Flab to Fab......all inclusive

Thursday Check-In

FYI- for those of you who love to see my fat rolls, I will be checking-in once again next week with "the shirt."

Do you ever wish you could be on one of the get fit & fabulous reality shows? Such as: Biggest Loser, Fit Club, etc. Can you imagine being able to be at an all inclusive resort where the opportunity to exercise surrounds you? Healthy food options are all around you, with temptations near by just to "test" your ability to withstand sweet sugary carbohydrate filled goodness?

Of course, in my dreams, this wish is minus the cameras and other people to witness my attempts. Oh, and it is okay to give into the sugary goodness once daily.

I have been lucky enough to be staying at such a place. Apparently, I have been at the "resort" for the past few years.

My husband and I had the brilliant idea to leave life in the city for a "few acres out of town." To anyone else that is contemplating this idea, may I suggest: include a high allowance of funds to be spent on a weed wacker, Round-Up, garden tools, gloves, and a few more weed wackers.

Since, our funds have not necessarily allowed for large quantities of these items, I have been spending ridiculous amounts of time in our yard pulling, prying, digging and raking. I dream at nights of buying the "Hula Hoe 1000L." Looking on the bright side though, I have been burning almost as many calories as the weeds I plan on torching later today.

I really, truly enjoy yard work. But the weeds- oh- the weeds!
We are surrounded by fields. If you have never lived in the country, let me explain. Every weed- each measly little single weed has the capability to produce seeds ten-fold. Every time the wind blows, literally millions of seeds land in my yard. Now, I realize that many people have figured out various solutions for said seeds, their yards are show places, but I am still working on it. I am quite positive the solution includes lots and lots of weed killer and a live-in nanny for the children. Neither of which are in my budget.

Our property is turning out to be the all inclusive healthy body makeover resort I needed.

This week's work out routine is proving to be my most effective yet: just plain old hard work. Out with the elliptical & Nikes; in with the gloves, mosquito spray, and hoe.

How am I ever going to stay motivated by dirt, dust, hay fever, and the never-ending pulling?

After reducing myself to bribery, (I reduce myself to this on a daily basis- just beyond television and fruit snacks this time)- I promised to take my kids to the swimming pool today. It will be the first time I have been in a swimming suit in public in over a year.

I should have no trouble staying motivated this up-coming week.

How is your flab to fab this week?

Oh- and if you would like to stay at my all-inclusive-resort for a little body magic, (AKA: be my slave and do yard work), room rates are low & include all of the free zucchini you could wish for.


  1. I'm doing pretty good here...haven't been consistently exercising, so maybe I should come and do your yard work! :) I am down 12.5lbs (most is water weight,) but I HAVE been watching what I've been eating...maybe that has something to do with it?! :)

  2. Ha! I love zucchini...but yes, when you grow it, you can't give it away fast enough! As for flab to fab, I am down 14 lbs. yay! I'm within a few pounds of where I was when I got pregnant with my first one, nearly 11 years ago. I feel better, I love fitting into jeans that I haven't worn in eons. I still have a ways to go, who knows if I'll ever reach my 'goal' but I'm determined at least NOT to gain the weight back. As for the challenge, my garden is in need of weeding...I did some the other day, as I couldn't find the carrots or the beans for all the weeds :)

  3. I love all your post's, and I usally just read, and then dont leave a comment-

    I have been working out/ eating right, Its been good- Thanks for the motovation!! :)

  4. Zucchini! Ha ha ha! I'd love some!

    I thought for sure I'd see a drop this week (I exercised TWICE yesterday! That's more than ONCE!) but no. Up about a half a pound again. I know I'm not supposed to starve myself, but it's tempting right now.