Flab to Fab....... reunion routine

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Thursday Check-In

I am writing today from the past.....sorta...... writing a post ahead of time- being the procrastinator that I am, this is a first for me....

If all goes according to plan, I should be accomplishing all sorts of active, healthy tasks as you are reading this; all while attending the worlds' longest family reunion.

Rafting and hiking are on the agenda. It is too bad that I have a water phobia and forgot my baby back pack. Boating and swimming are also in the plans- once again though, water phobia, plus a recently acquired acute fear of swimming suits, (I am working on the "cure").

Seeing how I will be lucky enough to be waking up in a beautiful cabin, next to a beautiful lake though, I will be walking- a lot- maybe I will even bring back last week's new ninja walk routine or use my babe as weights and do some arm curls while I am at it....... come to think of it, she would probably really like that.......giggling babies can motivate any sore muscles to "do it again, do it again!" And, as far as my great stealth ninja walking moves go- why not give the older relatives something to gossip about? Maybe they will all feel bad for the poor, young mother of three small children who seems to be breaking.... and offer to babysit while I go take a nap. Ooohhh- I am liking this idea. You all know that family reunions are great for good food, juicy talk and the best "people watching" there is. I may as well fuel the fire, right?

And, just to make you all feel better about your own travels, we made it almost to our final destination today in just under 10 hours.
It should have taken 4 1/2. Life was a little more....shall we say, exciting? To give you an idea: 4 potty breaks in the first hour, a flat tire, major detour, beautiful waterfall on the detour, lots of "don't touch your sister," a little "don't lick your sister," and then a "don't spit on your sister."

Best lessons learned? The baby goes in the middle on the ride home and Skittles are great problem solvers.....I prefer the term "problem solving" to bribery, but they might- maybe- just slightly be interchangeable in some given situations of mine.

It is a good thing this week's challenge is about finding joy in the unexpected.......... let me tell you, it has been an EXTREMELY joyous day.

To my comrades in the path to being flabilicious, how are you doing?

To the rest of you: go eat some Skittles for me- but not the yellow- those are my favorite.


  1. Unexpected joy...
    At the beginning of the summer Diego was having a bad day so I had him lay down in my room with me. I never thought he would fall asleep, and I never thought I would fall asleep - the boy likes to be close, but still have 'kicking' room.
    This is now routine, we lay down in my room and take a nice little nap, he wakes up & grabs the cat, then cries to me when she escapes the death grip. IT NEVER GETS OLD. I love listening to his snoring during the nap - I forget about the 10 tantrums in the morning.
    The best part is that it makes the afternoon better - even if I don't get to sleep.

  2. You have yellow.. I will have the read, we can divide the rest up between the kids!

  3. Wow ~ it's been sooooo long since I have had a skittle ... can I have the green ones ... yeah I'm like that! ;)
    Thanks for stopping in my blog this week!

  4. Well, after a great vacation, and lots of junk eating in the car, at my family reunion, I'm back in the swing of things.
    I did end up taking my workout clothes and running shoes with me all in vain, they never got used. I did gain 2 pounds the past week attributed above. So lets hope that I can loose them plus the last 5 soon. I'm hoping that a new weight routine will spice things up and get me going again.
    Any suggestions for anyone out there?

  5. Sounds......unexpected? I'm glad you found the joy!

    I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog when I was featured on SITS. I look forward to many more visits. Off to read more.