CHALLENGE.......the great outdoors

due to technical diffic...blah...blah...... Wednesday will be "Thankful Monday" this week. I will also be posting the infamous salsa recipe too. (finally!)

Hour after hour yesterday, I twiddled my thumbs as I watched the clock waiting for the phone to ring. The wonderful people at the cable company had given me a "window" of time to await the internet repair man. My window of time? Between 8 am and 5 p.m.
Nice window. Not that I had anywhere to be, because I didn't, but since I couldn't, I wanted to. That makes perfect sense right?
So, at 5:01, after no call, I loaded the kids in the stroller, baby in the pack, and even included our very-neglected dog for a little fresh air. Have I mentioned that I love fall? Because, I really, really do. I need to get out more. Literally.

We made for quite the sight. Me, wrangling the double stroller and pulling the dog leash with all of my might. Meanwhile, my baby discovered the greatest new thing in the trampoline world, also known as: my back. About a mile down the corn-field lined road, things settled: the dog walked, the baby relaxed and the kids laughed. We searched for snake grass and cat tails. (countrified terms for ditch-bank weeds)
It was lovely.
I even finally broke in the new "cross-trainer" shoes I got for my birthday (in August). I know! August. They are so pretty and white though, I just couldn't bare to see them scuffed.
It was perfectly perfect. I might just venture out of the confines of my home/car/grocery store tomorrow too. And, maybe the next day after that.

CHALLENGE.....the great outdoors

Don't just go outside. Be outside. Lay in the grass. Breathe in the air- really, I mean it; big can't-get-enough of it gulps of fresh autumn air. I am quite biased towards fall, but you cannot, cannot get better weather, surroundings, color, smells, foods, etc. than in the fall.

It might reach even 90 degrees here today! 90! Yet, it still is cool & crisp this morning and will be this evening. I love it. I like it, I love it. I want some more of it. I tried so hard.....

For some reason, I have had odd songs going through my mind all day today. Like Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings and well....I don't know the names or artists or any of the others, so I can't tell you. But weird songs I tell you. Weird.

Right at the end of our walk, my cell phone rang and wouldn't you know it, the repair man was almost to my house. I was all about opening up that 8-5 window for extended hours.
We arrived at the driveway simultaneously, and I led him into the toy-strewn family room, past the dishes laden table, and stepping over the booby-trap the kids had lovingly (not so much) set for the awaited "computer guy." It was complete with crepe paper fencing and NOT ALLOWED signs.
The best part? I was in such a great mood from spending some time outside that I didn't even care. I didn't care that he was late. I didn't care that the house wasn't in an orderly fashion. I didn't even care that my daughter called the nice repair man a poopy-head. Oh, and then she called a visitor that stopped by a while later a poopy-head too. Nope, still didn't care. Because, by then, we were back outside and loving it.

So, are you in? WAIT! Hold the phone! I love cheesy one-liners (It is a family trait, I can't help it! Blame my older brother):
Are you out?

Oh- and, does anyone know who sings that "I like it, I love it..." song? What is it called? What song is stuck in your head?


  1. You mean the song that plays on the Turbo Jam 20 min. workout? Cuz I get that one stuck in my head on a regular basis. Sorry - don't know who sings it!

    I'm totally OUT - we've been spending way too much time indoors packing, packing, packing. We are missing Fall! No more!

  2. "I like it, I love it" is by Tim McGraw.
    My kids were listening to Jessica Simpson's new country song tonight, and now it's stuck in my head. I'm ready to stick a hot poker in my eye!!

  3. I too LOVE fall! Although I always say I love summer, there is nothing like the smell of fall! And its embarrassing what song is in my head since last night watching "dancing with the stars" It's slightly inappropriate given what I believe, but I will give you a hint of the title " I kissed "someone" and I liked it". If your confused...good...I wish I didn't know that song either!

  4. Oh yes! We are totally going out! As a family we have been trying to go on a walk everyday, just so we can enjoy the outdoors before we are cooped up for another long Idaho winter!

  5. I'm glad someone else has "I Kissed a Girl" stuck in their head from DWTS last night. I thought the ending was pretty funny, when the gay guy pulls cheery chapstick out of his pocket, though.

    I'm in (or out, I guess) for the challenge this week, as long as it stops raining. I was going to go apple-picking today, but alas, too much water for a 5-month-old.

  6. Fall is my FAVORITE season. Even though it is still a bit warmer than average right now, it's okay because it cools down soooo nice in the evenings. And Kris, I'm with ya on that song...I wish I didn't know it, either. It's one of those things that you wish you never heard, yet can't get out of your head sometimes...now thanks to you, it's stuck in MY head now too! :)

  7. great, guys. i didn't even watch
    DWTS and now I'm singing that raunchy song...i'm going outside to the playground right now. i love fall, too. I live on an Air Force base, though and the playground is right along the flight line. Sounds of autumn...not so much. Sounds of t-38s doing touch-and-goes, here we come!

  8. The lead singer of a band I was in in college sang that song on "Nashville Star," and he got booted right away. It was very sad. He's a better singer than that. ANYway...

    I get David Archuleta's "Crush" stuck in my head, but I like that song. So it's okay.

    On the subject of getting out, a few days ago I took my 2-year-old for a walk along the river at a park nearby, and as soon as he fell asleep (I went during nap time on purpose) I sat on a bench by the river and read a book for an hour or so. It was really nice. And very nature-lovery of me.

  9. I need to get out too! I'm going stir crazy being in the house all day. Our new baby is 10 days old now... is that too little to spend time outside? Umm, I don't think so, but the task is getting me dressed and presentable enough to be seen by non-family members.

  10. I so agree with you on the fall weather! I LOVE fall!!! It's so wonderful! I'm with you on the walking outside, we're heading up to the mountains to take in the fall scenary tonight! Couldn't ask for prettier scenary.

  11. It has been over 95 degrees here so I can't wait for it to actually start to feel like fall. I love the colors of fall but not so much in the desert wasteland that I have called home for the last 15 years. I have set so many goals about going out for walks and walking my son to school but if the weather doesn't cool down...I'll go crazy!

  12. The song is by Tim McGraw. it's country.

    I wish we could go outside. Well today we could, our ONLY time and I had things to go run and do!! Figures right!?!
    Tomorrow it's suppose to rain and Thrusday, snow!! SNOW!!! I sooo wanna move, it's not even funny! I hope I get a spare two seconds to run out before it rains. I really am going to miss it!
    The song that's stuck in my head is Hilary Weeks, Faultless. I can't remember all the wrods so it's just a few lines over and over again!!

  13. Sounds great to me! I walked to an activity on Tuesday evening - and it was so great to be out walking all by myself, it felt wonderful! I'm all up for going out and being outside some more this week.

  14. I love being out doors and really love fall!!! I'm so glad that it is finally cooling down a bit here in Arizona so I can start running outside without having to get up at 5. I love the crisp cool nights that I can just sit and watch my kids play outside while I read, and I even love the nightly walks we try and go on. I'm in on this challenge!! I'm off to mow the lawn, does that count as being in the great outdoors?