Project Flabilicious.....Reality Check

In just a mere 2 days, I will be partying it up at my high school reunion. Well, as much as a mom who doesn't drink, with 3 small kids traveling by herself to a high school reunion can party it up.....bring on the apple juice!

While packing my bags, there was much debate with my body vs. my brain.
Finally, I settled on bringing an extra $20, counting on Grandma's babysitting services and crossing my fingers on finding a great deal on a great shirt.
My good friend Holly, from college, whose body type is identical to mine, will be joining me. She hasn't aged quite as "gracefully" as me though. She has always worked out, but the basic body shape is the same- mine is just hidden under some extra layers. Her reunion is in a week. We are going to hopefully find the perfect summer shirt, with sleeves (no flapping wings for me), and that magically makes me look 10 lbs. lighter. Any good shopping ideas out there?

I know, I know, last week I told you all that I don't care what others thing too much....... And really, I couldn't name off any people that I feel like I have to look good for, but I do want to feel cute. I will have a better time and enjoy myself more if I feel better about myself. That being said, I will hopefully not end up being a complete hypocrite, and spend hours primping just so I look great for my old boyfriends......except that I didn't have any serious boyfriends in high school- so yea for me, that takes care of that!

Anyhow- on to the reality check portion of the day:

I was so excited, ready to let you all know about my progress so far. I have only been really committed for a few weeks now to getting back in shape, and according to my scale at home, I have been doing quite well. Key words: according to my scale at home.

After traveling cross-state today, I climbed aboard this "vintage" scale from Grandma's house, ready to reaffirm what I already knew, success.

Apparently the saying "They don't make 'em like they used to," also includes scales.

Apparently my scale at home is off by 10 lbs. I made a frantic phone call to my husband at home with an affirmed, "Yes, I knew that our scale was off by 10 lbs."

Apparently you need to spend more than $10 at the local discount store to have an accurate scale.

I should have never weighed myself to begin with. I would have been a much happier girl. And that is why my friends, my scale is now going in the garbage, I will not be buying a new one and will try to be satisfied knowing that I am starting to feel better. I have been proud of my efforts so far- nothing dramatic; just lots of walking and a lot more water.

Apparently, it would have been a good idea to have really taken this lesson to heart weeks ago, but it is the seemingly apparent lessons that are sometimes the hardest to grasp.

Oh- and if you happen to be at my high school reunion, please don't imagine the belly photos I posted while talking to me. Thanks.


  1. I hope you have a great time--I wish I were going to be able to be there...but at the same time, I am kind of glad I am not. Too self-conscious of what others might think of how bad I look now. Seriously. I get ya on those inadequate feelings.

    Have a great time!

  2. You are seriously too funny! I promise I won't look at yours if you don't look at mine =)!!

  3. I feel your pain. When I got to Utah, I got on my mother-in-law's high tech scale and it weighed me 2 pounds heaver than mine at home! I was so mad! Little stuff like that is usually what leads me to sabotage my getting in shape! I've decided not to get on another scale the whole time I'm here and really remember that eating healthy and working out make me feel awesome! I wish I could help you in your shirt hunt, but I've never been the best dresser! Pretty much I just live at Target.

  4. Okay! I just did that shopping trip. Try Down East and Dillards (sales). Its sad but it is Eastern Idaho.

  5. I hope you found a great shirt to cheer you up! Throw the scale away--I weigh myself, but the main way to tell how I'm doing is what clothes I can comfortably wear. Skinny jeans, and now hidden in my closet :(