job hazards

Is it just me or...................

Do you ever watch the news stories detailing living conditions in which CPS, (Child Protective Services), finds neglected children? A few weeks ago, the local station showed a shot of the deplorable, (normal), mess that was on a baby bouncer found in a tragic home.
Really, have you ever had a baby in the blow-out stage? My home has had it's own moments of deplorable standards. (Moments, days, weeks, months; who's counting?)

Have you ever wondered if your own home could make it onto the news? This morning, I picked my babe out of the high chair and discovered she had been sitting in her own waste. Meanwhile, the older two were ignoring all safety precautions with antics such as this:

Did you notice that the 3-year-old is only partly dressed?

The cleanliness of the rooms in the background?

Or, how about the crying baby in the distance?

Will I watch this clip in 20 years and realize how it all went wrong?

Oh no, because you see, I love it. All of it. I wouldn't trade it for anything. Even the poop. It stinks, but I guess it just comes as one of the hazards to the best job in the world.

What might I find happily hazardous in your home today?


  1. Would you count all the gunk all over the floor under my son's high chair? He finds it and eats it later because I don't sweep it up often enough (or ever...). Or there's the entertainment center that my 3-yr-old just loves to climb so she can get to the DVD player. And if we don't push the chairs under the table just right, 1-yr-old climbs up and plays on the table. I'm sure there's more but I can't think of anything else (or I don't want to be more self-incriminating than I already am).

  2. I love the crying in the video where as soon as he says, "are you okay?" it stops and she's ready to go again!

  3. I love how he stop and was so concerned if she was alright. what a sweet little boy! And hazards around my house? Too many to count today =)

  4. I love it when my 3 year old helps my one year old climb up onto my bed. The one year old has fallen off a few times, but it's so sweet to see the 3 year old help the one year old up. Wouldn't trade it.

  5. I love the new comment thing!
    I'm betting on whether to put this on anon or not!
    We put up our Christmas tree last night. I know, I know, it's early but we need a little cheer around here. Any my hubby opened the tape on the box with a knife. Then, like always, he throws the knife into the side of the box. (I've nagged him about this a billion times.) So I come walking in from the garage and my 18 month old meets me, with a knife in his hand! Yes my kid was walking around with a knife. His dad got a piece of my mind when I got to the living room!!
    You have nothing to worry about, but don't call CPS on me, cool?!

  6. that was great.

    hmmm...a washer on its side was recently used as a hill to slide down that doesn't seem so safe...

    I hope that repair guy gets here soon.

  7. Oh, I do love your blog. I have been a bit of a lurker for a few months now, but I must say, I can feel you on this one! My kiddos are both sick right now and we had a semi-sleepless night, so right now, I would run and hide if anyone were coming to my house!