flab to fab and a cupcake

To make a very long story about my procrastination habits short, I need help!

Do you have any idea how to combine a princess birthday party and bowling in to one?

This little lady will be mighty dissapointed if I don't figure this one out.

As far as flab to fab goes, well....... I went to the grocery store the other day. The Halloween candy is out.

I bought.

I ate.

All of it.

I enjoyed.

I think I am going jogging tonight to justify it.

Next week is the 1 month mark again, so I will have to post another green shirt picture.

No more trips to the grocery store.

I am feeding my family corn on the cob from the garden and zucchini for a week............uh, after the birthday party of course.

Really- anyone have ideas? If not, I would love to know what your favorite, can't resist it, candy is.


  1. I've never combined this sort of thing before..but I am sure it CAN be done! Why don't you have the girls dress up as their favorite princess and then go bowling. Makes for some CUTE pictures..many mishaps, but I guess that's what happens when you have a bunch of little ones wearing bowling shoes/socks with long dresses! Good luck!

  2. Yup, that was my idea. Have them dress up and go bowling.

    OR, if you can round up enough empty water bottles by then, you can print off some princess pictures and let the kids color them, and then tape them to the empty bottles. (Fill with 1/2 cup rice or beans to give them a little weight.) Then let the kids bowl them over.

    It would also be funny to use the villains from each story, rather than the actual princesses, but it depends on the age of your party guests.

  3. I like Kemi's Idea! And then have the Pink "bowling" balls, and pink rice inside the "Pins"

  4. I don't have any good ideas but I must say that you never fail to crack me up...and now that I know Halloween candy is out, I'm making a trip of my own to the grocery store...ha ha!

  5. I cannot resist Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I am powerless against them.

    I think girls in princess dresses at the bowling alley sounds like fun!

  6. We did this for my little girl two years ago! =) We have a local bowling alley that does parties for kids, so the girls bowled in their regular clothes, then when we used the party room, the girls used their party/princess clothes in there (as part of the "goodie bag loot", we gave each girl part of their outfit). It really was fun! =)

  7. PS- I'm still chewing (inhaling?) the salt water taffy leftover from summer, which was on sale at the grocery store! lol I'd better wear a muzzle when I spot that Halloween candy!

  8. My favorite candy of all time is Barnone... but they don't make it anymore or I can't find it anywhere. So I settle for a Snickers... dare I say it... because "It satisfies."

  9. Why don't you have them bring their princess outfits or tutus. Have little tiaras for them to wear..the ones with clips so they don't fall down while trying to push that big ball down the lane.

    Favorite candy is...oh heck I can't decide...Skittles, Laughie Taffie or Midnight Milkway and chocolate covered gummy bears.

  10. I was just wondering who to send the tutu's too??? I'm so excited about the grand total! you can e-mail me the info! lindseyslads@cox.net

  11. I had to combine a cowgirl and tutu party and worked great. Odd, but great.

    Just make tutus. Email me and I will give instructions. Get crowns from Oriental Trading or $1 store. Get plastic bowling pens and ball for the activity. Cake.... princess is bowling. Hahaha.

    Mostly Princess with the bowling activity. You could even make a ball that is sparklie. Please don't check my spelling on this post. On pain meds and to tired to check it all. Even put pretty ribbon around the pens. Have princess music playing in background.

  12. I'm a candy corn gal. I like the fall mix, with the big candy pumpkins and the chocolate flavored corn. Yummmm!!