Flab to fab.

As I sit, I can barely type because of the numbing cold in my fingers. The frugal side of me refuses to turn the heat on in our house for a few more days. The kids are ok with it, because I give in and let them watch extra television so that they can stay snuggled in blankets in the couch, scooby-do pajamas and all.
Could it be quite possible that shivering burns calories?


Oh, man, do I ever love Google. I am a Googling fanatic. Ta da! Shivering does burn extra calories, up to 400 in an hour. That is awesome. I am not turning the heat on until Christmas. Sorry kids. Mommy is fat. We have to be cold. It is the only way. (umm....besides hard work and exercise....oh, and not eating the Halloween candy)

We put up a pull up bar in the bedroom doorway the other night. I would take a picture of it, but then I would have to clean my room and well.....some teenage habits are hard to break. I could only do one whopping pull-up. 2 days later, I can almost do two. Now that is progress people! By no means do I hope to grow Madonna arms, but a little toning isn't such a bad idea.

For being un-flabilicious, I am quite un-routine. The kids have their mini-tramp out in the family room this week. Rather than actually jump for a long period of time, I sporadically jump on it throughout the day. 10 jumps here, 10 jumps there. But, you know what? It all adds up and THAT is much better than nothing, and very much justifies the fact that I had a cinnamon roll for breakfast. What's wrong with that? Grains and dairy (frosting) all in one. Next time, I will have one with raisins. The health benefits will be phenomenal.

There you go. Flab to fab at the beginning of the Holiday season. Ooohhhhh.... how are we all going to make it until January? What is your combat the calories plan?
Have you turned the heat on in your house yet?


  1. I turned on the heater yesterday. The house was sitting at 61 degrees and I could not take it any more. I turned the heater on, but my own personal rule is 64 during the day so we were in our sweats and the heater was on to 64.

    However we have had fires in the fireplace most nights this month. A few in Sept also. While I can bburn all day, the kids are oto attracted to it so I usually wait until hubs is home and start the fire when parents and kids are equal in number.

    As far as calories, I am really trying hard not to bring in snacky foods. I have fruit snacks for the kids lunch, but no more cookies ice cream or candy bars in the house.

  2. Still in the 70s's here. Last week was a littl chilly and I turned it on for about an hour before bed, then off.

    Hoping to put it off as long as possible! :)

    Fighting the flab? I wish I knew. DARN THIS HALLOWEEN CANDY!

  3. We live in Alaska. Our heaters don't get turned off. It was 70 ONE day this summer. As for right now, it is 18 degrees outside with snow on the ground.
    And we just turned up our heat to 72 cuz we aren't going to be here next year. (We have a prepaid plan thing)

    Calories wise- I try not to eat before 11 cuz I am always hungry after I eat. So if I wait until then, I don't snack as much.

  4. I love your blog. You have inspired me to start trying to beat my own flab. It is so encouraging to see your "green shirt" pictures and hear that you do slip up but are still making progress!

    We will probably not have the heat on for a least another month, if that. We live in FL and I think it was int he upper 80s here today. I am looking forward to cold! We got a little taste earlier this week (low 70s) but not even quite cool enough to open the windows yet.

    As far as fighting the flab, I just got a gym membership where they have child care - yay! An hour of break time from the kiddos should be an incentive to work out!

  5. Well, as I am writing the end of my nose is cold and Im now realizing that its a little hard to type bc my fingers are cold. I just came in from taking Gracie to the bus stop (and I drove bc its at the end of the rode and I dont really feel like taking Ella outside). I hear its suppose to snow tomorrow, my plants are sad.

    I haven't turned on the heat but I have turned on the fireplace from time to time this last month. If Scott had it his way we wouldn't turn anything on until January.

    Fighting the flab... I usually never buy snack foods bc if its in the house I will eat it. Well, I broke down yesterday and bought peanut m&ms for my cute glass pumpkin cookie jar. WHAT WAS I THINKING! Now I will have to stop myself thinking about them about a million times a day. lol

    I usually dont ever allow myself to snack. During the holidays my goal is to eat really healthy at home and on special occasions I am allowed to splurge a little.

  6. Umm I would love for it to be cold enough to turn the heat on but alas it was still in the lower 90's this week. The weathermen say it may dip into the 70's this weekend but that's just beautiful open the windows type of weather.

    And luckily for me I'm not a fan of pie so the holiday pies don't tempt be but the Christmas cookies with get me where it hurts...the butt! Love your blog and good luck on the flab to fab this season.

  7. We're in Pocatello, I did turn the heat on last night, had it set to 68 though, so not too warm. It's still 68, but I refuse to turn it up more, so my toes are a little cold. But this weekend is supposed to be nasty, so we might actually build a fire in our fireplace!!! That's free heat for us! :)
    Oh, and I have no plan for the holiday calories...I just hope to have some willpower :)

  8. We turned on our heat the other day, we keep the thermostat around 65. We're in Oregon and it's getting chilly. I love my cornbag, it keeps me warm.

    As far as fighting the calories, I plan to be fighting morning sickness around that time. So I'll probably throw up all the sweet stuff, if I can gag it down.

  9. Madonna seriously looks like skeletor...gross! That is good to know that shivering burns calories!! I just bought a bunch of Halloween candy yesterday...boo Target boo!

  10. Yeah, need to get a combat-the-calories plan. That mini-tramp sounds like a good idea, but my son just broke his leg on a full-size trampoline and I don't think my hubby would let me bring a trampoline into our house now for anything. Phooey. I can identify with the cold fingers though - mine are freezing as I type right now!

    Hmm, maybe popping in a dance aerobics video will kill two birds with one stone - it'll warm me up and burn calories. Too bad it involves work, huh?