This recipe is for canning. It comes from the Okamura family. Around these parts, this family is known for their good food. This salsa is fantastic- mild or hot!
If you are canning, try to stick to the recipe. The only things you can interchange are the types of hot peppers. This makes A LOT! If you are using it fresh, you can improvise and decrease amounts however you wish.
If you are making this, please read the original post for a few trial and error tips.


Chop & place large pot:

20 lbs. tomatoes
9 jalapenos (2 w/seeds will be mild, more = hotter)
6 anaheim peppers
6 yellow chile's
6 green bell peppers
6 white or yellow onions

(I have stuck with the listed peppers in the past, and used different varieties than the anaheim's & yellow chile's from my garden this year. Both ways worked fine.)

Bring the above items to a boil and THEN, add:

3 12 oz. cans tomato paste (more for a thicker salsa, less for thin)
1 cup vinegar
6 cloves garlic (minced or pressed)
1/4 tsp. cumin
3 tsp. pepper
6 tsp. salt
1 bunch cilantro

Stir all together. Bring all items back back to a boil. Place in jars!

You must process your jars in a water bath:

20 minutes for pints, 30 minutes for quarts
Yields approx. 20 pints

When canning, your process time, will vary according to your altitude. Please check out these official canning sites for more details/directions (here, here and here)- because, you all know how un-official I am!


  1. How hot would you say your salsa is? Mild, Medium, or Hot?

  2. medium. I used 3-4 w/seeds, plus a couple crazy hot peppers from my garden.
    Last year, I skimped on the jalepeno seeds because I was so nervous about how hot it would be and it was VERY mild. Good, but mild. I only used 2 w/seeds. If you try this out, tasting it as you go is fine- but some of the "heat" cooks out when you process it, so it won't be quite as hot as it seems.

  3. Looks delicious. I love a good salsa. But 20 pounds of tomatoes?! I don't think I have a pot that big. I'll have to try this when I have become more domesticated.

  4. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off of my keyboard......
    I love salsa!