a series of unfortunate events

Whilst walking in to a local business establishment:

:01 Gingerly lift the sleeping baby in car seat from car.
Whack car seat against side of car. Baby bonks head.

:03 Crying begins.

:05 Mother distracted by baby, other two children goof around, causing middle child to slip, fall, child bonks head.

:06 Crying x2

:07 While balancing baby in car seat with one arm, mother reaches to help up middle child. Baby's shoe drops.

:09 Oldest child, the helpful child, reaches down to get shoe. Comes up to hit head on bottom of car seat.

:11 Crying escalates x3

Mother laughs. What else can you do at this point?

Finally, get from parking lot to building. Minutes later. Middle child needs to go to the bathroom. Locks self in the stall. Needs help. Mother can't give it. You know what comes next. Yes, yes the child did. Of course she did.

We had granola bars for dinner on the drive home.

The big announcement I promised? On a day filled with multiple head wounds and sanitizing public bathrooms, I'll do my deep thinking/posting a little later on.


  1. Oh my goodness! I don't know how you do it! I have a tough time with just one!!!

    I hope you are dong okay now.

    i love that you just laughed! Seriously, you can't do anything else!

  2. Wow, what a day! At least you can laugh at it, though. Sometimes you really just have to laugh to keep from crying/ screaming:)

  3. Um...ya...how did you know how my morning went??

    jk! I totally get this though. TOTALLY. Rough stuff...

  4. ugh, one of those days! I think we've all had them, but good for you for finding a little humor in it!

  5. This is the very definition of having three children! I so relate to this.