Flab to Fab......I hit the pause button

All day long, I have tried to remember some brilliant attempt I have made in the past week on this flabilicious project. No such luck.

I am allowed a freebie week right? Please tell me I am right. It has been a very, very long day.

Nothing monumentally terrible has happened- it is just one of those days. You know the kind: dr. appts., embarrassing moments, comments taken out of context, an hour on hold with the phone company, tired children, Ramen Noodle dinner, and a sink full of dirty dishes- make that an entire kitchen full of dirty dishes. Seriously, not one clean spoon.
After I spent the better part of my evening wallowing in my own personal pity party, I got the urge to run.....
That's right, I said RUN! Now- don't get too excited for this exercise slacker; I didn't go- but only because it is dark outside and my little family currently has a silly fear of big foot- myself included, (scary camp stories will do that to a grown woman, you know).

I have never understood runners.
Randomly, it seems that everywhere I have been lately, marathons and talk of running has been a major theme. My nephews birthday party, the family reunion, a friend's phone call, etc.
I told them all that they are crazy. I told them all how much I hate jogging, how I haven't gone jogging in years, how I have no desire to. I think I just decided that I want to be a hypocrite. I want to run.

I think I get it. I have no desire to be in a marathon, mind you. but, I want to run. I want to release some frustration. My alarm is set. I am going before my husband is off to work.

I am going to hurt. I might not make it past the edge of our property and the only shoes I have to run in are the ones that I have used for the past few years to mow the lawn. AND, I think I am excited.

I just hope big foot doesn't get me.


  1. I never knew I enjoyed running until this spring. I'm 32. When I started getting in shape earlier in the year, I kept reading magazines that talked about marathons, triathlons, and half-marathons. I thought, "Oh, I could win one if I just trained enough for a few months." Then I realized that was crazy talk. If I run, it will be to feel good. I could choose to participate in one of those races, but it didn't need to be to win. I could let the expert runners do that. Why should I expect to finish first in an endurance race (as a beginner) when runners who have been doing the job for years are better practiced.
    So, after realizing that I would be running for my own benefit and not for winning a race, I felt so good running for the first time in my life!

  2. I love running and well you already know that.I do the running for fun, heck when I ran my marathon, people were finishing when I was just passing the half marathon mark. I do want to run more for the sacisfaction of beating my time. There is nothing better.

    Just take it easy and work your way up. You go girl!!! You can do it, I will be your cheerleader from way over here.

  3. Good for you! I have been getting up before my husband leaves for work to run 1 mile every weekday. The days I have actually made it, I have felt better. I hope you have a great run! :)

  4. ha ha did you ever spy BIG FOOT? You are too funny for words!!I am not a runner but I know what you mean when you get the urge everynow and then (only for me it's once in a blue moon!) Good luck!

  5. Hey I run! Go for it! Mind you it's been a few weeks since I last hit the pavement due to a HUGE move and the heat around here...but I'll get back in there - you should too! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by & commenting on my Spot!

  6. Hello...found you through many of my friends sites...had to see what the fuss was!
    I just started running this week too!! Thursday to be exact. I said this quote:
    "What were you doing 2 weeks ago? If you would have started an exercise program, you would be able to see some changes by now. So what are you doing today? What do you want to look like in 2 weeks?"
    Gotta love that, huh?
    Well anyway funny you mention big Foot. I was told at Girl's camp, many years ago, that Big Foot could be Cain. Since he is here until the Second Coming, I would think all that hair would cover up some wrinkles. Ha ha Just a thought! Kinda makes you wanna visit with him now, huh?!
    PS Love your site. I'm coming back!