Stop. Collaborate & listen.

Ice is back with my brand new invention....

Is your head nodding against your own will yet?

In preparation of this post, I checked out this link and discovered I have been rockin' out and teaching my kids the incorrect lyrics of Vanilla man's hard work. Apparently it is a really good thing that I have been singing it wrong.

"Bum rush?"
"Wax a chump like a candle?"

Say Whhaaaatttt? Whatever.
Regardless of my inability to rap, I sure have been giving it a good try. Need a laugh?
Imagine housewife in green plaid pajama pants. Over sized t-shirt with unidentifiable goop from baby's hands. Mini trampoline. Rapping. Hip-hop. Hand motions. Head nodding. Lots and lots of head nodding. My awesomeness is oozing from the screen right now, isn't it? Word to your mother.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Since I finally met my goal of losing the love handles, (well, most of them), I made two choices:
a) Scheduled family portraits that I have been putting off for 2 years
b) Quit putting forth any flab to fab effort because duh! I met my goal.

What? What is that word I forgot about? Oh yeah. Maintenance. In order to defeat the chocolate my kids gave me out of their Halloween stash (the chocolate that I stole, hid and devoured), I came up with two solutions to combat those 2 fatal choices.
a) Dance like no one is watching
b) Schedule an emergency hair highlighting appointment before the pictures. Only guarantee that something on me will look good in the pics.

My decision making skills are superb.

Back to my beat box calorie burnin'. My kids figured out how to work the CD player and life has never been the same since, especially my ear drums.

"Pump up the jam, pump it up...........let's get this party started on the dance floor...oh-ah, oh-ay...get your booty on the dance floor...."

Why can't I stop typing the lyrics? I am sorry. Forgive me. I have been reliving the 90's as I type. If you only knew how many I have typed and also erased. Heaven help me. Tomorrow I am breaking out the knotted tee and ratted bangs.

My muscles have been so sore! As I am shaking my child-bearin' hips, I imagine looking like the Dancing with the Stars pro's. I could totally be Julianne's body double, (from the ankles down.....maybe, if I had some spray tan). Flab to fab tip for the week? Shake it.

Speaking of shake it, if these two words are uttered in my home, whether it be in reference to a bottle, rattle or other; my son immediately breaks out with "Shake it, shake it.........shake it like a Polaroid pictuuuuurrrrre!" Complete with gangsta hand signs.

Rock on.

Speaking of things that rock: Cortney is quite the rockin' photographer. If you live in ID or UT, do yourself a favor and have him take your photos. He is even amazing enough to possibly skip getting emergency highlights.

Now, if you will excuse me, I must "check out the hook while my DJ resolves it." What does that mean?

What song do you rock?


  1. I totally rock to the oldies...not like oldies, oldies but like AC/DC and stuff like that. Oh and Will Smith...Gettin Jiggy with it...na na naa..oh you get the picture. Oh and Black Eyed Peas...they know how to shake it. Gosh I totally forgot about the Polarid picture song...now I'm gonna have to download it to my ipod!

  2. We rock out to Big & Rich at our house. We like it loud we like it honkin. And Tobymac gets us moving here too.

  3. Thanks for posting Cortney's link...I can't wait to see you...its be what?...forever?

  4. you are so funny!! I love it!!

  5. Laughing! Love it and how in the world did you know that's what we do at our house. So funny.... I bet you could peek into any young family's window and see the same things going on. We are going to be in Logan next week. Im bummed that we will miss you! Have fun and I can't wait to see the family pictures.

  6. Ha ha ha ha ha! Have I ever mentioned how much I love this blog?

    I rock out to ANYTHING. Yes, even Rachmaninoff, which I'm sure Vanilla Ice would want to have me banished for.

    The last couple of days, Meister and I have been busting out some Christmas tunes (XM/Sirius/WhateverIt'sCalledTheseDays already is playing it, so why not indulge! Nobody has to know except Smooch and me, and you, and ...) and rocking out. Festive AND fun!

  7. The song "Livin'on a Prayer" can get me rockin' like nothing else!

    Your post was hysterical!

  8. I clicked on the lyrics link and rapped the ENTIRE song. Ohhhh, man. We rock out to anything Greenday and Matchbox 20. My 3-year-old is a SERIOUS dancer. He does not smile. He is a man on a mission. A mission to buggy. No workout can beat shakin' it with your kids! Great Post!