First week of June = Sign up for FREE!

Picnic table, dolls, Dora the Explorer, Diego, legos, blocks, books, squirt guns, toys, toys, toys!

Just a little tip for all of you moms, aunts, sisters...anyone who is involved with kids.
This is the week. Right now. Today.

Schools are out & reading programs have begun!
Public library + Summer + children 1 & up = FREE stuff!
Please insert into your imagination a loud girly can't-contain-it squeal of delight right now coming from your screen.

I'm talking about cool, good free stuff. Not just dollar-store-break in-a-week free stuff. If you happen to live in or near a small town library, the prizes are even better because the libraries are generally funded with extra govt. grants. The list above is just a sampling from the prize table at our library.

Libraries across the nation are starting their summer reading programs this week! We live in a po-dunk tiny town where our library is literally in an old double wide trailer.......and it is AWESOME!

Kids earn "book bucks" for reading/being read to. They cash in their books for prizes. Almost all libraries have the program- it is nationwide. This year there is a bug theme. What kid isn't intrigued by bugs- whether in fear of delight.
Our library has an hour each week for the month of June. Kids get read to, make crafts and don't have to be on the typical "ssshhhhh" library behavior.

Get going! Call your library. Most programs are only for the month of June. Move it!


  1. I am so sad that I'm to old to do summer reading programs now, last year they let me enter one and I got great stuff: frre icecream, cinnomon rolls, etc. But this year they wouldn't let me which is a bummer because I read all the time anyway. :(

  2. Check! I already got online and signed up the kids for 3 different weekly reading/activity times, including a once a week bedtime story time that they go in their pj's. And we even signed up for a special class/activity on bugs. Can't wait!

    Thanks for your awesome reminder! This is the PERFECT time of the year to get out and get reading!!

  3. Our library's theme is bugs too. My kids have swim lessons the first four weeks of the program but we are signing up anyways. They will love it!!!

  4. I love small town library summer programs so much better. We're in a large city and so we have cheap-y prizes. But the kids still have fun. We went to a Mad Scientist bug program tonight. There were physics and chemistry experiments to explain bug behavior (firefly lights, stink bug propulsion, walking on walls, etc.)