mix & match

Thankful Monday.

Even though he is *only* 5 and I am a *wise* 28, my boy leaves me speechless on a constant basis.  Not speechless in amazement, mind you, but speechless because I.  Have.  No.  Clue.

Ligers.  Didn't you know that they are the coolest animal ever?  The toughest?  They could definitely take down a bear, lion and big foot....... all at once.  Just ask him.
Want to know how they came to be?  Just ask me.  Apparently.  

Mom, how do you get a Liger?

A mom lion and a dad tiger.  OR a dad lion and a mom tiger.

I know that, mom.   How do you make one?

Speechless.  Longer than necessary pause.

Um, uh, well, the scientists do it.  They know how.

Well, do they just take the mom and the dad and mix them together or something?

Or something.  Let's definitely go with the "or something."  I'm not sure.  We'll have to ask an animal scientist someday.  

But how, Mom?  How do they mix them together?

I don't know.  

Thinking hard, inquisitive look on his face.  But, how?  How do they mix part of the mom with part of the dad?

Um.  uh.  Oh shoot honey, I need to call daddy really quick about um, uh....what he wants for dinner.  We'll have to figure it out later.  Please forget.  Please forget.  Please forget.  Every conversation from the past of how my son has my eyes, but his dad's nose was suddenly racing through my subconscious.  You know what is coming, right?  You know his little brain will quickly go from mixing a liger's parents together to his own body being a little mixed together as well........AAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!  

I didn't sign up for this.  I didn't.  
Oh, but I did.  Three times.  

For now, for today's Thankful Monday, I am just glad that I can delay the conversation, give roundabout answers and be very, very thankful that they are still quite little.  The birds & the bees can fly to someone else's house for a few more years.

What are you thankful for today?  


  1. Whew, that's a fun conversation to be forced into!

    Today I'm thankful for a cookbook of mixes that I have - this morning I made a huge batch of biscuit mix and that means I won't have to dirty the pastry cutter for the next ten batches of biscuits! Woohoo!

  2. Yikes!!

    I don't think I signed up for that. Chris did.

    I'll tell the girl part story to the girls. ( I don't have one yet!!) LOL

  3. Oh I'm thankful for my heating blanket with temp outside being -30 plus windchill...yuck!!

  4. LOL!!! I know that my day is coming! but it still is just so funny.
    I guess I can say that I am grateful my girls dont know how to ask that just yet!
    Good Luck!

  5. Too funny!! At my house my little boy asked in 1st grade and my hubby gave way too much info than I wanted him too, (even though it went really good and he asked questions, but still I didn't want him to know that much yet)so I decided I would rather give the talk so they know the birds and the bees at my pace :)

    I am thankful for silly friends that can always make you laugh and look at things a different way.

  6. I guess I sort of lucked out,( :S) when my son was five he loved reading these encyclopedia's especially the medical ones. One day E comes up to me and says mom someday emma (3 at the time) will be a mommy but right now she is too young for a sperm cell to come and fertilize one of her egg cells. :-0!! I am pretty sure that he thinks both cells come from inside emma's body so at least I am good that far. LOL I was more afraid of the phone calls from his classmates' parents complaining that he is at school telling them about the birds and the bees!

  7. When my oldest was 4 and I was pregnant with #3, he asked me how the baby got into my tummy. (He had been looking at the getation magazine my doctor gave me, which was my first mistake.)

    I danced around the subject for a minute, dodging questions and answering them as generally as possible, but he kept peristing.

    Finally, desperate, I said, "Heavenly Father gave Daddy a special way to help put the baby in my tummy."

    He thought for a minute and said, "Oh, like a magic wand? Okay." That was all he needed, and he went off to play.

    Me, on the other hand, blushed three shades of scarlet and giggled like an 8-year-old boy. (Magic wand? Uh... sort of.)

    This year he started fourth grade, and we've already had the advanced talk. Neither of us were ready, but the other boys at school were filling him in with great detail, and we had some misconceptions to clear up. (And, to his great horror, some things to confirm.)

    I am thankful that he feels comfortable enough with me to ask those questions.

  8. Im thankful for motivation to clean my house.

  9. haha..this is a great post. Plus, people's comments are pretty dang funny too.

  10. Haha, MY 5 year old daughter just asked me this question last week. Apparantly the baby in my tummy is giving her quite a bit to think about. I tell her that Heavenly Father put the baby in there...but she wants to know how parts of Mommy AND daddy got in there too. Let's just say that we gave her a bit of a reason, but it was mostly the run around..she'll have to wait until she is a bit older for EVERYTHING!
    I am thankful that my husband slept in today and is home hanging out with me!

  11. I'm thankful that now that I HAVE had the ridiculously long detailed version of the birds and the bees talk, (complete with questions that made my skin crawl) they still think it's GROSS... and they don't want to talk about it any more. I'm also thankful that they trust me enough to come to me with questions instead of believing what they hear at school. I'm working really hard on pretending not to be horrified when they ask questions- and giving them age appropriate factual information... all while playing it cool. It's a work in progress.

  12. Too funny! I actually had the beginnings of "the talk" the other day with MY five-year-old. I was feeling bad for probably giving him the opinion that his body was bad and nasty and dirty. It was ... interesting, and I got NO help from my husband, but ah well. It was just a taster course anyway, and hopefully the rest of that conversation won't happen for many years and will conveniently happen while I'm not home and only my husband is!

  13. HA! HA! HA! I'm grateful that I my kids aren't old enough to ask questions like that! Besides, if it's a boy then the dad answers those questions, right?!