winner, winner. chicken dinner.

hold the peas, please.

"Abby" wins the signed copy of A Zoo in my Belly. She said, "I have never been a big fan of Peas. eewwww!"

***disclaimer**** I will never again hold a giveaway with multiple chances to win. Some of you had 1. Some of you had 12. In order to use random.org to find the winner, I had to revert to the brainy jr. high student I once was. Thank heavens for Mr.Steiner, his pocket protector and projector screen in 1994.


  1. LOL I think you need to have a high number comment winner contest! They are so fun and you really feel the love! I'm just saying!

    Yes you have a year to make whatever it is you are going to make. So you have to have it done this time next year. (Probably sooner because I'm running around with my head cut off already and we still have a week to go!)

  2. Mr. Steiner! Classic! I remember he made me stay after class one day and pick up papers on the ground 'cause I'd been talking. ... Oops!