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Flab to Fab Check-In

Fat Rolls.

Now THAT is flabilicious. (I swore I would never take one of these trendy-type pics of my babe- but then I did, and then I melted.)

Fat Rolls.

(2 months ago, beginning of Flab to Fab project)

Fat Rolls.

(Tonight. Notice the Olympics on in the background?)

Not bad, eh? Considering that I haven't (please raise your fingers and commence air quotes now) "officially" exercised much and haven't stuck well to my "diet," I am quite pleased with the slight deflation of my spare tire region.

A few people that know me have inquired about the necessity of this flab to fab project of mine. I feel the need to clarify a little. I am not large. I am not a skinny mini. I am somewhere in-between. I am finally close to being content with my weight. The problem for me is not the amount of my weight, but the shape -or lack thereof, depending on how you look at it.

Imagine bread dough that has finished raising. The moment something touches it, it caves. That cute green shirt pictured up above has got a whole lot of dough underneath it. For me, this is about my squish. Squish is still squish- whether it is big, medium, or small.

Flab to fab, for me, is about making the squish...well, .......not squishy.
So, are we all okay now?

Back to the check-in portion of my never ending soap box that is this blog.

Today I hit up the bulk candy section at the grocery store. My weakness lies in sugary, chewy candies. Not to mention doughnuts, cheesecake, Reese's, more doughnuts, hot bread, and fruit snacks. I have lots of weaknesses. This certain list may happen to also be a few of the items I have ate this week. If they do happen to be things I ate this week, it is ok, because it is my birthday week. Calories don't count during the week of your birthday. I know some people say this on the day of your birthday, but it is a well known fact (to me) that birthday weeks are calorie free.

I bought some gummy bears. I LOVE gummy bears. I opened the bag as soon as I got in my hot car- didn't even turn on the AC first- and it was hot, but the gummy bears were calling to me. Low and behold, they didn't taste good to me. Then, I went a little wild and tore into the other bulk bag of candy I bought. After trying my next fave- cinnamon bears, still, no love. I went for the never-fail item: Snickers bars- good.....but not great. SAY WHHHAAATTTTT???

I think that it has quite possibly been so long since I indulged my taste buds to the sweet goodness that is candy, the love is leaving.

Thank goodness that if I ever happen to choose to go back to any of the earlier listed weaknesses, the relationship with them is still strong.

You know- just in case I "happen" to go back to those.

This is why my diet derailment has not gotten me totally off track:

You see all of these luscious plants in my garden? I mentioned last week that I had been weeding....... dang weeds won't stop growing.

This flower bed had lots of weeds too. I'm going to invent an exercise video with simulated weed pulling. Maybe I will sell it to the Wii Fit company or make lots of money with late night infomercials. That would be awesome......... and my yard would look awesome.

This flower has no purpose on being in this post- I just like it. And, I am a random person. And since I put my pretty baby on here, I can put a pretty flower too.

So, what do you think? Do calories count on your birthday? How about Halloween? Christmas? Groundhog's Day?


  1. I love your blog. Your girl is adorable, I need to take a picture like that. Great job on losing the flab! :) And your garden looks awesome. :)

  2. Ok. So I just love reading your blog. Everything you write about is just so funny, but true!

    Oh, and calories totally don't count on holidays... even made up holidays, in my opinion. :)

  3. My birthday was last week and calories DEFINITELY didn't count! I ate birthday cake for breakfast and lunch for a week! Too bad my pants say the calories counted =)!

  4. Your little girl is a doll!! I think calories don't count on birthday, holidays, yes they might show later, but would life be as fun if you had to "diet" on those days!! No way!! I have also found pulling weeds are a great workout :) Not a workout I enjoy though

  5. So fun! Love this post. You're look fab!
    Calories never count on holidays lady! What are you thinking?

  6. I love that calories don't count on your birthday week, either. This week is also my birthday week and I feel the same way, and I just posted on my blog explaining why I haven't done any housework this week - you don't have to on your birthday week. It's okay to let my hubby run out of clean boxers....it's my birthday week! Happy birthday week. Enjoy these last days of it!

  7. You are looking great! And no, calories don't count during birthday weeks...or pretty much any week, right? :)

  8. Calories never count when you're sleep deprived and chasing around three kids!! Oh wait, that's all the time!

  9. Lookin good!!! Acording to the scale at the gym, I'm down 2 pounds!! WooHoo only 3 more to my goal weight of 120!!! Now if only I could get the sqishiness to go away with the pounds. :( I guess that's what having 4 beautiful children will do to ya.
    And I totally agree with everyone else. Calories do not count on your birthday, or any holidays. In fact calories shouldn't count for the whole month of November and December. :)

  10. Your little one is adorable, and you look great! I'm all about having a birthday week free from calorie counting, but then again, all of my weeks are pretty much like that! :) I'm a fellow sweet tooth gal... and I love gummy worms, fruit snacks, cinnamon bears... yummy. But, I agree, it's totally weird when they don't taste wonderful!

  11. First of all, I could totally tell a difference between your two pictures. Great job! Second of all, your place looks so awesome! I wish I could live there...

    As for calories, I'm afraid I am in the middle of such a love-hate affair with them, that they definitely count, every day. Even birthdays. Like last night. The Boys were spending the night with their grandpa, so my husband and I went out to eat. I told him I intended to exercise last night, but he wanted to go to dinner, so I didn't put up much of a fight. Those calories definitely counted. I still feel them. And I bought gummy bears today too, and they tasted awesome. I ate too many. And I am supposed to be exercising right now. Does blogging burn more calories than tv-watching?

    Anyway, to me, calories always count. I love food, don't get me wrong, but that's my problem, so I have told my husband on more than one occasion (Christmas and birthdays in particular) not to get me anything foody. Alas.

  12. I don't know about calories, but I just had to mention that your garden is beautiful! Fountains of summertime flowers are so cheerful.

  13. Kudos to you little lady! Your roll has decreased substantially and I know how hard that is to do. Trust me, all moms know how hard that is to do! I don't want to burst any bubbles, but in my opinion, holiday calories are even more dangerous. It wouldn't be so bad if we only celebrated a couple of times a year, but I find myself classifying too many occasions as holidays: In addition to birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas and every other national holiday, I find myself willing to celebrate last week of summer, potty training day, and the occasional ending of pms-day. Once I'm on the celebrating roll, it's hard to get off and before I know it, I've gained back 5 pounds. So for me, I have to keep my celebratory food consumption in check no matter the day.

  14. After reading your blog and simultaneously watching all the fabulously fit people on the olympics and am reminded that I am 8 months pregnant and not getting any smaller... Even though I am so motivated to get in shape :) So I'll have to check in again in a few months when I'm ready to start losing everything that doesn't come off after you have a baby:)

    As for calories not counting on holidays, of course not. How could you enjoy Halloween with out candy, or Christmas without fudge.

    Good luck with the night mares. We're still in the middle of it. I'll have to find that book, great idea!