Losing my cool

It all started with a haircut. A simple haircut. A haircut that "mom" didn't want to give, but the "cool" uncle did.

Once upon a time, a fleeting moment in time, I was cool.......
possibly only to my children, but cool nevertheless.

Somehow, someway, without my knowledge or permission, I have lost my cool.
It is official- my son, at a mere 4 years and 9 months, no longer finds me "cool."

Isn't that only supposed to happen when he is a teenager?

Our vacation was full of people that are apparently much cooler than I.
Aren't your kids supposed to think that their extended relatives at reunions are weird while you are trying to convince them otherwise? There wasn't even a moment of question for my son. From the get-go, all of these people were apparently much cooler than his mother.

How dare I hold his hand while walking around at the family reunion?

How could I even imagine he sit with me instead of "the boys" at dinner?

At least kids still turn to their mothers in time of need right? HA! The boy received a horrific scratch from the teeth of a terrifying mongrel, (AKA: the cousin's cute little dog may have barely grazed the skin after being slightly provoked by slightly hyper children), I wasn't even cool enough for comfort.

Even with this blood sucking leach attached to his foot, I still wasn't quite cool enough to solve the problem.......

I wasn't cool enough to get to hear about this amazing race to catch a calf at the local rodeo.

I wasn't cool enough to go fishing. Boys only of course.

Ironically though, I was considered cool enough to solve the stench problem this little trophy caused in our ice chest.......... funny how that works.

Today, being Monday, and me, having designated Mondays as "Thankful Days" here at the Ponytail Challenge, I must humble myself to be a little grateful for something.

I am very grateful that my 2-year-old still thinks I'm cool.

Sweetie- I still think you are cool too, and as long as you promise to keep thinking that I am, I will keep letting you eat licorice before breakfast.

What are you thankful for today?

Oh- and does anyone know how I can get my cool back?


  1. I just recently found your blog and I am hooked! I love your challenges and the post today cracked me up! I have a two year old and an infant and I am dreading the day when I am no longer "cool!"

  2. funny funny!

    Isaac so far doesn't know that I'm not cool, I'm sure Kindergarten will help hurl me into uncool status.

    Isaac of course would prefer his dad to me any day--dad is much cooler.

    What I'm thankful for--that Isaac doesn't know I'm not cool--because honestly I'm really not...he's just fooled for one more month.

  3. Your kids are so cute!! It's sad when your child thinks your not as cool and as wise as they once thought you were. Today I am thankful for playdough. One small thing can create many hours of entertainment

  4. Perhaps we become cool again when our children get through the teens and hit about age 20 – if we are lucky. It all depends, but isn't that when their view of the world changes from centering on their own ego to realizing there are multiple pieces of the puzzle that makes up their existence. Or perhaps it is our view of the world that changes. As moms, we stop keeping score and start appreciating what has evolved. We begin to sense that our children are the cool people. It starts when they need something more than a mother can give – more experiences, more assurance that others like them too, more diversity, more opportunities to grow. It may come disguised as smelly fishing trips, wanting to be “one of the boys,” or dealing with the unexpected leeches, but our children little by little are weaned away from their dependence and become great individuals who know how to communicate, to help others, to be cheerful, and to not sweat the small stuff. Someone once cautioned me about not counting success (or being cool) until you see how your grandchildren turn out. It sounds like it takes years, but having children who pass on great attributes to children of their own sounds pretty cool. Patiently cool. I am thankful today for your delightful reminder.
    Sara Dawn

  5. I was touched when I read the comments on your post. I've had your blog on my blog roll for quite sometime but I haven't ever left a comment...today was different. I guess because of my own recent blog post on my mom. She had a birthday on Saturday and I left her a little video on my blog in regards to the reasons why I love her. A lot of those are things that she did to help me feel cool and in essence certifying her as cool to me! I think it's just all about your own perspective in that moment...at some of those moments growing up I would have never admitted it, but yes my mom is cool, and I love her...and Sara Dawn is right...it takes time to see what you've instilled in kids...I'm sure my mom still looks at me and thinks, "What else should I do..." I'm thankful for a mom who is patient and loving, who never stopped challenging me to be better at...everything! She sees my potential and that is what keeps her in a cool bracket way above the rest!

  6. I am thankful that my husband is taking the BAR exam tomorrow and Wednesday...and then I get him back! I guess I have to share him with our 3 kids who also want their daddy back...but I'll take what I can get!

  7. I (temporarily) got my cool back by giving my son a special new toy to open on my daughters birthday. Being just 4 he does not FULLY understand that birthdays are for one person (in my house at least).

    I may have lost my cool with the newly 3 yr old though because afterwards it was a "MINE!" fight over his cool transformer...oh well! I tried.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have success with your cupcakes!

  8. I am so uncool too. Well, my three-year-old still likes me. And sometimes my 5-year-old does, but mostly, not so much. Ah well. I have no idea how to get the cool back. That is, of course, assuming (hoping?) that I was cool once-upon-a-time...