Kids these days.

Even though it pains me when I realize how much, how fast, how inexplicably they grow up, there are a few things that make watching this boy shy away from his mamma's affections a very laughable experience.  "Dude," prefaces every sentence that comes from his mouth.  And the one raised eye brow?  Heaven help me.  Break dance?  He can spin on the top of his head like only a ninja turtle could compare.

And this little punk?  Beware.  If she even so much as lays down one card in a crushing game of Crazy 8's, you will know full and well in a voice that only another 3-year-old can give justice to, "I destroooooyyyyyyeeeddd you!"  (Insert evil laugh here.)

Today's Thankful Monday, I am loving all things dude, peace-out, wasup and  rock-on.

Dude, what word is used to extreme measures at your house?  What are you thankful for today?

Peace out.

Pictures taken by the talented Cortney Boice.


  1. My 3 yr old son signs "I love you" ALL the time, and of course, I LOVE it! It doesn't matter if I just made him a sandwich, if we're in the grocery store, or if he's sitting with his new Sunbeam class at church. He loves me and I love that he's still not emberassed to say it.

  2. "Bumber duude" is the one used most by our resident 3-year-old. Usually when I won't let her have some gum or a fruit snack.

    I'm thankful today that it snowed here in Denver and that I have a car that does really well in the snow.

  3. PENIS. Yep. Penis. The sad thing- I started it. What can I say? I had 2 girls, and was excited to have a cute little penis in the house.

    Today I'm thankful to be adding another cute little penis to the family in about 8 weeks!

  4. Uhht Ohhh! and ssshtat (read What's that?)

    I probably hear both of those words at least 100 times...no joke!

    I love it though.

    PS Connor is 18 months so no big words yet.

  5. My 2 yr old daughter goes around saying "holla holla holla"
    I am thankful that my 7 month old ISNT talking yet!

  6. My son no matter if he's in trouble or where we are. He has to come up and give me a hug. Then there's times he will come up and say, "Hug, hug". He wants me to pick him up and give him a hug. I love it, it makes me feel much better after feeling like a terrible mom that day.

  7. today I am glad for good books to read so you forget the laundy, dishes and sweeping you NEED to do. Oh well...
    I am sad to say that lately from my 2 year old I have been hearing "what the hell" alot lately. great my 2 year old has a swearing problem. I will blaim the dad :)

  8. My 3 year old twin boys have discovered the word "PooP', and since Mommy told them it was a "dirty word" they love it even more, especially at the dinner table. My 6 year old daughter says, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit".