Leaving Comfort Zone, Part 1

Complete opposites. Vinegar & water. Salt & sugar.

I am quite certain that I am the sugar.

The saying "opposites attract" would be the definition of my husband and I's relationship. I don't think this attribute always has an attraction result, but for the most part, we do all right.
He is very extrovert. Me- not so much....I mean, not at all.

He cracks the risque jokes and likes to be the life of the party.
I find my safe corner of the room and stuff my face with appetizers.

My husband will laugh at any joke and get fired up about sporting events.... loudly fired up.... you know the kind- jumping off the couch, screaming at the TV, pumping his fist- you get the idea.
I politely clap. If everyone else is cheering, I might add in a little "woo-hoo."

Dare me? How dare he?
He even strutted his stuff at a family reunion in a G-string just to win a bet.
I will avoid any potentially embarrassing situation like the plague.
If you are still imagining an extended family member wearing a G-string in front of the family, also include an almost 90-year-old Grandma cheering him on.

He lives much more in the "moment," whereas I analyze and obsess over everything.
In fact, just today, we were discussing my oddly shaped nose. He made a reference to a similarity to Owen Wilson's nose........
I haven't stopped looking in mirror all night. I keep running my fingers along the profile of my nose over and over and over again, thinking about how big and funny it is really going to look as I age.
He probably doesn't even remember saying it- nor does he really think that Owen Wilson and I are long lost twins...... at least I hope he doesn't really think so.... but it wouldn't be bad if we were because then I would know someone famous and maybe he would buy me a fabulous house on the beach. Hmmmmm.... mental note to get going on my genealogy.

Anyways, continuing on.

I like to play it safe. I used to put myself a little more "out there," but I have let myself become a little boring. I prefer the term comfortable over the term boring, but you get the idea.

I have a basic routine life. I think most mom's do. Get up, feed kids, dress kids, change kids, hopefully feed and bathe self....... then start over. Or if you go to work each day, your days are likely quite routine too.

I am stuck in a rut. I need to "get out of my box." I need to leave my Comfort Zone...... here goes.

CHALLENGE.......Leaving Comfort Zone, Part 1


Bare Naked. Streak.

Now, let's not get crazy here.... I am just talking through your house.
If and when I accomplish this challenge, I can guarantee it will be in the night, in the house and everyone else in the house sound asleep. Doors shut, blinds down and all lights off.

Have I gone and lost my marbles???? Possibly, but you have to admit that doing this will make you laugh, give you a little bit of a "rush," and definitely give you something to smile. Who knows- maybe I am the only self-conscious, easy to embarrass person out there, but I am guessing not.

Have fun and I hope you don't "get caught." Good luck.

Don't forget to leave a comment to get a chance at the prize.


  1. Are we really supposed to admit to this? That's worse than doing it. Is like, my underwear is in the dryer kind of problem? Haha. No fears. I just don't want to traumatize my kids...

  2. I am new to the challenges, but would like to get on board. This challenge was easy! Being 8 months pregnant, a towel doesn't fit around me after getting out of the shower. So I dry off in the nude. So mission accomplished!

  3. Okay- I'm in. I'm totally laughing at the Jason g string story- although it sounds about right! Just like I remember him... the craziness, not the g-string!

  4. This made me laugh so hard! I am in and looking forward to the other challenges coming this week. I need to get out of my comfort zone!

  5. This goes against every fiber of my introverted being, but I am in. I think this comment will be my only "chance" though as I can't see myself blogging about it!

  6. I have to agreewith Jewelle... I think we took the easy way out, but with my large, burgeoning body these days, me and my basketball tummy have this challenge completed too. :) Although...maybe I'll still make an old fashioned running streak around the house tonight once the kiddo is in bed.

  7. LOL!!! Just reading this weeks challenge and imagining running through my house in the buff made me crack up. I'm in I need an "out of the norm moment" these days.

  8. Ya how bout we just pretend I did this. I geuss it may happen but not likely. SRY

  9. If I had only read this yesterday, I could have gone streaking at the Memorial Day picnic like my friends did... can I just live vicariously through them on this one? J/K

  10. This fits me perfectly. I am the extroverted one- my husband is such the opposite. I flashed him out the kitchen window- middle of the afternoon (for the sole purpose of completing the challenge of course) and he quickly looks around to make sure nobody else can see... He is freaking out rather then get excited that his wife is naked in the window... *sigh*

  11. I'm in. Going to go do it right now.... Actually this isn't too bad of a challenge for me. I'm fairly comfortable with nekkidness and hubby and I walk around that way without issues. Kids are still relatively young (5 & 18mos) and they're unscathed so far! Be sure to check out my blog, I'll be posting there!

  12. I did it. Being comfortable with your body after 3 kids isn't as easy as it used to be, but I did it, and lived to tell about it.

  13. It was not as bad as it sounded- strangely liberating. I believe I will be practicing this sort of behavior more often!

  14. done. scary, but fun. i need to leave my comfort zones, so thank you. this week is going to be fun.

  15. I did it last night!! It's a pretty common for me to run around naked. You know when your children are screaming and your in the shower, and you jump out to investigate. So make me for completing this one.

  16. Well, I did this one by accident this week! I didn't realize Winnie had opened the blinds in my room when I walked naked as a jay bird out of the shower into my room and saw the window wide open and the neighbor pulling out of his driveway. I dove like I have never dove before and was mortified! All I could tell myself was, "well, at least you worked out today!" I hope accidental flashing of the neighbors counts!

  17. I do this on a regular basis streaking through the house to check on little ones after getting out of the shower, running for the phone just before getting into the shower. My kids know to expect mom to streak through. I loved reading everyone else's experiences. This week mine was running for the phone nekked.

  18. Done, Check! This morning I ran through my house naked and even stopped at the front door(that has windows I might add) and did a little shimmy =). Good thing the meter reader wasn't here today that would have been embarrassing!

  19. Count me in, although this is not a huge out of comfort zone thing for me...thanks to a wonderful hubby who loves me and my cellulite. ha

    Loved the hubby in a g-string story - sounds like something my husband would do...

  20. Totally streaked in the middle of the night when it was pitch black outside. Fun, fun!

  21. fun. Matt wins that challenge daily. I know I am posting late but I'll do it anyway.

  22. Done. I had to rescue my daughter from her big mean brother--of course I was in the shower at the time. I really hope my VERY nosy neighbor didn't see anything!

  23. Wasn't sure I was gonna go through with this one... but my hubby actually asked what the challenge was this week! He laughed his head off when I told him, then I had to go through with it! More fun than I thought...!!!

  24. Streaking accomplished! My girls were laughing while telling their dad how mom went running through the house with nothing on! You should have seen his face! I think he was mad he wasn't home to witness that one. LOL!