Inquiring minds want to know.

.skinny cow.

While I contemplated the reality of wearing The Green Shirt yesterday, I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, "hmmmm....I wish I had a vest to wear with this. That would look good."

A VEST! Flashback to 1990.

I can't decide if I am happy or mortified that I am old enough that fashions from my youth are making their comebacks. Please, stop me if I ever contemplate perming my bangs again.

Somehow I don't think that look will ever come back though. I don't think it ever really left......because it was never really "in." But, oh- how I loved my ear to ear spiraled bangs.

Really? Truly? This is in fashion? This is not a Halloween costume?

I have been in denial. I happened to be driving by a high school at 3:00 last Wednesday. Inevitably, I was stuck behind a line of teenage drivers, racing to be the first to the intersection- because we all know how cool we felt when we did the same thing 'back in the day.' Of course, just to be cool, I rolled down the windows and blared the local pop station. Cuz, you know, that's what all the cool kids do. When I was in high school, my hot rod *a hem* only had the AM station, (not to mention it smelled like dead mice, leaked in the rain and made it's own random decisions to suddenly die), so I finally had the chance to experience car coolness. I am sure that all of the teens passing me thought that I was AWESOME with the windows down, radio blasting, 3-year-old picking her nose in the window, baby crying and 4-year-old yelling for a treat. SWEEEEEETTTT. I love it that I finally got my "cool" moment.
I digress.

The first girl I saw walking down the sidewalk, I thought, (honestly), "Too bad, those jeans are the worst! She probably doesn't have any money to go shopping."
Then, I noticed more and more...... I really thought the skinny jean trend was only in New York and CA, but sure enough, it is alive and well in Idaho.
How in the world to the tapered jean suddenly become so fantastic? And, why in the world do they call it the "skinny jean" when it really doesn't make very many people look all that skinny?

My lovely SIL, who is the epitome of coolness, Marissa and I are very desperate for your opinions. I know there are a lot of you that read, but don't comment. We want to hear from you!

Do you think they look good? On real people- not just models. Are they the same tapered pants we all wore in the 80's, but have made a comeback without the aide of over sized t-shirts, tied on the side?

While we are at it, check out this link. Your jaw will drop when you read it, it is inevitable. You will even try not to be astonished, but you will be. I can't even ruin the surprise by giving you the details. You have to read it for yourself!

Seriously? That's it. That is all I got on the subject. I am speechless. I am dumbfounded. I have thought about this story every time I nursed my baby today. I have been grossed out every time I nursed my baby today. Ice cream? Really?
Thanks Kritta for sharing.

Once again- all you non-commenters, please comment now. Since none of us can solve the $700 Billion financial crisis, we may as well boldly state our opinion on skinny jeans and breast milk. After all, don't we all put our pants on one leg at a time? And, with skinny jeans, that is one mighty hard pair of pants to put on. Do share.


  1. Holy Cow! That is SICK!! SICK AND WRONG! (Not your bangs... well, OK, maybe that too) - no, I'm talking the PETA thing. Man that is gross!

    Speaking of weird extremists, check out this link:


    Skinny Jeans... I think they are weird looking, although, I remember when the "bell bottoms" came back in style and I couldn't believe the Young Women in my church were wearing them! And now I wear "flares". I hope this doesn't mean I'll be wearing skinny jeans in a year or so (eek!).

  2. Those skinny jeans are awful. And you're right...we covered the more unsightly bulges with huge GUESS? shirts. They...don't!
    The ice cream thing.....gross! Those PETA people are total freaks.

  3. We are foster parents to a 4 week old with Down Syndrome and a major heart defect. We have to keep him healthy long enough to get corrective surgery in a couple of months. Our jaws dropped when we found out his mom had been pumping milk for him. And, we were grossed out at having to touch someone else's milk, but it's good for him so we're doing it...
    But, in foster care classes, we had to take a 3-day course in first aid and the article reminds me of that class...BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS. Yuck, and they would have to process the breast milk the same as cow's milk, I'm sure, to kill all the possible bloodborne pathogens to be safe for more people than their own babies.

  4. Are you kidding me???? Using breast milk in ice cream??? Someone really said that??? It will ease the burden on the cow??? How about the burden on nursing moms? Are they gonna line us all up and hook us up to the big huge pump things they put on cows? I can so not believe that!

    And skinny jeans are not flattering on anyone. I totally agree.

  5. Breastmilk in ice cream. Nope. No go for me. That would be enough to pass right on by that B&J's on my weekly splurge...wait, this could be a good thing. :)

    Skinny JEANS? NASTY! I just don't think they look good on ANYONE. What a tragic style...

  6. Well, that would be one way to cure my ice cream addiction. How gross!

    And...where on earth would they come by that much breast milk? When you milk a cow, you get a lot of milk. When I pumped when I was nursing my babies the most I could manage would be what? 4 ounces? I am picturing the dairies with all those thousands of cows lining up to be milked, and then imagining how many more women.... Well, I digress. My imagination has run away with me here! Suffice it to say, PETA needs to get a grip.

