Yeah for us!
Thank you all. Those of you who donated, those of you who bid, those of you who prayed and those of you who simply were a little more grateful for your own health and family.
This is so much more than I hoped we would raise. Wow.
Can you imagine if on a little blog like this, $585 could be raised, all of the blog auctions put together really, truly are making a major difference in the life of a family need.

If you won an auction, pay your amount directly to the NieNie Recovery pay pal account, link button to the right. Email your receipt to ponytailchallenge@gmail.com.

Apostrophy Market Bag: disco mom
Just Be: anonymous (I have your email)
Ivy & Mae tie: cgogis
Pretty In Pink Tutu: jess
Halloween Tutu: jody
Jane Tutu: The Leishman's
Glamor Girl Tutu: jody
Blog Makeover: amelia bedelia
Blue Minkee: soswift's
Pink Minkee: Julie
Scentsy: camille
Bloom Necklace: beachscapecodcupboard

I will draw a winner for the drawing later today.


  1. how awesome! will you send me the winners contact info once you receive it? Thank ya

  2. Hi there. So I'm assuming you'll just wait until you see that the bidder has paid and then you'll get me the address to send it to? Or how will I get ahold of the address?
    Thank you,
    Kami P.
    (minkee maker)

  3. Hi! =) I made my payment with the Paypal donation link this morning on your sidebar, and emailed you with the info. If I didn't send the correct part of my receipt, please let me know when you have a chance. Thanks! =)

  4. that is so awesome that you guys raised that much money for them.

  5. Thanks for contributing to the auction. I won the blue minkee and have forwarded you my PayPal receipt. I love it! That is so incredible to have raised that much money!

  6. Hey Camille, thanks for winning :) I guess you'll e-mail me to let me know you paid and with a shipping address?? Thanks!

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    check out this link about bloggers! It's about you!