I could spend the next hour thinking up and dreaming up a witty challenge for the week.


I could cut-out paper dolls with my 3-year-old.

I could search the WWW for the perfect picture to go with this post.


I could snuggle with the kids.

I spend day after day trying to amuse the kids long enough to turn to what I want to do.  (Blogging, phone calls, house work, etc.)  Lately it has been different, changing.
I am quite sure that in 20 years I want to be sure that I savored the time I had while my children were young.  

Challenge......... freebie

A little less time blogging, a little more meaningful time.


  1. Thanks Camille. I was just thinking this morning that my little girl hears a lot of "in a minute" when she asks me to play with her (usually right while I'm in the middle of cleaning something or folding laundry. I need to focus more on what's important, and maybe finish other projects later. Thanks for the extra push to refocus!

  2. Great idea! I'm going right now!

  3. Fine!! I don't like this one at all...just for the record! :) Just kidding! I'm gonna go chase my kid around the house!

  4. I love this challenge. It is so true. Blogging is such a temptation. Moderation in all things. Thanks Camille.