sticky situations


Yes, it really is.

Tape can be useful in many home situations. I've used it to "sew" a few seams, pack totes beyond their capacity, patch many a hole and to keep curtains in place. Desperate times, desperate measures.

This one, this one, this one!

She knows exactly what she is doing.

It started the second time she ever sat in the high chair.

See that skinny little chicken leg? It used to be chubby & deliciously plump. Then the fat melting climbing and crawling began.

Just for the record, the tape didn't work. Does anyone know where I can buy baby-sized handcuffs? Straight jackets?

Seriously. Not kidding.


  1. That really made me laugh - especially the picture of her eating with her foot on the tray.

    Tape is good.

  2. Maybe you need to turn the tape into a five-point harness. :-)

  3. I had a five-point harness, and I couldn't tighten it enough to keep my youngest safe. He would work his arms out of the chest straps and shimmy his skinny little behind right out of the waist straps. That was followed by a graceful dive (head first, usually) right over the side of the high chair, a very un-graceful SPLAT, and giggles galore.

    I tried everything-- I pulled the straps tight in the back, made them zig-zag across his chest, put a pillow behind him to make it uncomfortable tight... NOTHING worked. I finally gave up and took off the tray, and pulled him up to the table. That was the end of his manic jumping.

    Good luck. The tape is hilarious. Perhaps bungee cords? On second thought... too much slack.

  4. I am in the same boat. I have even tried stuffing a blanket or stuffed animal in next to mine to keep her pinned in. It works until she decides she wants out.

  5. Oh my goodness! She is as sweet as pie! i jsut want to eat her!!

    Can you maybe try bungee cords in a five point harness?

    I'll have to think on this!

  6. No idea, 'cause I need the same advice for keeping my three-year-old in his car seat! I'll keep my eyes open for miniature straight-jackets though. ;)

  7. That is so funny. When I looked at the first picture, I thought maybe Eli was guilty of strapping her down with tape.
    p.s. how could you give away one of your children??? We thought of B.B. as one of our nieces...or was B.B. a nephew? :) Did you get a goat?