Please go! Flab to Fab

I have been hiding in my bed all morning in hopes that this day would magically skip to Friday. Do I really have to post my flab to fab this week? I feel like I am lagging behind on the track at my old jr. high school while the somewhat masculine, female coach with a permed mullet blows her whistle for me to "get going!" The problem is that she isn't really there and maybe, just maybe I need her to be.


This is how I described myself to a friend last night. We "chatted" (on-line), about the slump everyone seems to be in. Jessica brought up a certain book. I have sworn on every cheesy high school graduation that I would never NEVER relay a life lesson through a Dr.Suess book. Then, I dug it out of the "extra-book box" sitting in forgotten corner of the house. Insert foot-in-mouth now.

"Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

Forget high school graduations. This book should be given to those who have finally experienced a little life. Reading it now, after a few kids, a few hard years of marriage, an economic crisis, need I really go on?, it all makes sense. Dr. Suess really was on to something other than signaling the 12-year awaited release of graduation caps and balloons. As the last book Dr. Suess ever wrote, maybe the great doctor really had schlumpy me in mind when he wrote it- not "let's party!" graduated, I'm an invincible 18-year-old me.

My slump. I am climbing out. And really, I am grateful that it really is all in my head....or my mouth per say. As far as fab to flab goes........I'm going to have to take a "bye." Advancing on to the next week of play without actually having participated this past week. To make it short: Reese's Pieces, cookies we made, cookies people from church made, Doritos and dinner at Grandma's house. Then, to avenge myself: a vengeful lawn mowing (apologies to my once-beautiful flower bush) and I skipped dinner last night. Ridiculous. I know.

Luckily for me, the "For Sale" sign officially goes out in our yard tomorrow. So, there will be lots and lots of hard work going on in the next few days. I will recoup my losses with every dead plant and weed.

Oh , yes I will! 98 & 3/4% guaranteed!

What is your best life lesson book? How is your own Flab to fab?

Oh- and next week is "shirt week" so there is motivation for you!


  1. I just read this book from the library called "Cleaning and the purpose of Life." It was really good. It went into depth about our cleaning personalities and how to set goals and how to just be happy. It was really great that I read it twice.

  2. Oh and I don't wanna talk about my flab. I did buy a scale though, just for you!!

  3. Did we have the same jr. high coach? Seriously! And no motivational books here. But I did just read a book called "On Life after Death" and it really had me thinking deep thoughts, totally got me out of my slump. :)

  4. Oh, I am so rooting for you. I know it's so hard, but just do it. I know, I know, easier said then done. As for my own fab to flab -- oh, wait. It's Flab to fab, right? I am signing up for a Pilates class as soon as I can get off the computer and I am vowing to go running in the morning... maybe that will help me make up my Mcdonalds, Taco Bell, Pizza twice, and my Del Taco all in one week. Ouch. No wonder people are asking me if I'm pregnant and I'm NOT!!!

  5. Hah! I am laughing out loud at coach "whatever her name was" How could I ever forget the permed mullet =) Thanks for the funny and very detailed reminder of the Jr. High days =)

  6. Hmmm, I can't think of too many motivational books such as Dr. Seus. However, if you haven't read 'Mothering with Spiritual Power,' you totally should. I love it. It's got short chapters - just right for someone w/kids, and it's uplifting instead of telling you what you're doing wrong. It also really helped me to see that I need to pull the scriptures and Heavenly Father into my parenting more. Man, I think I need to read it again.

  7. Poole, Powell...what was that coach's name.

    So to make you feel better---I can now where Paul's pants. Yes you read that correctly. The only other time that that has ever happened was when I was in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

    (I think I'm going to hide in my bed tomorrow...)

  8. For all of you RJH peeps out there.... T. Smith! I hadn't thought about her in a long time! Thanks Camille!
    I wonder how any mom's out there get time to read books, I haven't even done the whole "Twilight" thing...
    I did read I Am a Mother & that was great!

  9. I think somewhere in the treasured relics of small books with child-size bits of wisdom there is a book on Pierre... and moral is CARE! It remains a good thought for many of my days.

  10. So I had a Dr. appt. yesterday. It was one of those yearly ones that you are "SUPPOSED" to do but dread everytime it gets here. Well, I only have 5 more pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, so that made me really happy!!!!

  11. Holy Cow, did we have the same gym teacher? Permed mullet and everything!

  12. LOL permed mullet...

    yeah i am starting to think there might ber a certain 'look' that gym teacher strive to maintain...

    flab...i'm not even touching that one! i was a good girl for a week...i fell hard off the wagon i wonder if i sprained anything!

  13. When I need to get my priorities straight I pull "The Giving Tree" off the shelf and read it to my son. Who then asks why I'm sobbing uncontrollably. And I try to explain to him that in the end, having a loving and generous heart is what will bring you the most happiness. Once my eyes are dry I find that I can let everything else go (the sticky floor, the piled laundry, etc.)