forever forgetting

Last night I went to bed with the best idea for Thankful Monday. I remember thinking it would be a fabulous post.
It would be funny and touching. Laugh out loud and tears of joy. The best post ever.
I love it when I think of great ideas.
Unfortunately, I have a teensy weensy problem with forgetting things.
What was so phenomenal that I stayed up late just thinking about it's greatness? I have no idea. I will probably remember it in a few weeks.

I do this all the time.

I am a classic put-it-here-so-I-won't-forget-it-and-then forget where "here is."
Currently lost in their chosen location: remote for car, social security cards, bank card, gift card, numerous needed papers, etc.
Every so often I luck out and come across a random treasure in a random location.
Just Friday, I found my wedding ring (missing in action for about a month). I would love to tell you where I found it, but I can't remember.
This all drives my husband c-r-a-z-y. However, he is learning to accept it.

So that, today, is what I am thankful for: that those nearest and dearest to me are learning to accept me- flaws & all or at least they are learning to cope with it.

I cannot help but justify all of this to the fact that each and every day I am responsible for remembering each and every detail for 3 other people's lives too. Sometimes always it all gets jumbled together.

What are you thankful for today? Have any good organization/memory tricks?

Oh- and stay tuned, because whenever I remember that amazing topic I was going to write about, I am just sure that you will all be brought to tears of joy.......


  1. I am the SAME way! Lucky for me (sort-of), my husband is just as bad...no, he's worse! So he can't get mad at me.
    I did get a little journal to start writing things down in...blog ideas, and whatever else pops into my head that I'm sure to forget!

  2. You just made me laugh so I had to comment. It's the pregnancy thing--each time thousands of brain cells are lost. But really, I think it's just that we have so much to keep straight all the time that our brains are on overload. I call it 'momnesia'. My name is Shayla, and I too, have momnesia. There is no cure so us moms will just have to live in this world of forgetfulness and our poor poor family will just have to chill and learn to cope. (sounds like AA or something!)

  3. i am glad that someone forgets things too :)
    i will put things in a special secure place and then i will forget where i put it :( at least it stays secure tell i find it :)
    I am thankful for no bake cookies, no matter what is in your pantry you always have stuff to make them :) silly i know

  4. I am forgetful all the time. Some days are worse than others.

    So today, I am thankful that there are a few of you out there just like me!!

  5. I have the same problem. I put something in a special place where I'll remember it...and then tear the house apart looking for it. So, I started yelling it's location as I put it there, "THE BATTERIES ARE IN THE KITCHEN DRAWER!!!" I feel so silly yelling about it, that I tend to remember it better. I'm in my bedroom, putting things away going, "THE LAPTOP IS ONTOP OF THE DRESSER!!!" as I put it there. It works for me. And I'm glad no one can hear me!
    I'm thankful for evening that are getting cooler so the kids and I can go for a walk without over-cooking.

  6. haaaa. I am laughing out loud. I love this idea. I am going to start shouting where I put things. It has to work for at least a few days, right?

  7. All of us moms can relate to this! Happens all the time. I'm going to tell you what I do when I think of something genius to blog about. The ideas always come to me late at night in bed, or while I'm out somewhere - driving, or at the store or something. As soon as I think about it, I send myself a text from my phone to my e-mail.

    That way, I have the information in my e-mail, which I always check right before I blog. :) It's lame, but it works!