elliptical, once I get on it. It's the getting on it I have to remember. ;)

    I'm not sure if I've lost weight this week or not. I exercised more, but my sister came to visit and there was a lot of popcorn and chocolate-covered almonds going around last night. I'm afraid to step on the scale...

  8. So we've had an eliptical for...I don't know....5 years?! And guess how many times I have been on it? Probably 10! =) It is so hard! After 10 minutes I am like dying =). It definitely is a good work out, maybe I will just have to get back on and we can do our agonizing elipticals together =)!!