one BIG footstep ahead of the current events

I have been laughing over this all night long. Just a week ago, a lot of you participated in a silly poll about Big Foot. If you haven't kept up with today's current events, read this article from CNN.

Those of us that were in the 6% of believers.....I mean those of YOU...... that were in the 6% of believers might just be on to something. If you are going to the mountains this weekend......make sure you have your camera ready. You never know what you might see.

*Disclaimer....even though scary stories around campfires may or may not have me possibly believing in Big Foot's existence, I am pretty sure this story might be a little on the "imaginative" side.


  1. Thanks for stopping by yesterday up at Trash Towers. I'm glad you liked what you learned.

  2. Camille! I have been engrossed in the twilight series so I have not been checking blogs as I should! I missed the whole bigfoot posts...

  3. K so my friend has actually seen big foot. Or something like it. She was hiking/camping in the middle of nowhere in Utah. She swears it was him. She said he was huge and hairy and was walking on 2 feet not 4, so it was a wolf or anything. Hmmmm? That is why I was 6% of the believers =)!