Lost and Found

Flab to Fab Classifieds

Lost: Muffin Top

Found: Saddle Bags

If you find Muffin Top, please keep it. If you have information as to where I can also lose my saddle bags, please leave a comment here. Identification pictures to be posted soon. Reward may be offered for the safe loss of Saddle Bags.

What is your Flab to Fab classified ad?


  1. Lost: Boobs (after baby #3). Didn't have much to begin with, but now it's worse...and what IS there ISN'T where it USED to be!

    Found: Pooch. Not a doggy-pooch, either. I'm talking a stretch-mark covered mass of junk that I can either place IN my pants, or ABOVE them (if they're low-rise).

    I just grossed myself out...

  2. Ditto to the first comment. Except I did have boobs, and now they are far too saggy.

  3. But congrats on losing the muffin top! That's great!

  4. Camille what is your email address so missy can email you?????????????mines amberjenks@netscape.net

  5. Lost: Drive to go to the gym
    Gained: Some extra cushion and padding for winter.


    If you find somewhere to stash those saddlebags away - will you send me the locale.

  6. Lost: Boobs....

    Found: at my knees.....

    Maybe, just maybe, they will be back where they belong, if I can decide if I'm vain enough.

  7. Lost: Rear-end
    It is now a deflated balloon

    Found: Child-bearin' hips

  8. Wanted: The body I had before I grew three humans inside it in a 4 year span.