The day that would never come is finally here. I had firmly set in my mind that today's challenge would be (duh) to vote. Then, I quickly realized that we should have a sanctuary free of the political jib jab. Plus, I really, really can't decide if hauling my 3 small children to wait in line for hours to cast my vote in a state that isn't questionable ........is really worth it? I know, I know. I will go. I am sure the experience of having 3 small children with me will be quite memorable.
Thank goodness for an endless supply of suckers leftover from Halloween- how many is too many? I think that at 9 months old, my babe can officially begin a love affair with candy. It is bound to happen sometime, right? I can't get her to eat mushed up vegetables, so why not skip right ahead to the inevitable?
In her future, when she reads history books and listens to speeches commemorating the most important presidential race in history (blah, blah), I will turn to her, wipe a tear from my eye and say, "Darling, I will never forget November 4, 2008, the day I introduced you to all things sugar. The world has never been the same since." Our family dentist will then wipe a tear from his eye and say, "Thank you, for your generous support towards my vacation home that began with your first born son, and carried on with a legacy of cavities for all of your children."

Last Friday, just hours before the gathering known as trick-or-treating, I requested and received a prescription for fluoride for my kids. Then, that evening, I let them have as much candy as they wanted because, obviously, the fluoride would outweigh the risks of the sugar. Right. Right?
It is kind of like when I justify feeding the kids Ramen Noodles for lunch by including a multi-vitamin. Chewable, in pretty colors and shaped like dinosaurs, of course!
Justification. I am good at it. Really good at it.
Today was the first really cold, really rainy day of the year. I love it. I had nowhere to be. No errands to run. No gas to waste or money to spend. I stayed in my pajamas all day. Or, shall we say running pants/lounge wear?


There are a few things that I just can't justify. For instance, reading celebrity gossip sites. They are addicting, comparable only to the grocery store check-out line. I read all of those headlines too. I haven't ever actually bought a tabloid, mind you. Who does that? I did go to the Dr.'s office early a few months back, just to get my gossip fill from the magazine choice in the waiting room. In my teen years, the girl cousins and I would find Grandma's stash of the Enquirers and hide out in the basement, reading all about the latest alien abductions, end-of-world predictions and Dolly Pardon's chest size. I apparently inherited more from my Grandmother than a lack of height. Now-a-days though, tabloids are vicious. What if someone wrote those things about me? Or my family? Or my children. My children! I would be ballistic.

So, the challenge: Find one simple, unjustifiable, "fluff" item to remove from your life, even just for the week.

I won't be reading the in's and out's of the 90210 on the WWW. I don't think that Lindsey, Brittney & Paris will miss me too much. Sorry girls. Oh- and Miley- don't get me started! I should stop now, yes? Maybe I will get the dishes done in my new spare time.
Maybe I will make a few extra trips to the grocery store. Definitely Wal-Mart, the slowest lines ever. I kid, I kid. About going to Wal-Mart. I'll go somewhere else.

What is un-justifiable for you?


  1. I have been noticing how many blogs I have in my google reader that I don't need. Have been thinking about how I should really delete the ones I don't absolutely CARE ABOUT, because anything else I read or click through just takes me time and feels overwhelming when I get behind...

  2. I think my un-just will probably be the same as yours. I do like to spend a lot of time on msn.com catching up on the latest celebrity gossip, and it all has absolutely nothing to do with me or my life! So I guess I will (sigh) cut that out for a week and see if it will help my life in any way. Maybe I'll spend that time cleaning instead...

  3. When my kids are in bed i love to finally get to watch some Tv, but i should cut that down to sit and talk with my hubby more instead of watching tv. :) I will cut it down at night.

  4. I can justify ANYTHING!!
    Celebrity Gossip- you are taking their lives as an example of what not to do. Plus you are getting your female gossip out of the way without hurting anyone. (Britney and Paris don't have feelings, who are we kidding!?)
    OKay though, I'm with Rachel...I don't even really like some of them. And there are some that aren't even good to read, ya know..the TMI ones about personal relations. Yup, I'm going to delete them right now! Thanks

  5. This was too funny. Unjustifiable fluff... hmm... I have drawn a blank. No, not because I surround myself 100% of the time with perfection, but because I think some of the fluff has gone to my head and made me have a hard time thinking straight. So I'll have to get back to you on that one!

  6. You are funny! I'm so glad I found your site! This is a great challenge. I don't know what I will remove yet, but I'm glad to be thinking about it. I probably should remove the time I spend reading blogs, but then I wouldn't have found this one...what to do what to do???