    About the skinny jeans...no WAY! I don't even think they look good on the models, much less on normal people. I really hope that trend goes away soon. It hurts my eyes.

  7. Hahaa...the comments are really funny. I got my first skinny jeans maybe two years ago.(and 3 years ago I remember thinking "really? these can't be in style long) That is almost all I wear now. I don't even notice anything about them when I see people wearing them. Now when I wear flared pants I look down and think..."man these are so unflattering I can't believe I ever wore these." Hahaa How different we all are. Anyways I just thought you should have at least one comment from someone that is pro skinny jeans. And...if you don't think they look good on anyone you haven't seen them on me. Hahha. (that is a joke...just for those people out there that don't know me)

  8. Okay - skinny jeans are gross and make normal people look fat and bulgy. And the larger than normal people who *gasp!* also try to wear skinny jeans look even more awful. I think even skinny people look bad in skinny jeans.

    And the breast milk? That is just wrong.

  9. Skinny jeans are horrible. Living in the area I do, the high schoolers are very trendy and have been wearing these skinny jeans for a quite some time. YUCK!! Fortunately some of the girls I have seen have been stick skinny, but unfortunately for the normal girls they made their booty look larger than needed. Why?? Why do they think they look good? I have even seen a few guys wearing them (kind of like in your picture). Now that is down right sick!! And my tapered pants weren't skin tight so maybe they didn't look so disgusting. Yeah right. The pleated front with the huge mom butt isn't so attractive either =). But I must say the only time I think a skinny jean looks good is with a pair of boots (the kind to the knee) and a baby doll top that isn't so tight. Otherwise, DON"T WEAR THEM!!

  10. I am totally with you there. In fact, I was looking thru a circular just a few minutes ago, and there were skinny jeans on sale. NO THANKS!!! I do agree that skinny jeans only look good on SKINNY people, which there are not many of in this country. But, I do remember when capris and flared jeans came out again, and I SWORE that I would never wear 'bell bottoms' or 'pedal pushers' (as they were called in the 60's...and here I am, I own several of each. But ewww, the thought of looking at myself in the mirror with skinny jeans on is too much. I feel nauseous now, I think I'll go lie down. :)

  11. I don't think the PETA thing is "sick" or "gross." I just think it's silly. And so I respond in kind. As long as the humans are corn-fed, I'm fine with it. Heehee.

  12. Skinny Jeans...not made for the masses. Not really made for anyone. I have attempted; I'll admit I wore them out in public when I was working out 7 days a week and looking good AND STILL they looked ridiculous...now Im pregnant and thanking my thighs that I never have to feel the urge to wear those blasted pants ever again.

    As for breast milk in my ice cream...I'd rather give up ice cream for life then eat some stranger's breast milk. Putting all scientific reasons aside for not eating breast milk ice cream...would you eat your own breast milk? HECK NO...so why would you want to eat someone else's?


  13. This is so gross! My hubby and I were JUST talking this morning as I was feeding baby if we would ever taste breastmilk. Even tho it's mine I would still never do it! Why on earth would you put that in ice cream? I mean I guess it would cure my craving for ben and jerry's but come on!!!

    Skinny jeans? No no no no! Bad idea the first time, worse idea the second!

  14. Ha ha I love the bangs...atleast you changed it up...I basically look the same in all of my grade school pictures just with a differet big bow ha ha!!

    Ok skinny jeans are sick and wrong...the do not look good on anyone...same thing with the high waisted jeans...you know mom-jeans??


    The Ben & Jerry's thing is a stretch, breastmilk seriously?? I doubt they'd change since a cow is part of there branding...ha ha! I have B&J's Ice cream sitting in my freezer....dun, dun, dun.

  15. I LOVE skinny jeans... on my 8 and 6 year old little girls. I think they look SO CUTE with their ballet flats, or their UGG boots. However, I DON'T think you can get away with it much past age 10... no matter how skinny you are. I, for one, am going to wait until the huge baggy shirts with the plastic "tie it on the side thing" comes back before you'll see my hiny rockin the skinny jeans.

  16. WTF?? How exactly do they plan on getting that much breast milk?? I just imagine a factory with all these women hooked to machines.

  17. I admit it, my jaw dropped when I read that PETA crap. Eeewww yuck! And skinny jeans are really popular here in Las Vegas too, but I don't see many grown adults sporting the style. It is common with the teenage group and no I don't think they are flattering on anyone, even the skinny ones look weird. I especially can't stand the guys that wear them. I mean really no one wants to see that you have chicken legs and no butt, put some baggy jeans on!

  18. Skinny jeans look good on skinny girls; wish I was one of those. They do not however look good on skinny guys, gross.

    I won't even go into what I think about putting breast milk in ice cream. Double gross.

  19. Skinny jeans only look good on teenagers that don't have hips yet. Me personally, I'm all for bringing back the baggy jeans...they hide everything.

    As for breast milk in ice cream... that's just wrong. I'm with you on this one. Speechless & picking my jaw up off the floor.

