With the help of Random.org, here are the winners:

Apostrophy Designs Necklace: "Jane" who said, "I'll take that challenge! I work at a computer all day, which is especially bad for my back. maybe, in addition to sitting up straight, I should try some pilates or yoga.............. I think one of the Rope Sling bags from Apostrophy would complement the dress really well.

Mikarose Gift Certificate: "Stephanie" who said, "I accept the challenge - and yes, I'm sitting up straighter already! ....................I love the Ella - it's pretty and flirty, and looks like it's probably a bit slimming as well."

Email me at ponytailchallenge@gmail.com with your contact info. Congrats!

New giveaway starts tomorrow!


  1. Congrats girls! Fun Giveaway, Camille! Can't wait for the next one.