CHALLENGE........double veggie dare

You are all famous. That is right, every one of you that read about the Nielson family & participated on the auction- you are famous.......in a roundabout sort of way. The story of Stephanie and the blogging world coming to help save the day was on the Today Show today. So cool.

Ok. Back to reality.
I love seeing the fresh produce sold in stands all over town. It all looks just so good. Except, I don't really think it is good. I just can't bring myself to actually go to the farmer's markets and see everything that I should eat- but don't.
Squash? yuck. Pumpkins? only to be carved. Broccoli? the only food that has ever made me puke. Beets? we won't even go there.
I love the look of fresh vegetables. I don't so much love the taste. Actually- that is a lie. I might like it. I don't really know- because I refuse to eat it.
In college, my roommate Angie would eat bowls full of brussel sprouts. disgusting (not Angie- just the brussel sprouts) I have always admired her for it though. I don't have a clue what a brussel sprout tastes like. My sis-in-law makes fancy looking sweet potatoes in hollowed out oranges for the holidays.
We are a steak and potatoes family.
Chicken and rice.
Pasta & meatballs.
When I am feeling like a really exotic cook, I might have bananas out on the counter- you know, because they are imported form South America. Sooooo exotic.
Sometimes I even saute' sliced potatoes instead of bake/mash them. (In this case, saute' would be my schmancy replacement for "fry.") I start my children's' dietary needs out with great gusto- all the variety that Gerber & Beechnut have to offer. A few years ago, while in Mexico, I even stocked up on the baby food offered there to add more variety to my then-baby's palate. Papaya, mango, veggies I had never heard of. Once the mush stage of feeding ends though, variety in my home also ends.
This time around however, when it comes to the baby food, I am attempting to go organic. Not organic off the shelf, but organic from the garden. The beans from my garden have already been steamed, smashed & frozen. I even bought a yellow squash last week (gasp). It is still sitting in the crisper, but I have great intentions of baking it, and having it baby ready in nice little ice cube trays in the freezer soon.
Will I try the squash myself? Well.........

CHALLENGE........double veggie dare

We all know that diets and healthy living trends seem to come and go as fast as my sink fills up with dirty dishes. Lately, I have been noticing a lot of vegetarian talk. A lot of emphasis being put on "all things in moderation," especially meats.
I am not necessarily about to ditch the meat from my recipe box- chicken nuggets are a major staple of my children's diet and my husband....well.....the man likes his prime rib- but could I, at least add a little variety to our culinary life?
Could I at least give the squash a little taste test?

The rules:
Try a new vegetable/fruit that you wouldn't regularly.
Try it more than once.

So simple. So easy. So scrumptious.

Ok- scrumptious- that might be pushing it. How about, so healthy?

Anyone in? How do you do when it comes to eating your veggies? What do you think about the vegetarian lifestyle? Could you do it? Would your family revolt?


  1. Our family does okay on the veggies. As far trying some new form of a veggies, I draw the line. I think all that is left for us to taste is eggplant (which I don't like) and brussell sprouts(which my jubby hates). So we will just keep up with what we have. Oh have you ever tried fried zucchini? It is delicious! If you want to try it. Check out the recipe on my blog! It might not help with flab-to-fab though!

  2. I could definitely NOT be a vegetarian. I do like some veggies....love greenbeans and asparagus! But carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower must be raw with something to dip it in or some kind of a sauce over it. Its not that I don't try new veggies. I do, because I really want to like them, but my taste buds don't like them. So a veggie lifestyle is out for me!

  3. Camille, are we sisters? I can't stand veggies, unless they are corn, carrots or beans. Yes, they look so pretty in the store, but they never come home with me. When I was younger I was a horrible eater(I still am very picky, and I'm passing it along to my kids. opps.) My dad once told me that brussel sprouts were, get this, minature lettuce heads. I love salad, but it has to be pretty plain. Anyway back to my story, I gobbled up a bunch, and then had to run to the bathroom, to throw it all up. YUCK!!! never again have I tried the stuff, I and never will. Maybe for this challenge I can cook the veggies that my hubby loves for once, cause as far as I can go is the smell some of them put off. LOL. How much will you give me if I eat a cherry tomato?

  4. We love our veggies, but there's NO WAY we'd go cold-turkey (hee hee, maybe turkey isn't the right word there). My husband's creativity in the garden the past few years has forced me to branch out quite a bit - if you need some good squash or cucumber recipes, I'm your girl! I've even worked into our diets a little cabbage, a little califlower and a green pepper or two.

    But I have yet to venture into the world of zucchini. So I will take the challenge and buy a bagful at the store this week. Wish us luck!

  5. PS - It sounds like I'm going to need that fried zucchini reipe, jewelle! Any chance you could email it to me or let me check it out on your blog?

  6. We've tried new veggies from the local farmers market, and it takes at least 3 or more exposures to the new taste and texture for most of my children to even agree that it could taste good.
    My middle child has oral sensory issues (some textures just bring out his inner monster). But, he LOVES banana bread. When we figured that out, we had it made.
    It only took one exposure for him to like zucchini bread too.
    Our secret for banana and zucchini bread (since our other son doesn't like them) is to sprinkle chocolate chips in, no more than 1/4 cup or so. Even my meat-loving husband will eat more than a slice then.

