the ultimate

The weekend with mom/grandma/gamma went all too fast. As usual, she helped me come up for air from the pit of unfinished projects. I had good intentions of making sure that she really relaxed. But, alas, her willingness to help overtook me. Her extra eyes to help watch the kids. Wow- what a difference that makes! The laundry was caught up (for about an hour), the garden's last hope of produce was taken care of, kids' books were read, the baby was fed (by someone other than me!), an upcoming (HUGE) project was started and almost completed, floors mopped......I could keep going, but I will spare you.

Before she came, I sent her a little pseudo-invitation via email, asking if she was coming, inviting her to eat fresh peach pie with us. Of course, me, being the way that I am, and 3 small children being the way that 3 small children often are, I never made the pie. So of course, Grandma made it for us. My great-grandmother's pie crust recipe (ice-cold water is the key), and my mother's fresh peach pie filling. It is the absolute, ultimate, take me back in time, comfort food. That pan above contained a lot more pie when I woke up this morning. But, oh mercy! I just can't help it. I keep going to the fridge, digging in, for "one last bite" before the kids see what I am up to and expect me to share. Then, I go back again and again.

And yes, yes I did eat that much. And I plan on eating more. And enjoying every last crumb. Flab to fab can be paused for your ultimate comfort food. Since I am the CEO of Flab to Fab, (or something like that), I can make up the rules as I go. And, I am very open to your own suggestions for new rules as well. Work with me people!

Thankful Monday is full of whipped cream and sugar, food so delicious, so can't-resist-it, that it is really, truly, comforting. Mmmmm.

What are you thankful for today? What is your ultimate comfort food?


  1. Ohh by far my comfort food is chips and salsa. It is my weakness.

  2. My comfort food is Potato soup. It's like cream of potato but better. SOOOO good.

    I'm thankful that my kid is so wonderful. That I have a hubby that is willing to serve his country. (And that he is NOT deployeD) That I have foodin my cabinets and that I have a quilt to work on!

    PS When are you taking off your word verification thingy??

  3. My comfort food is homemade rolls and I JUST made some yesterday. YUMMMM.

    I'm really thankful for my husband today. He knows why. :)

  4. Ahh...food! Here are a few of my favorite things: German Food (roladen, sauerkraut), homemade rolls, most homemade soups and anything my mom, my aunt or my oma make...YUM!

  5. My favorite comfort food is just about anything my mom makes... homemade chicken pot pie, meatloaf, turkey & dressing. I could go on but I'm getting seriously hungry (& a little homesick too)

  6. Oh I need my Noodle Stuff! It is Just Ground Beef, Cheese, Extra Wide Egg Noodles, Salsa and Tomatoe sauce all thrown in pot. I love it and it just gets better everyday it sits in the fridge! :)

  7. Nothin' says comfort to me like mac and cheese followed by chocoalte cake (has to be very moise with rich frosting). Sigh. I need some right now...

    I'm thankful that I have a few minutes to myself this evening.

  8. My comfort food is hot chocolate! I love it. I even drink it all summer...even when it is super hot outside!

  9. I'm a day late for this, but here goes.

    My comfort food - desserts!!! Just about any dessert will do, but I'm particularly fond of chocolaty things in the form of brownies, cakes, and cookies.

    I'm thankful for a mother's intuition. I was able to notice that my one-year-old was favoring his leg on Monday, and I knew that something was wrong. Turns out he had a buckle fracture from a little trampoline incident on Sunday night. I'm thankful for Emergency Rooms with friendly, knowledgeable nurses, doctors, and radiologists. I'm thankful that my husband works at that hospital and was able to visit us and procure a delicious dinner for my son and I while we were waiting. I'm thankful for the little splint that will help my son's leg heal properly. And I'm thankful for my mom, who lives only three miles away and was more than willing to help by watching my three-year-old while Thomas and I were in the ER.

    Sorry this is so long, but I had a lot to be thankful for!

  10. Oh man, my ultimate comfort food? Where do I start? Deluxe mashed potatoes, Guittard milk chocolate chips, In-n-Out Burger :), my mom's homemade bread (I can't ever get it to come out the same), and banana bread with Guittard milk chocolate chips. YUM.

    I'm thankful for food today. I was starving this morning and at my husband's doctor appointment so I didn't get to eat right when I needed to. Being able to eat when you need to is a good thing.