  20. You totally know my feelings on the breast milk!

    And for skinny jeans....only for models. I don't think they look good on anyone except on a runway. Seriously even a model steps off that thing and it becomes gross! It's just not flattering to anyone. I have boot cut jeans and that's what I'm sticking with!

  21. The skinny jean look is not flattering. However, it is "cool", thank heavens I am way past being "cool". I think this is one trend I can skip and feel good about. And when boys wear them...they look wimpy! What happened to tough guys looking hot? Anyway, the b&j ice cream with breast milk? Nasty!

  22. There's not much about the '80s that I liked. Skinny jeans was definitely at the top of my list of unlikeable things. I remember wearing leggings up until I was 12 and then I went right on to baggy jeans, now I wear boot cut. I wish '80s fashion would stay in the past!

    Yeah, I agree cham, I wouldn't even taste my OWN breastmilk, let alone someone else's in icecream.

  23. hmmm...skinny jeans may only have been made with Marissa in mind.

    Isaac's teacher is very stylish and so is the aide in his class...

    both have worn skinny "jeans" and both looked adorable, but they are like 22 and never had children, but I tell ya, they make me more aware of my frumpy mom attire when I pick him up from school!

    PETA is crazy.

  24. Ashleyboice knows what she is talking about! I haven't read the breast milk thing yet because I am too intrigued by people's comments on the skinny jeans. (I'll read that story next)
    While I do like the skinny jean, I would also mention that the skinny jean has to be worn "correctly" to look good. I would also like to point out that I bet a lot of the people commenting would look fantastic in them but they are too scared to try them. :) Go ahead, be adventurous...try some on in the store. Try them on with a cute shirt and some cool shoes and you'll be surprised. I was also in to the flare look when that came out...I'm not even sure how long ago...and now I think, sick. So I am sure when the next trend comes along, I'll look back at the skinny jeans and think the same thing.
    I would also like to mention that the male model with the skinny jeans on looks hot and I have a crush on him! Sorry, Luke.

  25. Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that Jessica would look great in them! Do you not already own a pair, Jessica? Go get some! :)

  26. It should be noted...... most of you, I don't personally know, but the 2 skinny jean lovers, Ashley & Marissa, I do know. They are both beautiful and just have the ability to pull off the looks that the rest of us won't even attempt.... maybe that is all of the rest of us' problem. We should just attempt it. Naaaaa.

  27. I have never commented before on your blog, but here goes:

    Okay, so I totally HATE skinny jeans. They really are soo unflattering...unless you are STICK skinny and have NO curve to your body. I am originally from Seattle, but living in ID and my youngest sisters wear them...they look okay just because they are super skinny, but even still...I don't like them.

    Last year for Christmas they got me a pair. They were horrendous (sp?)!

  28. Skinny jeans are evil. EVIL, I tell you! I actually know a few girls that look pretty cool in them but the real problem:

    %90 of the world look awful in them, but only about %30 of us know that.

    Which means, in a nutshell, there are WAY TOO MANY people wearing them who shouldn't be wearing them and subjecting our poor eyes to the site.

    Furthermore, no man should EVER own a pair. My brother owns two and I seriously considering pinning him down and cutting them off every time he sports them.

  29. Can't stand skinny jeans. Can't STAND them. My tween girl loves the Jonas Brothers, who wear the skinny jeans and by the way, they don't look skinny in them.
    I think skinny jeans accentuate the "buns" in a very unflattering way.
    That Peta thing must be a joke. It just must.

  30. I think the skinny jeans look cute on skinny girls. Maybe that's why they're called skinny jeans. Only super skinny girls can pull them off. On anyone else...not so good. My sister was looking for maternity jeans at old navy and all they had were maternity skinny jeans. She was so mad. Can you imagine, a big preggo belly and skinny jeans. Eek! What are people thinking?

    And...I once had green-ish milk after eating a lot of brocolli (I pumped and saw it in a bottle and was grossed out!) That's all I could think of with the ice cream thing! Some 'donor' eating a lot of brocolli and the chocolate ice cream having some kind of brocolli after-taste.

  31. Gross, I don't want to drink anybodies breast milk. I don't even nurse my own kids. Yikes. Also, I would like to comment on your "hot rod" in high school. I do remember a time we did have a hot rod - your dad's and it was very short lived, but we definitely defined hot rodding. You know you are cool when you are in your dad's sports car speeding allow to songs like "Mm bop!"

  32. I have never commented before, but today it was time!!! That is the grossest thing I have ever heard. I am seriously fighting the gag reflex right now. With 3 little tots of my own, I barely made it through nursing 2 of them (1 had serious sucking issues). If my husband saw a pumped bottle in the fridge it would get forcefull shut and not re-opened for a couple days, just to make sure the offending party was gone. I am all for breast feeding, and he was really supportive, but what's mine is my problem to deal with, and please (PETA) I really don't want yours!!!!

    As for "skinny Jeans" I think they named them like Greenland and Iceland. Lets name them what they are not in order to confuse people. So what they ment by "skinny jeans" is that everyone will feel very fat!