My new best friends, Gabrielle and Susan, were toasting to themselves being good mothers last night. Meanwhile, Gabbi's kids call out that they are hungry. Gabbi then yells that they can get their own frozen waffles. I laughed and laughed. Then, I didn't.
Because, then, I realized that is SO ME! Then I laughed again.
I stayed up until midnight last night watching old Desperate Housewives episodes online, trying to decide why it is that I like the show so much now, but loathed it years ago.
As I watched and watched, I related. (Not to the sneaky sultry stuff, but oh-so-much to the rest.) You see, years ago, I didn't have children. I wasn't desperate. Years ago, I didn't lay in my bed in the early mornings while my children watched cartoons and dined on days-old doughnuts, dry cereal...or even in the very tired moments, Halloween candy.

Early mornings are definitely my most desperate moments of the day. I love to get every extra minute of warmth out of my bed.
As I type this though, the TV has been nixed for the remainder of the day. The kids are putting their imaginations to good use by sitting on the couch, staring at the blank screen and pretending to watch. Awesome.
Today, on Thankful Monday, I am so ever grateful for a warm bed to linger in and a nursing baby to justify the lingering.....

Oh- and as long as we are on the topic of justification, I have done quite well with last week's challenge. Thank you very much. Except for a slight mishap with a link on CNN.

What are you thankful for today? What is your most desperate daily moment?


  1. By the way, I love the thankful vibe to start off the day - if only I could keep it throughout the day. I'm thankful that I happen to live on a street in Los Angeles with tall trees where the leaves change and fall. Who says we don't have seasons in LA? I beg to differ....

    AND the most desperate time of the day for me? Without question....6 PM. It's when it all starts unraveling and I become embarrassingly desperate. I'm just glad no other adult is watching me then...

  2. I'm thankful for board games that entertain my children and allow me to keep the TV off for a while!

    My most desperate time is probably when I'm blogging and I'll let my kids do whatever they want so I can THINK and post something remotely coherent!

  3. Desperate moment lately... because it's always changing- sitting in my car this morning without my 2 older children. (who needed to be taken to school) I've grown tired of the countdown every morning... 15 min. till time to go... 10 min. till time to go... 5 min. till time to go. And their still not ready! Seriously how hard is it? Backpack, gloves, hat, coat. So today, I scooped up my baby and threatened to leave. I only made it to the car- because really? where am I going to go? The only reason for being in the car in the first place is to take THEM to school. I need a plan! Because otherwise I may leave them for a drive around the block. Somebody call CPS.

    Thankful? Med school graduation in 6 months! Don't get too excited... he still has a residency with horrible pay, and even more horrible hours. Still thankful... I get to leave Cleveland!