Project Flabilicious.....my check-in & yours

Friday's Thursday Check-In

It makes sense that a week with a procrastination challenge would have a few mishaps right? I'm a day late checking in on my Flab to Fab, but my other project I mentioned is finished! Yipee! After 3 days of being glued to the computer at all possible moments, the biggest procrastinated project of my grown-up life is done. Bed time for me this week has been at 4:30 a.m., 2:30 a.m., and 3:00 a.m. This morning my kids enjoyed Sesame Street and dry cereal and I enjoyed sleeping in.

Mom's are busy in general....but this was unbelievable. To top it off, we had company come to town last night and I had 2 meetings for other unrelated procrastinated projects.

I was taken back to my crazy-busy college days working in newspaper. Late nights, deadlines, and some stress. Too bad this time it also included a crying baby and two children begging for something other than cold cereal. I gave in and of course spent the time to also include Ramen Noodles in to their diet for the past few days.

This deja-vu of college life had me thinking and analyzing my Flabiliciousness. Maybe my metabolism really hasn't changed so much....maybe I just eat a lot more because now-a-days I have time to eat. It seems like I am feeding my "starving" children constantly- and of course, I feed myself along with them constantly.

Being so busy, I didn't have time to eat. I know this isn't necessarily a solution, but.... if I kept myself busier, and didn't snack at the rate of a growing 4-year-old, I might see results a little sooner.

So, my goal for the upcoming week is to keep myself busier- not a crazy stressful busy- but, not a "I'm busy because I am holding a baby, but still have 1 free hand to stuff my face with untold amounts of Ritz crackers."

Staying on task should also help me finish up the procrastination challenge for the week too.
A few of you agreed you were "officially" in this project with me and wanted to be held accountable. Here is your call out to check in with your results: Katie, Chambrae, Megan, Kristen, Sheri, Kirsten, Stephanie, Jennifer, and LeAnn: HOW IS IT GOING????
All of the rest of you are welcome to "hop on the bus" too......misery loves company. And, after a little candy/chip/cracker/bread withdrawals, the misery should fade away just like all of our inches...right?

Also, I am a huge believer in the concept of "free day." I have adapted it for myself to be "free moment of the day." For me, it is much easier to constantly be trying to eat a little healthier, but allow myself some small little joyous sugary moment here and there. If I allow myself a full official day off, then it is all over!


  1. I made sugar cookies on Wednesday. I was able to give lots away to my family, but there is still a plateful sitting on my counter. I'm trying to control my eating - but it's so hard with those prettily frosted rounds of sugar cookie goodness staring at me!

    Well, they're almost gone, and then life will return to normal.

    As for my weight, it's kind of stagnating right now. But I have been going on frequent walks, with my kids in the double stroller. That's good, anyway!

  2. So..I haven't been eating much sugar lately...I mean, almost zilch! Then I had something a few days ago and it was AMAZING how fast a headache came on...WHOA! And I am down about 4-5 lbs (2weeks) YAY! I'm going to beat my husband in our competition!

    Also, the procrastination challenge is definitely that: a CHALLENGE! I LOVE sleeping in and then it leads to putting other things off..but I'm working on it!

  3. Wasn't our challenge for the week about procrastination? That's were I'm at ladies, procrastination. Let's just say the sweets have never been sweeter, and the junk has never been junkier.(although the exercising is going great, I've go a 10k to run in the morning. WooHoo!!) And with vacation coming up it's bound to get worse. So wish me luck, in the fact that I don't gain 10 pounds the next week, and taking my workout clothes won't be in vain. Anyone in the Menan area want to go running with me or any reletives reading this want to join me while at the cabin for the reunion?

  4. Camille, I'm on board! You saw me, you know I need it! :) Check out Body for Life. The author gives you a free day once a week. The other 6 days, it's 6 mini-meals, always having some kind of lean protein and veggies. I'm gonna do it this time! :)

  5. Aaah! I think I might be down a pound, for the first time in MONTHS, but that was more thanks to the fact that we didn't go grocery shopping at all last week after we got back from Idaho, so our cupboards were pretty bare. My lunches and dinners consisted of red cabbage and raisins. HOWEVER, there were a couple of times when I actually remembered your advice, and instead of going to check the bare cupboards for snacking goodies, I went and brushed my teeth instead. Maybe I should do that right now. (I'm dreaming of a handful of Guittard chocolate chips right about now...)