Flab to fab.

For the record, I think I should remind everyone that there is no specific timeline on this flabilicious project. For the record, I like to give myself little "safety cushion" rules such as this. That way, I can't set myself up for failure, right?

Jogging. I keep saying that I want to go. And I do, want to. But, I don't go. I even have a new pair of running shoes to replace the ones that I have been mowing the lawn in for the past 5 summers. How do you go jogging with 3 small children? The reality of going while my husband is home to watch the kids just isn't really reality. Well.....ok.....it could be. But I really like my lazy mornings. I mean, I really, really like my lazy mornings. I love laying in my bed, letting the kids crawl in with me and just drifting in and out of dreamland. Love it. What's a girl to do? (And, please don't answer "Get out of her warm snuggly bed and go!")
My little boy has started up pre school again a few times a week, I have a double stroller, so it might- might just be feasible......and even after 10 a.m.!

Also, as far as this weeks' challenge goes, I did it. I baked my first ever squash. I tasted my first ever squash and then I proceeded to feed the rest of it to my child. Tomorrow, I might just taste it again. I might even go crazy and buy a brussel sprout at the grocery store. Mind you, I am not committing to actually eat the thing, but I will feel healthier with it simply sitting in the crisper drawer of my fridge, right below the tub of cream cheese and pound of butter.

I will be making salsa today. Lots and lots of salsa. Jar after jar of salsa. Last year was my first attempt at canning salsa. I remember the acid from chopping tomatoes ate away the plastic gloves I was wearing. This year I am going to try using my freshly washed garden gloves to keep it all from seeping in to my not-so-soft and not-so-smooth skin. The smell of peppers, onion, cilantro, garlic and tomatoes roasting in my kitchen was the best smell of the year. My fitness routine today will definitely be concentrating on the arms. Hour after hour of chopping vegetables does a lot of toning. Seriously, check out the arms of all the chefs on Food Network. Plus, it all just adds up to this week's veggie challenge, right? (Have you noticed I have a few self-affirming questions in this post? It never hurts to get a little validation from your virtual friends in blog land.)

Last, but certainly, oh how certainly not least.
A friend stopped by my house yesterday. She doesn't know anything about my flab to fab project. She said, and I am directly quoting here, "Have you lost weight? You look like you have lost weight."
Insert hallelujah choir here.

Me: well, no.....but I would like to.
Her: Really, you look thinner.
Me, not so great at accepting compliments: I wish.
Inside my little head though, I was squealing like my former 14-year-old self. I revert back to my 14-year-old self in my head a lot.

And that my friends, is about as good as a weekly flab to fab check-in can get. At least, until that green shirt looks good on me. If you want to make someone else's day, please, oh please, ask them if they have lost weight.
That is my 14-year-old squeal in case you were wondering.


  1. You are fantastic and hilarious! I would have to agree with the whole jogging thing..we bought a very nice and expensive treadmill for mother's day/my birthday and although I was pretty consistent with it in the beginning, I have LAGGED! I love my mornings sleeping in too much to get out and just do it! :sigh: One day I'll get back on the jogging train, otherwise my hubby will kill me for buying an expensive contraption that I NEVER USE!
    Until then, I'll keep reading about your flab to fab and live vicariously through you! Keep up the good work! ;)

  2. I think that's great! I hate to exercise, so I'm right there with you on coming up with excuses. I enjoy reading your blog, and your great posts.

    Would you post your recipe for canning salsa? I have always wanted a recipe that you can can, and haven't found one. Good luck on getting it done!

  3. there is nothing better than someone asking you if you have lost weight!! :) so congrats !!!

  4. I've been wanting to try jogging too. But for me that would involve a double stroller and two little kids. I think the kids would really enjoy it - I'm just not convinced I would!

  5. Don't feel bad, my flab is still flabalicious!! I too can not find the time to work out.
    BUT...we are adding on to our house starting next week and I have a lot of fence and rock to move so they can dig. Is that a good work out??? Cuz if it is, I will be starting tonight!!! Maybe by the end of this addition I will be a little more FAB than FLAB!!!!

  6. I have definitely got to start this flab to fab RIGHT NOW! In fact I did start today. So far no junk and that is a huge deal. I love doughnuts, chips, candy, pop, ice cream, cookies, you name it. But unfortunately my husband has lost 20 lbs in the last couple months and is almost to the weight he was when we got married. I refuse to be the fat wife (and you know my hubby, he's huge, so it takes a lot to look fat next to him =). So I am officially starting TODAY!!

  7. Dude, you totally deserved that little pat on the back! You've been inspiring all of us to go from flab to fab and the last side-to-side pic you posted in the green shirt was impressive! Now I need you to send that sweet friend of yours over to my house because I'm feelin' like a big old lump... :)