  7. Sure, I'm game...but I don't think there are many veggies that I haven't eaten. Our family is pretty good when it comes to eating the garden variety, but we could never EVER go vegan...not only would the husband revolt, but I wouldn't know what to cook!! (Or eat for that matter!)

  8. I think I could be a vegetarien. I have already cut out pork from the diet. I eat beef maybe twice a month. I eat mostly poultry, but I am slowly adding meatless emals to the menu that hubby will eat. It is actually fun to cook with new ingredients.

    The other day I made acorn squash for the first time. IT was a stuffed acorn and it was fabulous! Hubby and I talked through our whole dinner on other ways we could make and eat it. It was soooo good and a great way to introduce a new vegetable to our diet.

    I blogged it here if interested:

  9. I LOVE vegetables, actually. I always have. I think eggplant is the only one I don't like, and that's just because of the texture. It's fruits that I'm more picky about...again, a texture thing.

    That being said, as much as I DO love veggies, they are still a side dish to me. Nothing takes the place of meat for me and I have no intention/desire to every be vegetarian.

  10. WOW!! well here I am so far the lone vegetarian posting a comment!! Ive been a vegetarian for about 2 1/2 years and LOVE it!!! I absolutely ADORE all things vegetables. BUUUT I have to agree with you and I DON'T LIKE BEETS, but thats about it!! My 5 yr old decided he is vegetarian too, NOT because I asked him to, but because I think he wants to be like me! kinda cute I think! My husband isn't a vegetarian, but I RARELY cook with meat (like 4 times a month), but don't mind doing it. He surprisingly LOVES my diet and eats everything I do! Im not saying its for everyone, but being a vegetarian has been such a great thing for me. Camille you can learn to love veggies I promise! Start with soups and stuff that you would normally eat, but add veggies to it. Like pasta with peas, carrots, squash, zucchini (sp?), red peppers etc etc, and use maybe an alfredo sauce or whatever kind your fam loves. I LOVE to use PESTO YUM!! Anywho...thats my little blurb on being a vegetarian and loving vegetables. I can' wait to see a future post reading about how much you have grown to love vegetables!! HEHE! GOOD LUCK FRIEND!!!!
    p.s. if you are feeling a little guilty about your kidlettes lack of veggies buy the cook book "DECEPTIVELY DELICIOUS" Sooo much fun and has some great ideas!!!

  11. I'm in. I'm okay with veggies but I know I don't make enough. I'm having trouble thinking of one I've never tried....but I'll think of one!

  12. Count me in. I like some veggies, but I definitely need to cook more. I looked at Anonymom's stuffed acorn squash recipe and it looks good; might try that. I've done yellow squash before and I LOVE zucchini (sp?) but have never tried acorn squash before.

  13. We have been trying more and more new and healthy things lately. Also, every Monday we have Meatless Monday, and I try to make something new & interesting for that meal.
    I could go vegetarian, but my family would not go for it.

  14. I could be a vegetarian if I could have meat! :) I grew up with the thought that every meal fed to a man needs meat. So as much as I try to get away from that with different recipes than my mother, I still cook meat proably 5 days out of the week. I really like it. but I can't wait until I can have a garden. I'm so jealous of you girls!!

  15. I have the opposite problem, i love veggies and hate eating meat i haven't ate any red meat for 17 years, but i wish i could change that. i don't want to be a picky eater. maybe i will change my dare and try some kind of meat :( the thought grosses me out but if you are willing to try a veggie then i am willing to try meat :)

  16. I've got some fresh eggplant in the fridge and I'm using leeks in a soup. Is that a good start? I'm going to get more eggplant for a second dish, too - I'll take the challenge!

    But - it's not really a challenge cuz I HEART VEGGIES!!! It will be more of a challenge for the kids, I'm accepting for them :)

  17. I love vegetables. And I'm training my kids too also - my 3-yr-old will eat zucchini sauted with tomato and onions almost as happily as she eats mac and cheese.

    I'm not vegetarian, nor have I ever really considered becoming one. But I think, if necessary, we could do it. Since we're cheap, I mean frugal, we pretty much only buy chicken and ground turkey as far as meats go. And we eat our share of meatless meals because that's less expensive.

    It might take some thinking to come up with a new vegetable to try. I even eat (and love) Brussels sprouts! I may just eat more vegetables this week, would that count?

  18. I'm in! I'm up for trying something new. I have found that as I get older, ok I'm only 34 but you know what I mean, I like things I didn't as a child. Broccoli, cabbage, spinach. Next time I am in the store, I will pick something new AND organic to try.

    Could never be a vegetarian though. We are also a meat & potato kind of family. Real Girls Eat Meat!

  19. had green beans and squash with our dinner. It is something we have had before, but I DOUBLED up on the veggies so I thought it would work!

  20. Well, we honestly have tried many veggies in this house. But I do draw the line at cauliflower... unless it's pickled. Do pickled veggies still count?! =)

  21. Awesome challenge...we tried a dragon fruit a couple of weeks ago just for the novelty of it. It wasn't too bad.

  22. We actually really like veggies. Gracie isn't much of a particapant than more of an on looker. But she always has to try the food and she always has it on her plate (whether she likes it or not). ;) Usually not. We are pretty good about the fruit bc Grace isn't really into veggies.

    We like meats so never going veggie style here.