The suspense.....who wins?

Now then, before I divulge the name of the Leaving Comfort Zone Challenges, I need to chastise you all a bit.
What is the matter? Just because I am not offering a prize you aren't signing on to this weeks' challenge? It could possibly be because this week's challenge is a little lame, but give me a break....I am only so creative & I had to come up with 5 last week! That is pushing it for a somewhat lazy mom who takes 3 days to do simple math to add up chances for a random drawing. And to think, I went to Math Camp when I was 10. I'm not kidding. I went to Math Camp. I was so cool. It was awesome.

This is what your family room will look like if you ignore your children while adding, writing and cutting out 95 entries for a drawing.

Who am I kidding? It always looks like this....but it all could directly be linked/blamed on blogging. So readers: it is all your fault! Come clean my family room.

I had some torturous flashbacks to writing and addressing wedding invitations many years ago. Now, I know why I fail to mail out Christmas cards. Writing names over and over again is not a lot of fun. It does however take a lot of time.

Ok, getting on with it:

I have to admit, I was kinda banking on challenger Abby winning. She had over 10 entries. Stupid random drawings! But, congrats to Kambria.

Kambria, you get to choose between a gift card from Victoria's Secret, Best Buy, or Maverick. Kambria happens to be a friend of mine from growing up. I promise I did not rig this drawing. How can I prove it? My children are illiterate and they drew out the name. It is okay that they are illiterate for a few more years, then I will have to start being a better mother. Now, if memory serves me correctly, I am guessing Kambria will choose the Victoria's Secret gift card for their lotion. Pear Glaze scented, if I were a betting woman.

Let me know what you would like. Also, a shout out to Curves for Women of St. George, UT. They have donated a 2-week-membership to Paula, who won the last contest a few weeks ago. Thanks Curves!


  1. Darn it!!! TEN ENTRIES really??? I didn't realize I had so many, oh well, this is why I don't gamble(that and because I'm only 15)oh well maybe next time.

  2. it's not that this weeks challenge is lame- it's that it HARD! After a week of "work", I wasn't up for bubble popping. (my bubbles are really large, and there's lots of them) That whole picture thing was about as bubble popping as I can get in one month. Your challenges are great- never lame! Thank you!

  3. Hi, I just found your blog through Abby Eaton and I am excited to see what your next challenge is!
    Jorelle McClellan