Thankful Monday.....I heart doors

Yes, that is right...


Last weeks thankful post was quite serious.....and I can only be serious for so long. It makes me uncomfortable if things get too serious- mostly because I am awfully sappy, and since becoming a mother, I can cry in an instant.
I think I could cry just by watching my son squish a bug, wondering where I went wrong to make him such a violent child- yet if he didn't squish it, I could cry wondering where I went wrong to make him such a wimp!? And knowing he is turning 5 this fall...
I might be tearing up just writing about it.

Motherhood is so complicated.....and tearful.

Anyhow- back to loving doors......let me count the ways:

I am thankful today for doors that can be shut.

Shut doors make it so that I can invite my in-laws for dinner and have a "mad dash dump it in this room" place before they arrive.

Doors allow me to have just a few quick moments of privacy each day (all the while little fists are pounding on the other side...but still, privacy).

And, best of all, the doors at my house show character...... who we are.....
The lack of a door knob on my son's bedroom door- at first a home improvement project unfinished....now a perfect peep hole for a protective mother.
The lock on the master bedroom door- rarely used, but a must.
My back door has a loud, irritating wind chime hanging from the knob- a perfect door alarm for kiddos escaping.
My front door has the deadbolt- always locked- home or not....
The bestest of the best: all the doors have little hand prints, sticky spots and questionable gunk..... it is all a reminder of who I love, no matter where in my house I go.

What are you thankful for today?


  1. Oh, and just so you all know, I am so thankful for giveaways! Y'all won't believe the stuff I am giving away this next week- you will want to open your doors to the delivery truck for this!

  2. We just bought a new house (moving in next week!) and one of the things we are so thankful to have is another glass door leading out onto the back porch, even though the door gets messy, it's comforting to see the little dirty handprints on it.

    Today, I'm thankful sunny skies and a much needed trip to the park.

  3. Today Im thankful for FANS! For some crazy reason this pregnancy my hands and feet are like 1000 degrees so every night in addition to the A/C I have a fan directly on me so I can be cold! I cannot sleep if any part of me feels warm sooo today Im grateful for fans!!!

  4. I am thankful for good friends!! When I got married and moved away from my family I was so sad to be away. But since I have made many best friends who have became like family. I feel very blessed!!

  5. Doors are wonderful things to be thankful for! We're renting and all the doors in this place are odd. Slididng glass door = front door. Louvered doors (with slats to let all the sound in and little eyes to peek in) = 2 bedroom doors. 3rd bedroom has no door at all. Accordian doors = closet doors. What were these people thinking?!?

    I am thankful for Vontage this week because I can call long distance to my mom and sisters all I want! I miss them...

  6. O.K. Today I am sooooooo thankful for you starting this blog. Because of you I have accomplished some things that I have been wanting or needing to do but just can never get the ambition to do it. So thank you!!

    Are you going to share your results so far with the flab to fab challenge? I will check in with my results tomarrow after I measure and weigh in tonight!!

  7. Okay. I am so very thankful for
    You may be wondering pretzels?? This is why. When you are dieting and you aren't allowed chips.... I get to have 16 pretzels for 110 calories. lol You don't have a clue how that helps me get through the day. ;)

  8. I'm thankful for my husband. Yep, that's right...this weekend I was G-R-U-M-P-Y and he took the kids and I went and got an hour long massage...aww, it was AWESOME!

  9. I am thankful for in-laws. No kidding! In-laws. My husband's dad and step-mom took our 7 month old overnight on Saturday. We didn't have plans, they just really wanted to watch her overnight. Husband took me out and we had a good time. We both slept ALL NIGHT! And Sunday morning, I took an hour long bath without neglecting anyone! So today, I am thankful for in-laws!

  10. I'm thankful for my crock pots. They made some absolutely delicious dinner and dessert tonight, lemme tell ya!! Such great food for such little preparation.

  11. Its funny that you posted this, since just yesterday, I noticed a little handprint on one of the doors, and I thought it was kinda cute! I am Thankful that I have a healthy, happy family!

  12. Ok, I am thankful for ice... can not stand a warm glass of water. Especially in the summer, I live on water! Love it! But it has to be ice cold!

  13. I am most grateful this week for my proffesional Wahl Clippers that I only paid $60 for. My husband gets 2 haircuts a month to stay in military regs, and my 3 boys frequently try cutting their own hair and I have to fix it. (ie, this week) These clippers paid for themselves in 3 months. I am grateful for a husband who, as newlyweds, let me take his head in my hands and make mistakes on him. Now, seven years later I am better than the barber shop here. Thank you sweetie for being so brave!

  14. I'm glad I found you from tip junkie- definitely will be back to visit, if that's ok. I am grateful for packages in the mail, they always brighten my day!